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Black Owl Gear / Phantom MP7 MP5 MP9 SMG Thigh Leg Holster - Black

10 Customer Reviews

by kat m. on 06/30/2015
"Holds a T3 SAS with a red dot pretty solidly, though it sits a little high with the mag in. If you run a longer DMR and want to get away from the spotter concerns, this is great for a smaller stationary.

Been through 4 days on the field now, it's stable even in a fast-paced game, still really solid and almost unworn despite rolling through bramble and a few runs in the washing machine.

If you want a drop leg for something bigger than a pistol, get it. For the price, you won't do better.
by Jacob p. on 08/04/2013
"This is a good holster, at least good for what I intended to use it for. It DOES hold an MP5K in case your wondering, but it takes a lot of adjustment and fine tuning to make it fit, and the overall access to the weapon will not be overly speedy but sufficient. The quality of the materials is very good, although I have already broken one of the snaps on the buckle portion where it attachs to the holster it still holds the gun in place. The MP5k is a little wobbly in this set up, but its not to bad. The mag pouch o nthe front will hold one full sized MP5 magazine as well.

Overall very happy, would love to use this for a Desert Eagle holster at some point if I ever get around to owning one.
by Donald J. on 08/04/2013
"Originally bought this for my MP7, but works great with my Double Barrel Gas Shotgun and KA Shorty Grenade Launcher with very little reconfiguration. Longer Gas Shotgun shells for the Double Barrel fit in the mag pouch and makes for a mean looking side arm or backup. Worth the snag for a MP7, MP5K, Double Barrel Gas Shotgun or Shorty Grenade Luancher owner out there..
by Scott V. on 08/04/2013
"I am assuming that this holster hangs on the Right Leg?

Webmaster: Yup. Right Leg
by Matt J. on 08/04/2013
"This thing is good, made of fairly high quality material and holds MP5 series(except the MP5k due to a vertial grip on the front) weapons without magazines but probably should stick with smaller ones. As for an MP7 this is perfect beyond reason, holds it with either a standard or long type attatched and doesn't at all get in the way and has a pouch for another long type though mine was a sort of tight fit, makes it hard to pull it out sometimes.

All in all it's a good hoster for smaller SMGs that don't have any obscurities in the front like the MP5k, but like with many other gear products, if you're wondering if you can put something in this, buy it, if it doesn't work, make it work or send it back. My tactical vest's left side dump pouch didn't have a buckle latch like i wanted, so i cut off the pull system and wired one in myself, works like a champ now and I have no complaints.

And for the MP5SD Series, the pic shows a fully grown man with an MP5A5 and it hangs to his knee, the silencer will hang down very far so don't expect to take a knee with that leg if you get it ;)
by Nicholas R. on 08/04/2013
"This is a very nice holster, I don't have an mp5 or mp7, but this will fit the TSD 370 shotgun pretty well, it just takes alot of adjustments and patience, if you wear it on your leg, get the stockless style, but if you wear it on you back, go ahead and get the retractable stock version. One thing that makes this a little awkward, though, is that the shell holder doesn't actually hold the shells for the shotgun, but considering it wasn't technically built for a shotgun it retains the 5/5.
by Daniel S. on 08/04/2013
"just got 2 of these and they are my yin and yang!
if i run out of ammo with my sniper or my ak47 i just pull out one of my CA mp5s and start shootin somemore!
by Sam D. on 08/04/2013
"This holster fits MP5A4, MP5A5 and MP7 perfectly. A great way to carry a spare compact weapon with you to battle.

It will not fit a MP5 PDW or MP5K as they don't have the A series triangle hand guard.
by Zach Z. on 07/05/2013
"I got this the other day and i was really surprisedby the quality of the matieral used. I have the Umarex H&K MP7 and it fits nicely and is a breeze to pull out. Unfortunately, this is also a con, because it could fall out easily if you are running without the strapes that hold the gun in buckled up. And also it can fit my Crossman S32P, which i did not expect. I have MAG 100rd mp7 mags and they get in the way sometimes and hit walls when i go by too close them.

Pros- fits mp7 nicely
-tightens nice and snug against my thigh and doesnt come loose
- holds my shotgun
-has a interfrated mag pouch

Cons- have to have buckle on while running or my mp7 will fall out
-if you have a long type mag in the gun, it will get in the way at times and sticks out

All in all, this is a great holster if you have an mp7 type gun
by Greg R. on 01/12/2014
"i got this for my mini uzi and its great, i put 2 extra mag pouches and now i can hold 4 ak mags and a spare uzi magazine. the only problem is is that i do not know how to put it on my leg to where it will not wobble, or in my case, swing around when i run, unless you can fix this problem, dont get it
BTW, duct tape by itself doesnt seem to work