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by Jonathan H. on 2016-02-16 21:16:41
"So I tried this gun out at a friends house and I love this gun! It is amazing compared to some of the $300+ guns out there in the market.

Metal upper receiver
Sturdy polymer hand rail
Cheap but very reliable and sturdy
Easy to use
Decent weight so it doesn't feel cheap but doesn't weigh you down

Feels a little cheap
No rail on hand guard
Front wired (personal con for me)
Low Fps
Fuse breaks easily but can easily be repaired:)

Over all the KWA CQR MOD1/2 is great for cqb! Tons of fun to use and a great beginner/intermediate/pro player gun!!!!!
by carter p. on 2015-10-11 09:06:28
"So I got my hands on a KWA pretty recently and let me just say this is on par with most, if not all $300+ guns out there


great trigger response
awesome rate of fire
the metal upper receiver is pretty sturdy
amazing range (250 ft when dialed on a .28)
amazing accuracy


the polymer lower receiver feels pretty cheap yet at the same time feels really durable
is front wired (personal con)

that's about it, the gun out performed my friend's Krytac which should really say something about a gun that's below $200
by Michael F. on 2015-06-26 20:27:32
"This will be a short to the point review. I own 2 of these both bought here.

Price is Low for what you get.
ROF is good around 13rps on a 7.4v lipo
Accuracy was good with the KWA Hopup and Bucking.
The hand guard fits Nunchuck style Lipos Easy.
FPS is 320 With a .25g bb xcortech chronograph. Kind of low for Long engagements.
BOTH of my guns WILL NOT shoot semi on 11.1v Lipo. They full auto shoot on 11.1v lipo. But on 7.4 they shoot semi Fine. so its got to be a design flaw or something. Both guns were 100% brand new out of the box and neither would semi with 11.1v. So at the field thats a HUGE issue when its a Semi game only or Indoor...You cant use the Gun!!
Over all its a great shooter but NOT with 11.1v. Stick to 7.4 or 9.6 and this will be great!!
If not for the full auto issue it would be 5 out of 5. Avoid 11.1v BUY IT!!!
by Jonathan C. on 2015-04-24 19:47:24
"Overall the KWA CQR Mod 1 is a solid performer. Its external quality is nice, with all parts having good tolerances and fit. The worst external part on the gun is the plastic lower reciever. It certainly does its job, but it feels and looks out of place compared to the rest of the gun. The plastic feels a lot cheaper and weaker than the plastic used on the stock, handguard, and pistol grip, and its color is a shiny bluish-gray instead of black. I don't expect it to fail unless its heavily abused, but it just doesn't meet the same quality standards as the rest of the gun. I understand it is what allows the price of the gun to be reduced, but the lower receiver just doesn't meet the standards I expected.

Internally the 2GX gearbox is smooth and reliable, and I've had no issues with the gearbox to date. The wiring, barrel, and 2GX hopup unit are of good quality. The only internal part of the gun I've had issues with has been the 2GX bucking. Even on the highest hop settings the bucking does not protrude far enough into the barrel to create effective backspin, and so the hopup is completely useless with the stock bucking. I replaced the 2GX unit with a VFC one, which worked very well. It has put the performance of the CQR on par with that of other AEG's in its price bracket. You will have to upgrade the bucking in order to receive acceptable performance from the hopup unit. (The VFC bucking is actually of poor quality compared to other buckings, but is one of a few buckings thin enough to fit inside the 2GX hopup unit) Rate of fire with a 7.4V battery is somewhere around 15 bb's a second. Effective range with the VFC bucking is around 200 feet, which is a significant improvement over the stock 2GX unit.

One of the best parts about the gun is the magazine that comes with it, the polymer KWA K120. The K120 is very sturdy and feeds extremely reliably, better than any other midcap I've come across. The only issue with the mags are that the external dimensions are undersized, resulting in a wobbly fit in KWA guns as well as other brands. In a few guns they are too loose feed reliably, but this can be fixed with electrical tape. I highly recommend you use KWA's technical forums for reference to care and cleaning for the gun. As far as battery recommendations, I would recommend a 7.4V Lipo with dimensions that are the same as or smaller than 15mm wide, 35mm tall, and 100mm long. You can fit batteries up to 130+mm long, but they cannot be very tall or wide. I believe the CQR is a good choice in its price bracket if you're looking for a well built aeg that only needs a very minor fix to be respectable on the field.


