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GET YOUR SPRING ON! - 25% OFF (exclusions apply, see details)   Use code: SPRING R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Rios Tribal" Mask Inspired by Army of Two

1 Customer Review

by Adam C. on 04/23/2013
"Got this mask a couple of months ago and i have to say it is great. almost everything about it is awesome. the look and feel is great. some minor things about it im not a fan of but the mask is well worth the price.

the weight is nice because its light enough to wear comfortably but still heavy enough to have a realistic and durable feel to it.

the design is cool. all along the side of the mask is engraved marks and hen there is the tribal strip going down the other side. the tribal strip doesnt look that cool, just a simple little design.

As for inside the mask it is padded along the top going down to your cheeks and then another pad for your forehead. very comfortable when the mask is adjusted right. but unlike some of the army of two masks it has no holes in the front for easier breathing but its not that bad.

after some adjustments (which i found difficult to do at first) the mask fits like a charm and i can slide it up off my face easily. but be careful with the straps. i tugged on one trying to adjust it and it started to rip. so on of my straps is nearly ripped off the mask and it's not the part attached to the back of the head plate so i cant replace it.

tl;dr its a nice mask and you should purchase it or one of the others like it. but its not perfect