Reviews: Madbull PX-02 Performance Polycarbonate Piston w/ Full Length Metal Teeth

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Model: PT-MB-PX-02
Location: SO-203

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by dylan b. on 2014-02-13 06:37:12
"I recently purchased this piston and after 150 shots, the front exploded and left shards of plastic in my gearbox. Not sure if I'm the only one to have this issue, but I was very disappointed. For the $23 that you are spending, for $24 you can get a better quality Angel Custom Thor piston. Note that I was doing 40rps @ 310 fps with a well shimmed gearbox and it only lasted 150 shots.

Cool green color
Full steel teeth

Heavier than a stock g&p piston
Weak design
Sides scraped the inside of my cylinder
by Daniel B. on 2014-02-05 11:48:19
"This piston is great. It's a bit of the heavy side, but you can just tell its made of very high quality polymer. I put this in a stock g&g combat machine shell. I did have to file down the sides a bit where it touched the gearbox because it was too tight, bit I am sure I have an odd gearbox because I have had this problem with other products as well. Overall, super high quality. Nice paint on the teeth too. It dosn't chip easily.
by Patar W. on 2014-01-16 17:50:22
"The Madbull piston is exceptional, but, you need to know what you are doing when installing any aftermarket piston. Angle of engagement!!! If not adjusted correctly, you will crack the back of this piston, happened to me because i didnt adjust it properly. But, i had it comming at 27rps @440 fps. But, i do strongly recommend this piston, whether its a replacement part or a upgrade part. When purchasing this not that the second tooth is removed, and if you install it correctly you may need to shave half of the third tooth down.

Cons: Piston will crack under bad AOE, but, this is more of a user error in my fault then the actual piston. But, because it did happen to me, i think it is fair to say that i had it crack.
by tanner c. on 2014-01-10 09:19:12
"buy this piston now this piston is amazing for dmr and speed builds have yet to break these things but its arguably one of the best pistons on the market. the teeth are strong and it has a monstrously strong back support.
by Evan T. on 2013-08-04 21:17:35
"This piston is great! Very nice quality polycarb, nice metal teeth (the paint wears off in a few hundred rounds) and is fairly light. I swiss cheesed mine and added a plastic piston head making it strong, yet light to increase rate of fire. On a m90 spring, short stroked gears, short stroked piston and high speed motor, my little galaxy mp5k is getting roughly 35 bbs per second.

PS. YOU have to remove the second tooth if wanted( 2 mins with a dremel tool)
by Bryce B. on 2013-05-14 17:52:14
"This thing is a beast i have a 400fps set up with a .28 running a satan motor with lipo has handled over 25000 shots so far with no wear, not even discolored on the teeth in the slightest. My set up shoots about 25bps and this piston holds up easily.

strong and durable
can buy replacement teeth if you ever need to
Green and very easy to install
Has a hole on the part where the piston heads goes for a piston head that has a set screw to hold it in place so it doesnt spin and come unscrewed

I have yet to discover a flaw in this piston except that it doesnt come in more colors

Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 reviews)