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The Box of Awesomeness (Edition: BOA released in 2012)

72 Customer Reviews

by chris s. on 10/25/2012
"great buy for me i got the g&p avocado m4 and i love it paid 75 dollars and got a 250 dollar gun great buy
by Matthew B. on 09/26/2012
"I received a KWA KM4A1 GX2. Also received a green Magpul MOE handguard and then the other standard extras. Mine weighed 17.30lbs though I also had a mag loader and 10,000 BBs shipped on the same order too. Very pleased. If you were looking for a nice (but common) M4/M16 type rifle this was the buy to jump on. Will be looking to do another one of these in the future. Shipping was fairly quick but seemed painful waiting to find out "what's in the box".
by Darin P. on 09/25/2012
"Great deal, G&G full metal M4. The bearded beenie is awesome!. Magpul grip,spork,2 mags and few other items. Great deal, thank you Evike.
by Caleb P. on 09/25/2012
"12.8 lbs, here's the stuff (other than the all inclusive stuff):

-Zombie Killer M4 $230
-Magpul MOE Handguard $40
-5000 WE .20g bb's $12
-An extra hi-cap $15
-A comical Multicam combat patch $5?

That's about $300 in useful stuff for $160

Much better than other sites "guaranteed to get your money's worth" boxes.

Bravo evike! I'll need to sell some guns to justify doing it again, but I WILL do it again.
by Dale C. on 09/25/2012
"Received mine today, 1 G&G m4 gr16 w/crane stock, 1 mid and 1 hi-cap mag, a Magpul PTS MOE Hand Guard in od, a"police"patch, spork, NO beard beanie, foam rocket, promo bb's, coupon & promo packets. I can say I am extremely pleased w/ what I received. Thank you for being awesome EVIKE!
by Clyntnn 'Bo' E. on 09/25/2012
"I recieved a 14.4lb box that landed me an M4A1 G&P (tan) w/ crane stock. 1 midcap and 1 highcap, WE Full Metal Bio-Hazard M9 Gas Blowback w/ 1 25+mag, spork, beard beanie, foam rocket, promo bb's, coupon & promo packets. I can say I am extremely pleased w/ what I received. Thank you for being awesome EVIKE!

review of the actual purchase, not the contents.
-Shipment was processed and sent out quickly.
-All items possible were a good value.

-I had to wait painfully knowing the weight of my box and imagine the awesomeness that was to come.
by Eric B. on 09/24/2012
"Box came in today. Contained beard benie, 1 extra mag, 2k WE bbs, sport, calendar, Magpul CTR stock, KWA KM4A1 2GX version. It also had 2 bb mag followers and a PTS Gmag that I bought. Box weighed 15.3 pounds. Good luck to everyone else. Very happy with mine.

Quite happy with the outcome. Been running Ares G36s for a while now and a high quality M4 was actually missing a slot in my collection. Great base to build off of externally. Already got the stock, just gotta pick up a MOE handguard.
by Jeremy L. on 08/14/2012
"Scored the WE G39c GBR!!! Thanks, Evike! You've earned a customer for life! Will definitely buy other boxes of awesomenesses!

As for the G39c, it's kind of like a Lamborghini... Completely over the top, rediculously excessive and impractical in the real world, but ohh so much fun to play with!
by Cindy T. on 08/09/2012
"box weighed 10.8 lbs and i got a "Matrix Custom Lipo-Ready X36C Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle - Black / 400 FPS"
the box didn't have any brand name on it or anything but it gave me enough clues to find the gun on the site xD it's an awesome gun. nice weight, feels strong and completes my SWAT loadout. i was using the MP40 before this gun. though the gun does have a little bit of a feeding problem.but besides that i love what i got xD i was hoping for something bigger like a LMG but i doubt they gave one of those away. but either way, if i see another box popup, i'm defiantly going to buy it
by Patrick A. on 08/09/2012
"I got the Matrix M4 (Lipo Ready) worth $140, with an extra mag ($15). Plus I got all the other bonuses. Good deal, thanks evike!
by Dom H. on 08/08/2012
"I got a WE CQB Master "Hyper Speed" Hi-Capa 5.1, a WE Samurai Edge Biohazard Nickle Plated M9, 3 mags for the Hi-Capa, and the rest of the guaranteed bonuses, I love you evike.
by Caleb A. on 08/08/2012
"So, I was hoping for a way nice gun, but wasn't going to be upset with anything I got (since I wouldn't be out money). Anyway, I got the Matrix X36 (black 400fps). Plus 500 bbs, Calendar, spork :D, rocket and such. All in all, a very good deal. ~$150 dollars worth of stuff for $82(plus shipping). I LOVE Evike's BOA's! Wish they'd do more... This particular one was well worth the money!
by mike s. on 08/08/2012
"I got the Aim top M4 as well as the extra mag, aqua cloths and the "calendar" which is actually just pictures but still really cool.

good weight on the gun and mags seem high quality. Thanks Evike!
by Andy Y. on 08/08/2012
"I received a Matrix X36C- 400fps. Pretty slick little rifle, exactly the gun I had my eye on. Besides the standard items, I received the 4000 bag of WE BBs. Excellent first "BOA".
by Shelly B. on 08/07/2012
"In our "Box of Awesomeness" we got the AIM M4, bag of bbs, spork, nerf football, extra mag, bracelet, & aqua cloths. All in all pretty good box.