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H&K G36C Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle by Umarex - Black

21 Customer Reviews

by Connor A. on 08/24/2016
"i've had this gun for about 2 years. It shoots at about 300 fps with .20s, but your mileage may vary. I really haven't had any problems with this gun. Accurate, considering the short barrel length. ROF is awesome! probably somewhere around 16-18 with a 9.6v battery. If you play cqb and your field allows full auto, I'd say get this gun. I use it outdoors to and can compete with people using 350-400fps just because its so accurate and shoots so many bbs down range. Hi cap mags are great. Although I am content with this gun now, i recommend getting the Classic Army "Delta 10." at the same price. it shoots around 350 which is the perfect balance considering most cqb fields have an fps limit of 350, and a built in mosfet. i give this gun 5 stars because it's lasted me a couple years with no problem and is great for cqb.
by Keegan C. on 04/29/2015
"This gun is very durable and shoots great. good for indoor and outdoor environments. The folding stock is also nice

It's a sexy gun
The fps and range is amazing
Can change hindsight
Love the mag design
Realistic weight

Charging handle is a little flimsy
Kinda hard to get the battery into the gun
by Nolan H. on 03/13/2014
"Just yesterday I had an airsoft war at my local church with this gun and it preformed very well I am not an airsoft expert but I can tell you that this gun shot accurately from 100 to 125 yards. The gun sounds very cool and it is completely ambidextrous. the hop-up is the only con because it is a little hard to change.
You look cool
fully upgrade-able
rail system
not heavy
low profile
fold in stock
feels great in your hands
sounds great
almost pin-point accuracy
and the mag does not miss feed

hop-up is difficult to adjust
by jamie j. on 10/15/2012
"got this gun about 2 weeks ago and I love it. full metal gearbox makes upgrades to the spring a pinch. the battery lasts a really long time. i used it for about 9 hours without before i had to charge it. can not wait upgrade parts to arrive to make this thing pack a larger punch.

pros: good price
love the rail system
easy upgrades

cons: hop up is kinda hard to adjust
by Angela H. on 04/28/2012
"First of all I've had this gun for over a year now and strongly enjoyed it. Second I know how long reviews can be so ill make this short.


Sturdy/ well put together
Loved the stock
A good amount of ammo space in the mag


I haven't had many except...
Battery is bad...Its had a very short life so i got a new one from matrix
Also my fuse busted so i got a ceramic one at a radio shack for like 10 bucks for a five pack, and I'm still on my first one.

Other than that great gun and i recomend it for a hardcore player or beginner
by Susan O. on 09/08/2016
"I have owned this gun for four years and it's been the best aeg I've ever bought (compared to a dboys ak and cyma m14 which both are broken) though when you buy it get a 9.6v mini battery the stock battery is ok but the rof is a lot better with the 9.6. I love the quick change spring feature it's great ! My only complaint is the outer barrel being plastic and the assembly being a proprietary piece (has 14mm negative threads by the way but be careful they're plastic) all in all this is a great gun if you switch from field to cqb like me but save up for a kwa
by Hunter P. on 08/15/2015
"This gun is a good gun for anyone just getting into airsoft as is is in a lower budget range and is for all intents and purposes a good gun. But my honest opinion is for someone with a larger budget jump up and get the Umerex Elite G36. And as others have said getting a battery bigger than the one that comes with this gun to fit is a pain. But hey, I still think this is a great gun for the price range!!! So have fun!
by Henry N. on 08/10/2015
"This gun is very accurate its made out of high quality polymer it has a folding stock witch is very helpful because my brother is 8 years old and the stock is to big for him so he just folds the butt stock, it can be really helpful for younger airsofters. But the down part about this gun is that its really hard to put in the battery [the battery is at the front of the gun with 8.4v battery] plus the the inner barrel is cheap plastic. but everything else about this gun is amazing! [:
by Amy SoHang C. on 01/15/2015
"Hk G36c

Good for CQB
Durable abs plastic
Good fps for indoor games
Comes with a 400rd hi-cap
Nice folding stock
Adjustable hop-up

Mag can break if dropped a lot
Charging handle can break
Small battery space

Its a good starter gun, great for indoor CQB, and the folding stock is very nice. I'm a little disappointed that the charging handle broke on my gun. Overall good gun for any beginner.
by Pete A. on 12/26/2014
"Like all of the reviews before this--I would say this is a decent starter gun. I got this because I was on a budget and I wanted a G36. When first received it, it appeared that Evike had sent me a boneyard one (one that didn't work) in a beaten up box. So I sent it back and they sent me a new one, however when I received the new one I was not disappointed!

