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GHK M4 / M16 Airsoft AEG to GBB Complete Gearbox Conversion kit with magazine (Version 1)

6 Customer Reviews

by Tristan K. on 08/07/2015
"I bought this and put in in my G&G cm16 combat machine. It is really high quality and I only had feeding problems with the first few fills of the magazine. Other than that, no feeding problems since!

Awesome realistic recoil
Perfect assault style fps
Mags last 3-4 fills of bbs with just one fill of gas

Installation required lots of modifications.
Accuracy isn't like the original AEG

Recommended if you want something cool! And gas powered obviously.
by jacob o. on 01/29/2014
"my friend recently ordered this because it was an effective and cheap way to get a gbb
when he got it it came with every thing and the mag but we experienced a problem putting it into his gun. he has a m16 and it will fit the dboys m16 with some modifications. it is designed for the rifle to have a collapsible stock but he had a full stock so the screw wouldnt let the gbb gear box fit properly so we took a bolt cutter and a grinder and shaved it down.
now it works amazing it is pulling about 290 right now which is good considering we chronoed outside here in Virginia and it was about 20 degrees out side.
the mags are solid and dont leak but we suggest even though we havent had a problem to get some moondog orings cause eventually you will need some o rings.

high fps (290 in 20 degrees is really good)
sturdy construction
it has nice recoil similar to a .22

a bit of work to put in a gun but if you have a collapsible stock you should be good
increase in maintenance when switching from electric to gbb whichh is ok
a lot of work to do to get it in the gun and make sure it fires correctly

other than that it is a great upgrade for any aeg m4 style rifle
by Jessica F. on 06/13/2012
"Quite impressive
this thing actually isnt bad. i just got it today,put it in, and tested it out.
i do have to say it is a huge pain to put it ( you have to modify your guns body or the box)
the mag i got with it had a loose o ring but that was an easy fix
once i got working i fell in love. it shoots about 350 with a standard m4 barrel at around 22 rps
it is very gas efficient and has a heavy recoil for what it is (comparable with a 22 rifle)

pros: decent fps and incredible rof
heavy kick
awsome additions to your collection

cons: spare mags are $50 each and you have to order them from asia
kinda a pain to put in

pretty much i think it was worth the money for what it is
by Phillip C. on 03/01/2015
"Doesn't feed very well 75% of the time. I use all the gas in a magazine before I can shoot all the BB's out, simply because the hop up won't accept BB's.
When it works, its great and fun.
by chad a. on 02/11/2015
"Bought this and a we tech aeg metal lower come to find out at least I'm my case that it requires serious modifications no matter what lower you are using a pain to install hope it is more fun to use once it's all installed. Gotta go buy more tools to finish before I can test it.
by Justin B. on 08/12/2014
"Had mine for about four days before the hop up shattered. When it did work it worked nearly flawlessly. A little locktite on some of the fasteners that vibrated their way loose. Hop up is hard to find. A few over seas store have them and one in Cali. About $25 plus shipping from g&g and about $8 from over seas. For what it is it does the job pretty good. Can be a little awkward to get in with a little tweaking here and there if necessary. 3 out of 5 just for the fact it is nearly impossible to find cheap replacement parts. Unless you find a cheap g&g gbb or a broken one.