Reviews: Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol by Umarex USA


6 Customer Reviews
Model: GP-UREX-2276008
Location: U12-170 WSO8-L01

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by juan h. on 2015-03-01 16:28:46
"i love this pistol. I expected this gun to fail on me because of the cost but i was way wrong i recommend this to anyone who wants a starter pistol with a tight budget.
by Dan N. on 2014-07-21 21:47:30
"This pistol is absolutely amazing. That's all there is to say. Buy it. Don't pass this opportunity.
by isaiah m. on 2014-03-26 15:30:24
"Great gun! Luv it especially 4 the price! Yes there's some resistance and there's no spare mags sold anywhere, but guns great
by cristian m. on 2014-01-04 22:37:01
"good gun its better than what i expected for 30$
by ethan v. on 2013-11-02 14:33:22
"this pistol is awesome. don't let the cheap price fool you. the only metal part of the gun is the trigger, and the rest is pretty durable plastic.

Pros: great feel, very accurate w/.2g bb's, shoots 400 fps

Cons: trigger has some resistance to it (might just be mine), and no extra mags for this gun exist anywhere

overall great pistol. I just wish they had extra mags for it.
by Adaly R. on 2013-09-29 08:26:37
"I got this airsoft pistol. It has a very easy to load gas chamber. It is non-blow back. The saftey works well. The trigger has some resistance to it. It's an awesome little pistol. The only problem is that now I"m looking to purchase extra mags for it but I can't really find an oem verson of it. I've e-mailed the maker of the gun hopefully they help.

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)