Reviews: H&K UMP Competition Series Airsoft AEG Rifle with metal gearbox by Umarex - Black


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Model: AEG-UREX-2275001
Location: A4-011 L6-T3 V7-M11

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by Matthew H. on 2014-12-25 15:56:08
"This gun is one of the best I have used. Good strong polymer and metal rails. My favorite smg.
Pros: compact
Metal rails
Great rof
Great rail space
Great fps
Good battery
Cons: the hi cap mag is horrid. Buy a new one. Besides that no cons
by Sandi R. on 2014-09-08 06:55:38
"Great gun not the best though .
Great Plastic body
Decent FPS
Decent Sights

Terrible Hi Caps
No silencer is ever available.
by kyle c. on 2014-06-02 15:36:59
"This was my first gun, and it is awesome! But thats exactly what it is, a beginners gun. If you love the ump 45 platform get the elite version, and have a 200-300 dollar budget thats the gun for you; but back to the review.

light wait
looks sweat!!
collapsible back
CQB ready
comes with battery that i still have and use
fast rate of fire
good trigger response (with the proper battery)
grip is grate
rails are perfect for all attachments

terrible magazine (mine got jammed within first 1000 shots (might just be mine, but its easily fixed with mid-caps))
non functioning charging handle
charger sucks

As i said its perfect for beginners, and is easily a grate gun for any small child or large adult!
by Jared M. on 2014-02-15 16:06:09
"I chose the UMP .45 platform because I wanted to stand out from a world of M4's and AK's. so I gravitated to a gun that seems more exotic, I saw a famas, still not good enough. I saw the UMP .45 and I have never seen one before being used so I decided to pick it up. Love at first site.

metal outer barrel assembly
ver.3 reinforced gearbox
low price
great accuracy
definitely higher FPS than advertised.
solid feeding.

small cheap plastic battery compartment, only cheap plastic otherwise great polymer.
non-functioning charging handle
not a rubber butt bad so that's a lie

all the cons I have, get a 9.6 it shoots BB's of death, 200 feet away I sprayed a DMR expert 17 times, not 315-330 more like 350-400. I would buy this gun. PROS outweigh the CONS by a longshot, not to mention the price!!!!
by Jackson P. on 2014-01-19 14:21:35
"Fairly good gun for a while. I don't put much wear on my gear, but the bottom rail mounts are now stripped after taking it off twice. It fell of on the field, but I was able to spot it. I could superglue it, but it'd be a challenge to put anything on the bottom rail, seeing as you can't slide anything onto it.
Solid Feeding
FPS is low enough for CQB and high enough to use on fields.
Metal Rails
Iron Sights too low
Polymer body is weak
Non-functioning charging handle
Only Hi-Caps
No barrel threads

All in all, it's an okay starting gun, but there are some much better options out there for SMGs.
by Joseph I. on 2013-10-06 08:00:25
"I have had this gun for about 3 months now and love the ump platform. Outside body is good and sturdy and have no complaints, but would recommend the threaded metal outer barrel upgrade. I would buy this gun over and over again as it is the only ump platform currently available. I have had the gun apart and have had to make many mods to bring it up to the quality I prefer. The inner barrel is garbage and needs to be replaced. the compression in the cylinder in non existent and will need to be upgraded, and is you are going to run a 120 spring change the motor. Gears and other internal parts are of decent quality and should last quite a while. Overall I would highly recommend this aeg but be prepared to put about $100 in after market parts if you are like me and like a quality internally working aeg. I would defiantly buy this gun again. I would not be happy with the gun stock however but not a big deal to me.
by ALFREDO H. on 2013-09-15 09:41:42
"i bought this gun over the summer ans when i got it i was happy to have it but its loud and shoots hard but the trigger respones on semi is bad it wouldnt shoot everytime when i shot it and i used a 9.6 1500 mh stick type and its very good the thing that bugs me is the chargeing handle but its not a problem and evike should have gas upms and like ump stuff and have there items in stock cause i will buy alot of stuff for my ump .
by Gwen T. on 2013-08-02 14:18:33
"This was my first skirmish ready AEG and I am not too happy about it. It was good for $160 but there is just some things that could've been better.

Sound is pretty loud, but nothing to get so excited about.
Polymer is high quality and is lightweight without being cheap.
Stock folds easily and unfolds easily.
Hop-up is easy to adjust.
Good battery compartment size.
Quick change spring system
Charging handle does not work (minor)
Only hi-caps are made (Con to me but might not be for you)
Accuracy and range is ok
ROF isn't good for a smg.
Sights are too low for use of a mesh mask or paintball mask.
Trigger assembly and fire selector are loose.
Trigger response is ok.
Battery compartment door broke.
At first I couldn't put it back together.

I would not recommend to a guy that can't do upgrades, because there is many things to be done to this so it can be a good smg.
by Michael D. on 2013-07-29 09:10:41
"I got this gun for my birthday and have played several matches since then. I live in South Carolina and it can get hot here, the gun still operates as it should without it getting too hot. The range on this gun is ok, same with the fps. This gun is defiantly for CQB or mid range firefights. The mag holds a good amount of bb's. The iron sights are ok but I have put a red dot sight on it. It is made out of a high quality plastic so it is very durable
-large mag
-good iron sights

-range is a little short
-could have a better fps

I would reccomend this gun for starter players and long time players looking for a cheaper CQB gun
by Max R. on 2013-05-26 21:01:04
"Very very good gun. Great for CQB, foldable stock. It looks lighter than it actually is.

- Good weight
- Loud if you like that
- Great accuracy
- Perfect for CQB
- Feels good in the hands

- The safety dial is a bit wobbly and dosent always click in
- Charging handle is just "there" but dosent work.
by Kaleb S. on 2013-02-03 09:52:18
"Just got this gun and it is awesome ! VERY heavy and powerful. You can just feel the power behind it, when the guy reviewed it on here i think his battery was low, because mine chronoed at close to 400. (393 to be specific) so yeah, im js ! I recommend this to any airsofter. Do NOT use the bb's with oil on them or it wont feed pretty much at all. But premiums and other dry .2's and up work great. Very accurate. 5/5 :)
by Henry M. on 2013-01-14 20:40:36
"This gun is great. It really cool looking and has a lot of rails

You Customize it
Iron sights are really good
quick change spring

Sling points are abs so they get plastered and scratched
mag doesnt feed good

NOTE: dont take off ant rails. I tried to take of the bottom rail to put on a vertical grip becuace it wouldnt slide on cuase of the front slnig points and the mag. took it off put on the grip but it wouldnt go back on cuase the whole bodys abs and got sriped really easy.

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