2GX gearbox
Solid external build quality
K120 magazines


2GX hopup bucking
Plastic lower reciever
by Edward B. on 2014-12-15 13:40:46
"Overall this is an amazing rifle. It shoots fantastic, accurately, with no feeding

problems and is incredibly customizable. Do note however that tis gun shoots OVER

350 FPS and a lot of fields, including my own, did not let me use this rifle until I

swapped out the barrel.
by Will A. on 2014-05-09 06:45:07
"This gun is the best.

KWA 2gx gearbox
very customizable
rate of fire is great
its a KWA, the best M4 on the market

the cylinder sucks- replace it with the original KWA M33 cylinder, and your fps goes to 380-390 with the m120 spring already in the gearbox.
polymer lower reciever cracked for me in about a month of light use, without drops (replace with a KWA metal lower, works just fine now)
overall 9/10
by Devon F. on 2014-05-03 16:47:54
"Amazing gun, no feeding issues at all. The fps is decent and great for CQB, while the rate of fire is amazing. the only thing could be a little bit more range but that is really it.
by Tony J. on 2014-03-18 21:59:02
Great for cqb limits
RoF is pretty great with a 9.4v nimh
works great stock!

polymer lower receiver (can be pro for some)
plastic hand guard (can be pro for some)
stock is a little bit wobbly
by Eric J. on 2014-01-25 10:30:01
"I have been playing competitive airsoft for about 3 years and I wanted yet another gun to upgrade externally. I picked this gun because it is affordable and reliable. One of my friends bought this gun about a year ago and it is working perfectly on a 9.6v battery without any upgrades. I have been running it on a 11.1 lipo for a while and have not had to upgrade or repair anything. My first impression of this gun was good. I liked the metal upper receiver and the 2gx gearbox. When I shot it on a 9.6 it was much faster than I expected. So i put my 11.1 lipo in it and it was shooting about 23 rounds per second. The accuracy on the gun is nothing great but is is good for cqb. I am planning to put a madbull 6.02 inner barrel into it. This gun has a cqb fps so I might upgrade it but I have used it in bigger fields up against 420 fps guns and the range was great. I would highly recommend this gun to any airsofter. I play competitively on teams and this gun is definitely problably the best sub $200 gun I have ever seen/used. Some people say that kwa makes bad guns but they are most definitely wrong and most do not even own a kwa (their just jealous).

Good range
nice fps for cqb
same great gearbox as the $300 400 kwa guns
sub $200
rate of fire is crazy high
overall great gun
solid feel

plastic lower receiver
magwell is tight
fps (for some)
inner barrel (for outdoor/milsim)
standard m4 furniture
by Bryan C. on 2013-09-26 01:36:44
"it a reallly awosme gun i still have my for about almost two years now it still kicking booty
by Shannon S. on 2013-08-09 21:40:33
"First of all this is a great gun. If you are having trouble with miss feeds or it seems BBS went getting any power it is because your barrel is dirty it happened to me.
Pros:good price
Good ROF
Great for cqb
Sights are nice
Light weight

Cons:gears are not spring loaded (don't shim them selves)
Not tm compatible
Not polar star compatible (could be with some upgrades)
Kwa has really gone down on quality the gearbox is not the same as there original 2gx it has lower grade parts same for any newer kwa models they changed there 6.03 to 6.05 to lower accuracy they have really let me down. Still a good starter gun.
by Billy J. on 2013-06-26 22:52:33
comes with great mid cap
great reaalism has gas stopper in the front some m4s dont the real m4s do as a owner of a real m4
great for cqb \
accurate as hell a lot more then my combat machine
easy to bring back delta ring so you could switch handguard to rails with complete ease
goes best with 0.25
one of THEE best guns to build off of. (i mean upgrade is easy... rails is easy to install could use in all fields so now downgrade so you dont get bummed about it
some metal
has great range a LOT btetter then my downgraded guns.

plastic reciever (you dont mind until you take it apart)
bad cylynder which is neccesary but could be better
battery hog i mean like extremly bad i used a tenergy 1600 9.6v nunchunk. my combat machine lasted longer.
Wish it came with a ris.

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