Reviews: Side Cover Set for ARC Type Airsoft Helmet Rails - Black


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Model: ACC-5667
Location: U8-101 U10-M08

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by Michael F. on 2014-08-23 19:50:24
"Absolute garbage. These things are very flexible rubber with a pre set shape/bends/etc. Now in a set it comes with a right and a left. The right was the way, I guess it should be. The left one, the top of it was the way it should be, but the bottom part (the part over the ear) was inside out, like a right side cover. So it's almost like I had two right sided covers, and no left.

While a flexible rubber, I was actually up for this, I mean as flexible as it is, it would help cheek welds, however, they don't hang straight down. They hang outward. I.E. you think a helmet is what... 10" wide? At the bottom of these it'll be like +4" wide. Doesn't look stream lined at all like it should. Looks goofy, like some floppy dog ears.

I don't recommend these, mine went straight in the trash.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)