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KWA Full Metal PTR LM4 Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

7 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan B. on 04/03/2017
"I bought this as a training rifle to my Ar15, needless to say I've ended up only using this a couple of times because my Ar15 is more fun to shoot. However, from what I've experienced with this airsoft gun, it's great. I haven't had any problems, and unlike other reviews, I've only used propane and it worked just fine for me. Recoil is decent, and it's pretty accurate out of the box. Really nice finish and quality. The only cons are the dust cover no longer stays closed, it did only for the fist couple of days of ownership. The other con is the mags are much too expensive. Other than that it's a solid rifle! I'd recommend it.
by Ty H. on 02/16/2016
"This gun is well worth the money you pay for it. The recoil is insane for an airsoft gun, and the gun overall feels very high quality and solid. I would highly recommend it for any experienced player looking for a great and reliable gas blowback rifle. The only problem I had was when I used propane, and bolt catch simply would not engage. Definitely use green gas with this gun as I found it works much better.
by Michael O. on 01/02/2015
"I absolutely love this GBBR. I ran it last weekend and I could easily outrange the majority of players. The recoil is solid, the trigger pull is nice amd these mags are amazingly efficient. Even when we stayed for the night games the temperature dropped down to 45 and I was still getting about 300-315 FPS out of it. I don't know about any other GBB that could put out that velocity so consistently. I would reccomend this rifle to the more experienced person that has handled a GBBR. It needs maintence but when it is well maintained there isn't a lot of guns that can outperform it.

Accuracy at distance (150+ feet no problem)
Consitent FPS even in cold weather
Solid Recoil
Durable construction
Great product for the price

Cons if you've never had a GBBR
Heavy mags
Low capacity
Low rate of fire

Don't expect to be able to just hold the trigger down and suppress a hallway for very long AEG users. Ammo goes fast when you only have 40 rds a mag
by Deion T. on 10/03/2014
"Ive had this gun for about 6 months now and i can say that the lm4 is one heck of a gbb rifle. It shoots great, and feels great. This gun is extremely solid, and i have yest to be disappointed with it. Though this gun performs pretty well right out of the box. I would recommend replacing a few parts internally. firstly i would replace the stock buffer lock to a steel buffer lock if your looking to run a heavier buffer in this gun. secondly i would pick up some replacement buckings, especially if you are going to run propane in this gun. The stock bucking isn't that great and doesnt hold well to propane. And lastly i would replace the stock inner barrel with a tight bore barrel. But overall this gun is easy to tech, and lots of fun to use. Very realistic you cant go wrong. Ive been able to fit real steel stocks, pistol grips, and i dont know for sure but i hear some real steel rails systems will also fit. Overall great gun highly recommend if looking for a solid gas gun.

Price(isnt too bad)
shoots far
Nice ROF
light weight
Steel parts (bolt carrier, bolt catch, dust cover, sling mount,selector)

Mag Cost
Bufferlock isnt steel
Brand is very proprietary
bucking and barrel
by Michael S. on 02/26/2014
"I received this gun 2 weeks ago and i couldn't be happier with it! It's very realistic and shoots very far and straight. Now mine came without without the hop up adjustment tool, so i went to Evike and the service was very nice and the guy tried to look for one, but they didn't have any. So i contacted KWA customer service and they were very friendly and they helped me take care of the issue. I give the rifle a 5/5
by Ryan P. on 10/04/2012
"Great rifle, shoots straight, kicks nicely, and is built super solid.

Just about everything as far as functionality and aesthetics go, feels great, looks great, shoots hard.

-The first gen mags aren't sealed all that well and leak gas, this can be fixed by tightening the gas nozzle on the mags but takes a little bit of work.
-Like all other GBBRs this one is temperamental, but if you know how to maintain it, it will last.
by Davis C. on 05/24/2012
"I really love this gun! The recoil that is has is a nice touch to it. Not too much, but just the right amount. Love how real the charging handle sounds and feels. Definitely would recommend this product to people!!