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Mosin Nagant High Power Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle by King Arms PPS SHS Red Fire

12 Customer Reviews

by Pavel C. on 08/05/2017
"I got this mosin nagant as a preorder item i love the gun its beatifull the finish is flawless and the bolt functions are smooth
by Pavel C. on 08/05/2017
"I got this mosin nagant as a preorder item i love the gun its beatifull the finish is flawless and the bolt functions are smooth
by Austin M. on 06/12/2015
"This rifle is a very good weapon. It is not the most solidly constructed, with the barrel bands having some movement, the red string popping out of the bottom of the magazine and the bolt having MINIMAL play when locked. HOWEVER, every moving part works perfectly. I have fired thousands of rounds through it without too many malfunctions. It has an impressive though expected range and accuracy, I recommend using .30 gram bbs at the least! It goes up to 200 feet accurately, and up to at least 250 or 300 feet dependent on bb curve. Naturally, i only had .30s so if I tweaked the hop-up and bb weight, I might even see 275 feet of accuracy. I also use propane, which is also a big factor. I recommend this to any WWII enthusiast or anyone who wants a good point-shooting rifle.
No seams in the 'false" wood
2 charges per load of Propane
Removing the orange tip for the bayonet (you can paint the tip orange if you need to)
by John G. on 12/13/2013
-Real wood
-Good durable build- as long as you load it correctly
-The built in loading system is far easier to load than those typical of a gas powered rifle.
-Damn fun

-Easy to F* it up by not loading it correctly
-Eats through Green Gas
-needed a little work out-of-the-box, But nothing that couldn't be done from home.

I love this rifle and recommend it with 4.7 stars.

by Jerry A. on 11/08/2013
"I shot this gun at their store an I am actually really impressed with it. From a distance the plastic body looks real. its light for how long it is. I'm getting tired of heavy guns so that was a plus for me. It has a lot of power for a mosin nagant. Other models look the part but are nothing in power compared to this one. Its very accurate, powerful, and practical gun. fyi the bolt is a half cycle! Meaning you can cycle the bolt quickly and get another shot down range. over all I'm impressed with it. Not great for realism but hey... this is airsoft. Nice to not have any mags or stripper clips. The internal mag is almost goof proof and its effective an no misfeeds. Overall its a fun gun to shoot! wish they had the sniper version with the curved over bolt and scope. :) You can squeeze out about 20-30 shots per green gas charge. But this is just a good. If you like Soviet weapons or just want a good gas rifle thats tons of fun and unique get this!

Light for its length
Great FPS
Half cycle bolt for fast reloads
Five stars for gas efficiency for how much the internal mag holds.
Fun to shoot
Cool trademarks
Get it!

Can't put a scope on it
plastic body (its actually a good quality plastic but its a con because the real one is wood.)

Get it and you won't regret it comrade!
by Peter L. on 09/27/2013
"Very solid gun; well built.

The markings on the receiver were a nice touch, although I would've preferred a working bolt lock.

The rings securing the front half of the gun together may be a bit loose, depending on the exact gun, but overall they're pretty stable.

The bayonet that comes in the box is made of plastic and breaks fairly easily, so if you're a reenactor or want historical accuracy, I'd recommend getting a real one; don't worry, it'll fit and stay.

It may be a bit heavy and bulky to handle at first, but it really grows on you :)
by Catherine L. on 09/17/2013
"Great looking gun. Looks pretty much exactly as the actual Mosin Nagant. And is priced accordingly to the actual gun. Maybe even more. Great gun.
by Thomas K. on 07/30/2013
"This is a great gun. Shoots hard, accurate, reliable. The only problem is that it is a gas guzzler, it is cumbersome to reaload at first, and the bayonet won't fit over the orange pice of plastic at the front.
by Bryan O. on 01/19/2013
"Great gun! Dont know why there are no other reviews if you want a great sniper rifle this is for you doesnt even need a scope to be accurate although bought mine for $230 then the next day the price changed to $199 that kind of made me mad but besides that the gun is great a little tricky to figure out at first but i finaly have it!

Bolt configuration is extremly easy
Gas is Quick to put in

First off this thing is HUGE!!!! (could be a pro)
Its huge but lighhtweight

Bbs are hard to load and wind at first but you get the hang of it

Gas guzzler

Thats it you need to get this thing!
by Paul G. on 11/12/2016
"The gun is my favorite yet the biggest pain in the butt I have yet had. When it got to me it was in a nice case and came with it's plastic bayonet; though as others have stated you cannot mount the bayonet without removing the orange tip first. I pulled it out and it just felt so good in my hands, I'm a lover of classical firearms. It's very comfortable and natural to hold, unlike my airsoft AK 47s or the M4s I have used. I have owned a real M1891 model Mosin Nagant and it looked very close to the M91/30 model. I was first surprised to realize that it wasn't a plastic stock at all but was in fact a solid wood stock; big plus! Granted the wood that they use on airsoft guns is soft, so it scratches, and dents very easy, but still nicer than plastic. It helps to balance out the weight of the gun better. I had gotten a real Mosin Stock to transfer this into, now I don't have to, at least for now. This is where it goes bad. First the front sight slides side to side freely, this can be a good and bad thing. You can sight it in using the different sight positions and once it is where you want than tape it into place. Or just tape it center like I did. The upper barrel band lock was also odd, sticking way out. Yet it could not be depressed in more or else the barrel band would fall off, bummer. The door for the magazine is a neat idea but it doesn't want to stay closed. You have to keep compressing the metal tabs that hold it in and they only loosen up and just firing the gun can make the door swing open. I have had to hold it down with some electrical tape, not cool. I only wish that they would have found a better system to hold it closed. I went to test it and out of the box the fill valve leaked like crazy. Seeing that it leaked around the threads I placed a little Teflon tape around it and BAM no more leak!

