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REAPS Devil A+ Airsoft AEG Hopup Bucking - ME2 (70 Degree)

2 Customer Reviews

by Dakota D. on 01/17/2015
"I have seen time and time again where this bucking gets hated on. But i put it in my gun and automatically seen a be range increase. Im shooting 390 fps on a .20 350 on a .25. i got this bucking because i Run .28. With a .20 this bucking sucks with a .25 you can see a huge difference. When you put a .28 or up its game one. I easily was shooting 200+ ft. Everyone says a stock gun can do that but realistically most stock guns don't shoot far or accurate. The 10 stock guns i have owned never made it to 150 ft on any bb. For 10 dollars i love this hop up. Its design is just right you give good consistence and spin. I will not buy a different bucking. This out performed the g&g bucking I was running because it was so good but i have found a new one.

Consistence is great
Good Range.
Not expensive

Works best in Tighbore.(not really a con but you don't have as good of performance with a wide bore. could have just been to much for my guns fps though.)
Heavy BB's cost more
by Michael M. on 01/12/2013
"some of you are wondering if this bucking can automatically increase your range of your weapon. The Science of it says "yes", in your gun.... well that is defined by your weapon.

Their are many different types of Hopups out their ( and i dont mean by gun ). for example the H-hop and R-hop are custom designed hopup chambers that requires you to have a custom/modified barrel. what they do is increase the surface area of the contact points of the hopup chamber in the barrel. So when the BB shoots out the barrel your BB will have better control on its spin when coming out. this will give more distance .

REAPS Devil A+ hopup buckings try to do this ^ with out modifying your chamber and barrel. The notch inside the bucking is super thick and is one of the biggest notches ive seen in a standard AEG bucking.
The Curvature indent in the middle of the bucking notch gives the bb more direction for its spin (upwards) so your bb can fly straighter. V shaped notched buckings also fallow the same method. The lips on the bucking is a very important characteristic in buckings. The Reaps Devil A+ bucking has longer bucking lips then others and is not to thick, this creates a better seal for your airnozzle.

In my tests ive found out that i have more control over my shots than i did with other buckings.
however FPS may be a little less do to the thicker/bigger bucking notch (about 10-20 FPS). but one must sacrifice something to gain another.

Better Accuracy and range
price is great.
comes in a harder flavor for those who run very high FPS (500+)

needs working in.
can Lower FPS. (10-20 fps)

PS. barrel cutouts for your bucking is very important when choosing a bucking. choose smooth laser cutouts when choosing a barrel. the Matrix barrels have nice big smooth cuts. the best cut barrels are KM TM barrels (back to old school parts)