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Model: AEG-UREX-2275000

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by Cade P. on 2016-09-12 17:53:08
"I bought this gun as my first AEG over a year ago. Just getting into the sport, I decided to buy a cheap gun to see if I would stay with it. This gun was exactly as described. Cheap. Externally, this gun isn't half bad. For the price, it's not absolutely terrible. However, if you want to actually get into airsoft, don't get this. For CQB, this is a good gun, however, if you plan on going to any field that is outdoor or engaging anyone over 50 feet, don't get this gun.

For the material, it's sturdy
Does the job for the price
Personally, G36C's are my favorite style of rifle, so it looks cool
Shoots at a decent speed(Mine shot 320fps out of the box)

Wiring is awful, my magazines dig into the wiring
Feeding problems
Battery compartment is way too small
Becomes useless on large fields or over 50ft
The gun decays quickly (FPS, RPS, etc.)

Overall, this gun is good for younger or newer players and those on CQB fields(I used mine on a 5000 square feet indoor field). This gun is not good for anyone above beginner level experience. I'd give this a 2.5/5.
by Susan O. on 2016-09-08 03:40:39
"I have owned this gun for four years and it's been the best aeg I've ever bought (compared to a dboys ak and cyma m14 which both are broken) though when you buy it get a 9.6v mini battery the stock battery is ok but the rof is a lot better with the 9.6. I love the quick change spring feature it's great ! My only complaint is the outer barrel being plastic and the assembly being a proprietary piece (has 14mm negative threads by the way but be careful they're plastic) all in all this is a great gun if you switch from field to cqb like me but save up for a kwa
by Connor A. on 2016-08-24 23:31:46
"i've had this gun for about 2 years. It shoots at about 300 fps with .20s, but your mileage may vary. I really haven't had any problems with this gun. Accurate, considering the short barrel length. ROF is awesome! probably somewhere around 16-18 with a 9.6v battery. If you play cqb and your field allows full auto, I'd say get this gun. I use it outdoors to and can compete with people using 350-400fps just because its so accurate and shoots so many bbs down range. Hi cap mags are great. Although I am content with this gun now, i recommend getting the Classic Army "Delta 10." at the same price. it shoots around 350 which is the perfect balance considering most cqb fields have an fps limit of 350, and a built in mosfet. i give this gun 5 stars because it's lasted me a couple years with no problem and is great for cqb.
by Eric E. on 2016-07-28 21:40:13
"I've had this gun before; it broke on the first day of use. I didn't do anything extreme; or drop it; or abuse it. Just three games and then it just died. I don't know too much about airsoft gun internals, but I know they shouldn't sound like maracas when shook or shattered plastic smashing against another piece of plastic when you pull the trigger. Its a cheap, and pretty gun... But i wouldn't say reliable

Pros: Cheap, and pretty

Cons: Its as durable as a banana being used as a gold club
by Ethan E. on 2016-06-20 13:51:54
"I've owned this gun for about 2 years, and I have had soooo many problems with it. First off, the magazine is absolute poop. I had to completely take it apart and put it back together and replace a spring OUT OF THE BOX!! I fixed the magazine and didn't have any problems with it until my friend tried loading it with .12 g bbs. DONT USE .12g BBS!!! One nice point about the gun is that it is electric blowback so if your battery dies and you didn't bring a spare you can use it as a spring gun by using the charging handle. One bad thing is how easily it broke. About halfway through a game my battery died and I forgot to bring a spare, so I had to use the spring. It still shoots well, but it broke after very limited use. It shoots amazingly when it works. I love the folding stock and how light the gun is, but I am afraid of the stock breaking sometimes. The handguard also serves as the battery compartment which is great except for the limited space for a battery. It is also nice that you can easily change it out and get another size or color. Overall I would give it a 3.5 out of 5. Don't get me wrong! I love this gun! It just has some problems.
by Hunter P. on 2015-08-15 11:12:33
"This gun is a good gun for anyone just getting into airsoft as is is in a lower budget range and is for all intents and purposes a good gun. But my honest opinion is for someone with a larger budget jump up and get the Umerex Elite G36. And as others have said getting a battery bigger than the one that comes with this gun to fit is a pain. But hey, I still think this is a great gun for the price range!!! So have fun!
by Henry N. on 2015-08-10 00:47:48
"This gun is very accurate its made out of high quality polymer it has a folding stock witch is very helpful because my brother is 8 years old and the stock is to big for him so he just folds the butt stock, it can be really helpful for younger airsofters. But the down part about this gun is that its really hard to put in the battery [the battery is at the front of the gun with 8.4v battery] plus the the inner barrel is cheap plastic. but everything else about this gun is amazing! [:
by Keegan C. on 2015-04-29 17:10:35
"This gun is very durable and shoots great. good for indoor and outdoor environments. The folding stock is also nice

