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Matrix Eagle Force Multi-Purpose CNC 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell - Short / One

6 Customer Reviews

by Steven M. on 08/03/2015
"These work great with G&P M203's and S&T AG36's. (G36 grenade launchers)

I loved it, and it had a lot of power, just don't drop it....
Mine fell on concrete while I was sitting defending a base, and it broke.
As long as you don't drop it, it's great!
by Richard R. on 04/03/2014
"Got this yesterday and it's pretty nice. It fits my RPG I got back in November perfectly. I was so happy to actually get to shoot it. One thing though, the plugs that come with it don't stay in when you fill it with gas, I recommend using some sort of tape (I used duct tape) Overall, this is a good buy at $30.
by Levi A. on 03/09/2014
"I bought this for kicks, to play around with, I put it on my GBB pistol rail :P I cant really holster the pistol anymore and makes the pistol heavy, but it works fine and people laugh when they see a pistol with a GL on it :D
by Greg-Anthony M. on 02/24/2014
"Works as advertised and has a real audible BANG to it so don't be scared kids! I recommend you get the "shorty" ones like this instead of the other Matrix long 40mm because my long one came broken (sucks) so learn from my experience! btw Mine came in an all bronze cast and I wasn't expecting that tone at all but it actually replicates the Anti-armor 40mm shell really well so I love it!
by tanner f. on 07/21/2012
"this is by far the best shell ive used like i was launching evike foam balls,rockets,dead rags,socks,and whatever i could find to all of you that your bearigs fell out and you dont know how to fix it i suggest getting a thick based grease and filling the bearing wholes COMPLETE with grease and then just stick your bearings in and re assemble it thnx!!!!!!!!!!
by peyton w. on 05/19/2012
"You load the gas into the shell just like the gas Airsoft guns, load the bbs into the sell. Hit the button on the back of the gas shell and BOOM! All the bbs will be released and shot out at once. We also sell Airsoft grenade launchers that can mount on your airsoft gun and have one of these shells sit in side just like the real grenade launchers! This has got to be one of the coolest thing in Airsoft or paintball history!

I had one installed on my gun and once you get your opponent in an Airsoft or paintball match with a CLOUD OF BBS ONCE, everything will be worth it. True story: I was once in a game and I was surrounded by five guys...a launch took out three guys and while the rest were wondering where the loud sound comes from, they were surrendered.