-Great FPS
-Great for CQB
-Pretty accurate
-Solid design
-Good gearbox and motor
-Good price
-Very easy to disassemble
-It's a G36!

-Plastic top rail
-Over-greased gearbox
-Charging handle will break if you play around with it to much
-Cramped battery space--biggest con

Other than that it is a great gun for a good price that I enjoy using. However, if you are looking for a intermediate to advanced gun, I would keep looking. As for the incident with the boneyard G36; that is more of a con for the Evike staff. But with that aside--Great gun!
by Steven G. on 05/11/2014
"First I just wanted to say this is a good overall gun, BUT there are some flaws. First of all they did a not so good grease job in the gearbox. So if you are comfortable enough to take apart the gun, you should wipe some of the grease off and use something better. First the gun was 325 fps, then after I remove some grease it rose up to 360 fps!!! Also the hop up is decent but you should still change it. But the think I don't like about this gun is the barrel. It kinda bad so I do recommend to get a new one, like an Angel Custom 250mm 6..01 barrel. But most stock guns have crappy barrels anyway. But the motor is actually really good!!! FYI IT DOES COME WITH A BATTERY, but I recommenced to get a 9.6 butterfly battery. So if you want to get decent gun then upgrade it eventually, this is for you but if you want a good gun from the start, I would say to go with the KWA g36c.

-Good Motor
-Decent Hop up
-Good feel
-Does comes with side rails

-Bad Barrel
-Gearbox is over grease

Thats really it
by Dillon B. on 04/19/2014
"Ive had this gun for about 4 months, and i can say that i really like it. It holds up in a CQB environment, but there are some issues with it, not major issues, just some annoyances.
-Strong externals, it doesn't feel like its gonna break on me
-shoots around 330 fps with .20's (great for a CQB field)
-Good rail space on the top
-Metal tri rails on the front handguard
-no wobble on the stock, it feels really solid
- Ambidextrous fire selector, and mag release
- decent ROF with an 8.4 small type
-Plastic outer barrel assembly
-Plastic flash hider that is glued on, NO THREADS UNDER IT
-No rubberized butt plate on the stock
- Plastic top rail
- Charging handle feels really weak and feels like it will break easily
- I have had some problems with it stopping firing on semi and i need to go to full auto and fire a few shots to fix it, could just be me but that was a con for me
OVERALL a great aeg for beginners, i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something different from the very common M4, and for anyone who has a tight budget or wants something cheap that holds up well.
by Leisa B. on 10/20/2013
"I have had this gun for over 3 months and have taken it to multiple pick-up games at my local field, and even 1 organized event. All I can say is that it's a workhorse, not much else. Its nothing special compared to my extremely customized and venerated G36, but it gets the job done and lets you enjoy airsoft the way it was meant to be. Decent out of the box, with plenty of room for upgrades.

-16 rps fire rate w/ 9.6v
-VERY lightweight
-Quick change spring style gearbox
-Surprisingly accurate for such a short barrel

-Low FPS, about 300 with .20's
-Stock mag wobbles (Matrix mags don't)
-One-piece barrel assembly, NO THREADS under the orange tip
by Mark N. on 10/06/2013
"i have had this rifle for about 10 or 11 months and and it has help up ok. mine came with a gearbox that seemed to stop firing when i pulled the trigger too fast. u can just switch to full auto, fire a few shots, then back to semi and it will be back to normal. so i had the gearbox replaced with a more serious one. but for a stock gun, it needs some improvements. a tightbore is actually not really needed. i use this for SOME outdoor play like op. bad blood and op. fallout, but for the most part, i play inside beacuse that is what the g36c is made for. i run an all h&k loadout (kwa usp compact and this g36) so wouldn't change this rifle. but it has good external cosmetics, especially for ARES. It does perform nice with a 9.6 1600 mAh battery and has taken care of me on the field rather nicely, except for that gearbox blocking. It also has really low profile sights. It lets all optics have an uninterrupted view unlike m4s. overall, if yo're willing to do A LOT of work, this gun is a really good looking example of h&k art. for an ARES... :)
by Kevin V. on 04/25/2013
"I went to the EVIKE store and pick up this G36C and i absolutely love it. this is a great starter rifle. Great for ambidexterity people and so easy to use the only issue i have is the battery is a bit difficult to plug in.