It's a sexy gun
The fps and range is amazing
Can change hindsight
Love the mag design
Realistic weight

Charging handle is a little flimsy
Kinda hard to get the battery into the gun
by Jason K. on 2015-04-02 12:48:47
"I want to make clear that my review is based on EXTERNALS ONLY, as I did not even fire it since I wanted a better-built gun.

Overall the construction of the rifle wasn't right (ABS plastic?), and since I am looking for as much realism as possible, I went with a higher-grade model that hopefully has a higher grade polymer construction that is better and is the same/close as possible to the real thing (I have actually held a real g36c).

Other than the body, there were a couple of things externally that I really didn't care for:

1. Plastic charge handle that felt very flimsy. It's only a matter if time before that breaks.

2. No rubber butt pad on the stock. Once again, I am looking for as much authenticity as possible.

3. The outer barrel is plastic. Maybe that's no big deal, but I wonder how well that'll hold up.

4. The flash hider (plastic) didn't appear to be removable.

Otherwise the gun looked and felt fairly realistic.

I understand now that this gun is considered "entry-grade", so some of these complaints of mine on the externals are simply cost-saving methods used by the manufacture to keep the gun at a lower price...which might be no problem to you if you are not as concerned with authenticity and/or on a tight budget.
by Amy SoHang C. on 2015-01-15 09:55:32
"Hk G36c

Good for CQB
Durable abs plastic
Good fps for indoor games
Comes with a 400rd hi-cap
Nice folding stock
Adjustable hop-up

Mag can break if dropped a lot
Charging handle can break
Small battery space

Its a good starter gun, great for indoor CQB, and the folding stock is very nice. I'm a little disappointed that the charging handle broke on my gun. Overall good gun for any beginner.
by Pete A. on 2014-12-26 09:10:14
"Like all of the reviews before this--I would say this is a decent starter gun. I got this because I was on a budget and I wanted a G36. When first received it, it appeared that Evike had sent me a boneyard one (one that didn't work) in a beaten up box. So I sent it back and they sent me a new one, however when I received the new one I was not disappointed!

-Great FPS
-Great for CQB
-Pretty accurate
-Solid design
-Good gearbox and motor
-Good price
-Very easy to disassemble
-It's a G36!

-Plastic top rail
-Over-greased gearbox
-Charging handle will break if you play around with it to much
-Cramped battery space--biggest con

Other than that it is a great gun for a good price that I enjoy using. However, if you are looking for a intermediate to advanced gun, I would keep looking. As for the incident with the boneyard G36; that is more of a con for the Evike staff. But with that aside--Great gun!
by Griffin O. on 2014-12-13 18:26:38
"when i first got this gun, i liked it. it didn't have a great rate of fire, and it only got worse. after about six months, the trigger response was almost four seconds and i had to pull almost to the point of snapping the trigger and the charging handle broke.

good fps
good iron sights

slow trigger response
battery is a pain

overall, it's an ok starter gun. i would only recommend this if you have a starter budget of 150 and you only want a G36

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