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Emerson MICH 2000 Helmet with NVG Mount & Side Rail (Color: Tan)

7 Customer Reviews

by Sebastian d. on 12/22/2017
"Fantastic. This helmet is absolutely amazing. I would buy this helmet over any other MICH helmet anyday. The weighting is perfect, feels just like the real thing. It comes with a removable nvg mount and side rails which are great if you're into putting flashlights on your helmets instead of weapons. This helmet will fit anyone from age 10+, although I would recommend buying a different one if your neck is particularly weak and you're planning on wearing for extended periods of time. As I said, it's heavy. The pads included make life on your head really easy when suffering concussive blows from branches, guns, wood, doorways, etc. making it really worth your buy. As for helmet covers, it fits each designated MICH 2000 cover I've tried but it really works best with my Rothco Woodland MARPAT cover. Note, you will have to cut small holes in the cover to fit screws in, although it shouldn't be a problem.
by Blake T. on 12/28/2016
"I bought this helmet a few months ago. It's very well constructed, very comfortable. It came with plastic rails, the two side rails are able to be taken off. But the front seems to be glued or something. The padding are EXCELLENT, does not compare to other helmets. It has a coarse, Sandy texture, very realistic. The Velcro came to me, with it attached. The back Velcro panel is a 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" square. Just a tad small for a name tape. I would definetly recommend this to anyone. Worth the money.
by Roger H. on 10/29/2016
"I got this helmet and it is worth the price!!!

- DIY pads so you can custom fit it to your size
- NVG mound accepts almost all nvg mounts on the market ( and they fit snug, no wiggle room)
- the pads are soft so more comfort for all day use
- work really well with PVS 15 and GPNVG 18 nvgs
- the chin strap has leather on it so it adds to the comfort and does not dig in ti you
- Really nice in between light and dark tan color, it goes great with coyote tan and multi gear/bdu
- nice patch real estate

- none what so ever

If you are looking for a good mich 2000 with nvg mount and side rail mounts than look no further. It is comfortable, practical, and just looks great with any loadout. 5/5
by Ben W. on 02/05/2015
"Got this helmet yesterday and boy is this thing dirty! (as in bangin (as in awesome)) its a size large compared to regular Kevlar helmet the US military uses so my advice would be to go to your local surplus store and try on a large and see if you like the style and if it fits. I normally wear a medium one when I'm deployed but this still fits and its wide ear protection fits my comms I run (Matrix / Element Military Grade Tactical Communications Headset) I haven't worn this with my face mask yet but I imagine you would still have room with your glasses but not so much with goggles. I run smith boogie goggles and they fit great however it does block out the vent on the top of the goggle but I'm sure they still vent great.

-This is an emerson which is a great quality.

-The texture feels just like the anti reflective pain put on the real mich 2000.

-Comes with rails (that can be taken off to add a helmet cover and comes with NVG mount with bungees.

-Padding is just like the real thing prolly is the real pads (however the sticky side of the Velcro that holds the Velcro on the inside of the helmet is really weak on the top circular pad the rest hold to the helmet very well.

-Came with a bunch of Velcro on the outside on the helmet (flag patches on both sides above the rails and arch Velcro attaching the flag patches, a large square on the back for a name badge prolly to big for a name tape enless its a 6 incher and two in the front under the bungees for a blood type.

-Color for this one (tan) is really dark in color like a mix between coyote and sand it goes great with multicam or classic woodland BDU, any MARPAT desert or woodland also would work well with any ATACS and tri-desert.

-Chin strap is exactly like the real thing fits nice around your chin also comes with back of head strap and 4 adjustment points.

To sum it up!
Everything on this helmet is fantastic and up to spec with the real deal I'll give this 9.5 out of 10 stars because that top of the head pad is giving me trouble and I'll have to tape it down (don't glue it down because those pads can be replaced when they get super sweaty and gross there cheap too like $12 for 2 sets)

-Callsign: AnTac
by Dylan M. on 04/29/2013
"I preordered this helmet and when it finally arrived I was very pleased with the helmet. It's very durable and the padding on the inside is very comfortable when it is adjusted to your head. The picture shows black side rails, but the ones thst came on mine were tan, as well as the Velcro. However, there are some issues with the helmet. The Velcro doesn't come on the helmet, you need to put it on yourself. Also, the adhesive the Velcro has on it isn't good, so gluing it down with a better adhesive would be a better solution. The helmet is a little heavier than most would like, so think of that when you're running around for hours with it on. Also a side note, if you're using goggles with this helmet, sliding them on and slightly under the rails, so it rides on the ear covers, holds the goggles in place very well. If you're looking for a good helmet I would recommend this to anyone loooking for one.

Nvg mount and side rails
Velcro for patches
Hefty (can be a con for some)

Velcro doesn't come on the helmet (could've just been mine)
Velcro adhesive is bad
Bigger than some would expect (could be a pro for your use however)

This helmet is great for airsoft use and milsim if you aren't looking for an expensive mich 2000 the military uses. I'm not sure if helmet covers are made, but I would like to know if they are if anyone knows.
by Cash M. on 10/08/2012
"i just got this helmet todayand my first thoughts were a little iffy but put it on i knew i made a good chose it is a very strong material and when ajusted properly is very comfertable

nice padding
good strap
has rails
heavy but not to heavy
fits nice and snugg (when fitted)

dosent have velcrow on the top of the helmet

this is a good helmet and i suggest it to anyone looking for a good helmet
by yushi s. on 03/19/2014
"I purchased one of these... and apparently its a Emerson? The clip at the chin area had an Emerson label on it...
Helmet's quality is extremely good, would give the helmet a good 9/10.
The chin strap is not adjustable enough... fits extremely tightly over my goggle/ Mesh lower combination.
This is a 4/5 because of the chin strap not being adjustable and Evike's mis-labeling of their product.....