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by Chris D. on 2012-11-10 10:27:35
"This is by far the best M4 made for CQB fields and it could also be field ready. This gun shoots about 20-23 rps and the midcap is flawless. It never misfeed on the KWA M4 and I recommend this gun to anyone.

Consistent FPS
CQB/Field Ready
High RPS

Maybe it's just me but with the stock handguard, I had to put my li-po on the side of the handguard. Does that happen to anyone?
You don't have this awesome KWA M4.
by chris w. on 2012-09-06 19:48:29
"Great gun so far i just got it today first impression was good as with any other KWA . I took it out right away and tour up a soda can despite that the fps is not the highest. I havent used it in a game yet but am playing on saturday and i plan to write another review on its game performance.

good weight
once fps is upgraded just as good as the 300$ KWA's
iron sites

mag well is a little wobbly but doesn't make a huge difference
by Kyle A. on 2012-08-29 19:16:39
"Wow, what an amazing airsoft gun. Ive brought it to two event so far, and have had it for 2 months now and this thing is a TERROR on the field. This is a CQB boss. In my opinion, everyone should own a cqr. theyre amaing.

Cheap price tag, amazing quality
Best mid-cap mag ever made included
Beast gearbox
Light weight
CQB freindly

... huh?
by Todd H. on 2012-08-27 12:22:20
"So i bought this M4 about 4 months ago. Out of the box it was awesome for cqb. With a lipo it was sooo dominate. Its wieght feels right to. I am a Army vet and this gun feels real. KWA quality at a great price!

Full metal durability!
lipo ready
KWA built

no rails

since i have bought this gun I have moded a few things. I put a stubby barrel, a promethius 603 tight bore. Also a 11.1 4000 mah lipo. A red bucking. I want you all to know it did not need any of these mods but I like to custumize my guns to make them stand out. so it shoots @ 370 fps and has a range of about 80 ft before it drops hard. This gun spits em out fast. In a smaller field you better beware!
by Kai B. on 2012-08-11 02:07:57
"If you are looking for a great CQB KWA rifle without the $300+ price tag, than look no further than the KWA CQR mod 2. Even though its short, it has the same range as my G&G GR16. Its lightweight and very very customisable. There is a break in period for this gun. Meaning that in order to get this gun shooting at 330-350 GPS, you need to run 2000-5000 rounds through it.

Pros: light weight
Accuracy/ range
CQB length

Cons: Break in period
Plastic lower receiver (could be pro)
Battery space ( I recommend getting a magpul pets carbine length handguard for more space)
Not free
by Mitch S. on 2012-07-13 19:45:51
"This is a very impressive AEG another gun to succeed from KWA at first I was questioning the polymer body but it gives this AEG a very nice feel. I have a lot of time with other kwa guns and this one shines with all the others with a new spring I used an m120 it shoots about 120 feet accurately overall I am very impressed

Comes with a midcap
Nice ROF (about 20 per second with a 11.1v lipo
Great CQB gun

Cons: Polymer

Overall I am very impressed buy this gun today

Displaying 13 to 18 (of 18 reviews)

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