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Combat Zone Enforcer CO2 Airsoft Pistol by Umarex USA

18 Customer Reviews

by Raysean J. on 01/12/2018
"Can I put a silencer/suppressor on this gun
by Mateusz J. on 12/09/2017
"I'm in love with it, people say its small. Its really not, 7 inches in length Capacity is a little small. But the fps makes up for it. I would definitely recommend this as a first gun.
by Jaren G. on 06/03/2017
"this was a awesome non blow back gun. it shot strait and had a lot of power behind it. i shot 10000 bbs before the triger broke. all in all a great gun
by Gaige P. on 01/18/2017
"Quite a good gun for the price. Feels good in your hand and shoots well but just you have to pull the trigger all the way back (which could be annoying). Overall I liked this gun a lot and would recommend it. Just wish it had blowback.
by Alexander B. on 02/18/2016
"PROS: Everything almost
greatght weight
awesoe velocity
very durable (I dropped this gun from the top of a 3 story building and it fell and hit wood because I tripped I picked it up and it still worked band new, I also spilled coke on the gun being very stupid all I did was wipe off the gun with alchohol [medial alchohal] and I then cleaned out the barrel with lots of silicone spray and it still works
no hopup
by christine m. on 04/09/2015
"Great little gun for the price! Don't let that fool you!

Great feel
Pretty accurate and shoots pretty far
Safety is awesome (sounds a little stupid, but it's a powerful little guy and don't want that shooting someone up close!)

Mag is a little too small for such a great gun, but it's not TOO bad
by juan h. on 03/01/2015
"i love this pistol. I expected this gun to fail on me because of the cost but i was way wrong i recommend this to anyone who wants a starter pistol with a tight budget.
by Dan N. on 07/21/2014
"This pistol is absolutely amazing. That's all there is to say. Buy it. Don't pass this opportunity.
by isaiah m. on 03/26/2014
"Great gun! Luv it especially 4 the price! Yes there's some resistance and there's no spare mags sold anywhere, but guns great
by cristian m. on 01/04/2014
"good gun its better than what i expected for 30$
by ethan v. on 11/02/2013
"this pistol is awesome. don't let the cheap price fool you. the only metal part of the gun is the trigger, and the rest is pretty durable plastic.

Pros: great feel, very accurate w/.2g bb's, shoots 400 fps

Cons: trigger has some resistance to it (might just be mine), and no extra mags for this gun exist anywhere

overall great pistol. I just wish they had extra mags for it.
by mel s. on 07/19/2017
"good product!
for the price, it's a steal. on a side note, I've had soem issues with hitting/dropping/banging the gun and the upper and the lower separate- they go back together easily, but this can still cause some serious issues.
i have heard some complain about the (trigger) pull length but it never bugged me, as a matter of fact I prefer the feel of a long pull.
by Andrew E. on 07/11/2017
"This gun is exceptionally good, and don't let my 4-star review stop you from buying this. To simplify things, I'll write some pros and cons:

-Very high-quality material
-Very good price for a non-GBB pistol
-Good FPS
-Shoots decently far (for a pistol)

-Lengthy trigger pull. People with smaller fingers may have issues with this gun.
-It is sorta small
-Safety is in a weird place
by Juan Alfonso G. on 02/17/2017
"Great product overall!
I would recommend it to a friend.

High FPS
Very durable
Superb price to performance ratio

Long trigger pull
Mediocre fire rate
Trigger pull weight is kind of high to the point it can imperceptibly effect accuracy on follow up shots if it's fired at a quick succession.

In conclusion, I believe the pros out weighs the cons. Being a very affordable, yet a well preforming gun.
by Hank B. on 09/16/2015
"The Enforcer is a good beginner pistol, fps is 300\350 with .20 bbs fairly accurate tough polymer body, extremely gas efficient I left a co2 cartridgemin for a week and it still worked fine. I have had minemfor 2 years and it still works

Nice fps
Gas efficient
Cool looking

Non blowback
Stick magazine
All plastic