Took it out to target practice and sight it in. Out of the box the range is unbelievable. It looked as if it was out ranging the in stock A&K SVD rifle; another big plus. Yet I was having issues with accuracy using .25 bbs so I upped it to ,30 and it mostly fixed the issue. It was shooting around 50-60 yards before it would curve left using .30 bbs. So, you will have to aim accordingly or use a heavier BB, like a .32, which might help a little. Though even with .30 it had a off target flier now and then. Then the fill valve took a total crap and fell apart, so the in stock valve is crap, got it! I was going to return it for a replacement but also wanted to field it for an upcoming weekend. So, I just ordered a new basic fill valve. Replaced the valve and it fit perfectly. The gun was now in perfect order except every once in a while it would double feed and 2 bbs would fly out.

Then we come to fielding it. It was very accurate, to a point. It has the range but not the ability to mount a scope. So you have to trail the BB with your eyes and see if it goes off course from your target before you cannot see it anymore, then adjust from there. I was still having issues with it double feeding now and then, and also a couple of times with no feeding, which was a real pain. It seems sometimes that the spring doesn't want to push those last rounds in. A few times the bolt locked up on me during the return cycle, which I had to fix by pulling the trigger to release the bolt. Yet it still worked the majority of the time, and was still very accurate. Which frankly is saying a lot for an in stock gun. Everyone on the field seemed to love it, unless I hit them with it. Even without a scope I was still able to suppress the other teams sniper. You just have to get used to adjusting the rear sight elevation bar to aim at longer distances.

Loading it takes some getting used to but it's not that bad. Mostly because with a gun like this you learn to carefully pick your targets instead of just mindlessly firing. Meaning during one 45 minute game, I only reloaded twice. Most times I only reloaded once. Though carrying a can of propane in a bag will take some getting used to. No doubt that a tightbore barrel will help with the curve issue but it will surely beef up the FPS, a good or bad thing depending on what you need. Beyond that there isn't much that needs upgrading on this unlike most sniper rifles. The only main difference is that it will take a lot more practice to get good at without using a scope for those longer distance shots. So, if you want to use this as a sniper then practice, practice, practice, that's what I plan on doing over the winter. The rate of fire is also good as I had no trouble taking down guys with AEG rifles, within AEG range, and firing at me. Because again you're depending on the accuracy, they're depending on the sheer number of rounds that one will hit you. It also takes a different type of play for this gun. If you're the type to run around and get into the thick of it all of the time, blazing away at anything that moves with dozens of rounds, than this probably isn't the gun for you. If you want to play the role of the sniper or a hunter, stalking around, looking for targets, and taking well aimed shots instead of just mindless directional firing, than this might be good for you. I would have given it five stars instead of four but there was too many annoying issues to start with. Though these issues are mostly minor, except for the fill valve, they are still annoying, and bring down the good of the gun. Plus the almost complete lack of spare parts available. Yet with 3D printing or machine shops, if something breaks I will just send it to a place to have a part remade of higher quality materials. With a little practice this will make an effective sniper rifle.

Real wood
Looks great
Shoots hard
Long range
Easy pull bolt
Easy to use

Fill valve leaked, then fell apart
Soft wood
Double feeds
No ability to mount a scope without altering the gun
Magazine door will not stay shut
Sliding front sight
by Kyler W. on 04/28/2014
"Ordered this gun and after testing it out about 30 shots in the bolt refuses to go back into place. That wasnt all though, the trigger completly stopped working. I sent it back and didnt get a chance to test it out before i played a game with it. I absolutly hated it the first game i played. I was about to just toss it, but decided to give it one more try. I get out there and i completly DEMOLISHED the other team. i used .28 gram and i was picking people off from a very long range. I was amazed with its accuracy. This gun was loved by my team and respected by the other. Sure it has its downside of 12 shots, then refill... However, once you get the hang of it, it is a really nice gun.
by Paul G. on 11/17/2016
"Revised review:

Having written and earlier one in which I pointed out all of the bad sides to this gun are still outweighed by the good things; I must now revise that. Took the gun out to try some new BBs and on the second round the bolt was acting strange. Taking the gun apart I saw that the head of the gas piston snapped off. Best part of all, NO ONE sells a replacement piece for it, anywhere. Even though the neck of the piston is very thin and bound to break with standard use, NO ONE sells the part. So, I took it to a local machine shop and they said for a single piece to reproduce, it would cost $300. So, now I have a $190 paper weight. I will firmly say, DO NOT get this gun, it's going to end up breaking, no one makes parts, and it's too expensive to have new ones made.