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Elite Force MilSim Max Biodegradable BBs - (2700ct / 0.32g)

6 Customer Reviews

by Samuel O. on 05/21/2016
"I've been running these BB's through all of my guns for the past 3 years and I have nothing bad to say about them. They are perfect. I only use Bio BB's because I'm an environmental guy and I want to keep the planet clean. These BB's are perfectly spherical, no feeding issues, no jamming issues, they are high polished and the weight of them is perfect for range and accuracy. I highly recommend them.
by ian l. on 04/26/2016
"Great bbs for consistency and range, I'm running these in my fully custom g&p m4 custom polarstar. I'm hitting consistently 200-250 feet, at 100 psi with a pro-win hop prommy purple and rhop. I've only had it jam one time with these bbs but I believe it was because my battery died and the nozzle double fed. I'm also using an orga Magnus barrel for anyone wondering.

Overall GREAT bbs, all I'll use.
by Tyler A. on 09/04/2015
"These are the first 0.32g BB's I've used in my M4 but maaan are they nice! I haven't ever had the consistency and range that I've had with these.

G&P M4, Prommy Barrel, G&P stock hopup unit, Matrix Flat hop. FPS est 375.

Even with a slight cross wind I was hitting trees that I measured at 150ft 8/10 shots with little wind correction. Only issue I had was some flyers but they were going strait up, and it was most likely due to hopup issues. Max range I could probably get out to 200 but thats pushing it with a bit of ark added. Still dead straight though.

I'm planning on using these at the next 2 lion claws games I am attending including Irene in Oct. If I remember I'll try to do an AAR on their performance.
by Michael V. on 09/07/2014
"Great BBs for a long range rifle. I run then in my G39 K and they have yet to fail me.
by Joshua W. on 04/06/2014
"Great Brand of BB'S. My local shop only uses Elite Force BB's. I bought these for My M249 PolarStar and the work GREAT. No jams or any issues but 1. It's a bitter Sweet deal. They cant see the BB'S coming at them but it is extremely hard to see them going down range. I still use them though and I would recommend them to anybody. They also shoot fine in my LM4. All I use is Elite Force BB's in all sizes.
by Timothy P. on 08/16/2012
"i run these bbs all the time. The extra weight adds massive amounts of accurecy and ive never had any feeding or jamming issues with these. Also amy lost distance when using them can be made up with the adjustment of your hop up you just lose fps. Also seeing that you have better aim with these you will use less bbs