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Matrix Eagle Force 120rd M433 CNC 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell (Qty: One)

15 Customer Reviews

by christina j. on 08/24/2017
"I ordered 2 of these grenades and at first wasn't happy at all. Both leaked gas like crazy and i couldn't seal them right away...had to get silicone and grease to put on the valves and o-rings. So far i got one sealed but still working on the other. The other problem was that one of them was badly nicked up..i was ready to give a low rating but evike has such great customer service that they sent me another for free!! Thats why i'm giving it 5 star. Overall these grenades aren't bad..(i prefer the gap long range grenades). They don't shoot really far but the widespread of bbs is crazy...great for rooom clearing. I am satisfied with these grenades and do recommend them for grenadiers who like getting up close to the enemy.
by Ryan M. on 04/05/2015
"This grenade kicks ass. I only have one, but it fits snugly in my EGLM as 'last resort'. The shell has been CNCed out of aluminum and is VERY durable, though DO NOT unscrew it unless you're prepared for a half-hour long fit of swearing and crying as you try to balance the ball bearings and get it back together.

Currently my only gripe is the o-ring, but that issue with be fixed as soon as I get my new ones in the mail. I can't recommend these shells enough, even having just one is a blast! (Pun totally intended.)
by Robert M. on 03/24/2015
"I bought one of these last year and it is still kick'n. its great on power.
probably one of the stronger grenades out there.
I made the mistake of lending it to someone on the other side.... never again.
When you get hit by it you'll know.

A+ great shell to own.
by Robert M. on 03/24/2015
"I bought one of these last year and it is still kick'n. its great on power.
probably one of the stronger grenades out there.
I made the mistake of lending it to someone on the other side.... never again.
When you get hit by it you'll know.

A+ great shell to own.
by Tandall T. on 08/09/2014
"Got this in and love them. The first day I used them I had no issues but 1 of the grenades was leaking green gas at the end of the day. HOWEVER Evike had already included the replacement O-rings for it. BIG UPs for them doing that. For those who don't know how to replace o-rings DONT OPEN THEM just send them back if they are messed up but Opened it up replaced the o-ring and back to action with it.

Holds 120
Great shot pattern
Comes with replacement O-Rings
The sound this one makes is more high pitch and has added fear factor

Have 1 out of 6 bad isn't a reason to jip the score any. I'm sure if I sent it back I could had got a new one in the mail but easy fix since they send you the O-Rings.
by christian t. on 10/03/2012
"I got 1 and received it last Saturday I decided to finally fire it 2day and was very pleased on the 1st shot. I will try more tests soon and if it still preforms well I will com back for more. I must say the grenade itself is made out of cncl so thats nice and thats it. I may come back to do another review of it
by Robert h. on 09/21/2012
"THIS shell IS AWSOME........when i got it it was on back order...i was a little worried when i got it but it ROCKS.
i have used it over 25 times now and it still workds likea charm!!!
by Michael K. on 05/14/2012
"I own three of these and they worked well for me. Was skeptical about the price tag but they work like a charm! I used to own a few craft apple work and I will never go back to those!
by Jonathan O. on 04/29/2012
"I got this shell yesterday and used it all day at tac city. I used green gas and had no problems with it what so ever. It did great it is loud and has a big spread. Definately worth my 30 bucks. I also got a mad bull one but that one seized to fire after the first pop. I was way more pleased with this one. Definately gana get more of these.
by Jason C. on 11/17/2010
"As expected.

Good durable grenade shell. I have had experience with CAW leaking after 20 or so pops, probably because of the gas we use here in the USA being stronger, but these have managed my abuse and never failed me.

Looks nice & sharp.
Holds lots of rounds. Maybe lower FPS, but the mosquito effect is priceless.
Resets almost immediately. Easy to reset otherwise (lightly press the button once will do everytime)

Not really...

Tip: A lot of people tend to twist it open because they don't know how to reset it? Careful about the bearings inside, but Evike sells spares anyways. I learned this the hard way. But once you learn it, it is not a big deal
by Kevin W. on 02/12/2010
"Great powerful grenades that fits into all the M203 / madbull launchers I have.

Pricing: Reasonable
Power: Good
Finish / look: Good
Compatibility: Good

Buy these if you are looking for M203 shells. I highly recommend.

by Seth C. on 04/07/2016
"Amazing grenade, made of CNC aluminum. Has a nice kick to it and feels great. However, the o-ring that holds the bbs is a bit buggy. It is too loose, so about 20 bbs fall out after loading and more later.. I ended up putting a second o-ring over the stock one and it more or less fixed the problem, but I still lose a lot of bbs. Doesn't really affect the performance of the grenade just the rattling of the empty space is a little annoying.
by John-Michael L. on 08/08/2012
"These Grenades are amazing, They perform Brilliantly. They even have an auto reset, you can fire them over and over and over without having to reset them.
But the Reason i give them only 4 stars, is because the O-Rings near the top of each one
(Noticeable from the outside in plain view) are the incorrect O-Rings, when i put the BBs in, i could turn the grenade upside down and half or all of the BBs would fall out.

Simply enough, I recommend these grenades very highly, But they will still need an O-Ring replacement

holds 120 each
Gold and Silver colors

O-Ring will require replacement

Extra note:
When filling it with gas, you only need to gas it for 2 to 3 seconds.
by Trey A. on 05/07/2016
"Great BUT...
Three of my shells have a broken seal.
Other than that there great!
3/5 because of broken seals.
by Samuel G. on 04/18/2012
"Well, I received this grenade roughly two days ago and made the decision to fire it before I made sure it was lubricated. Bad move, the grenade is by no means ready out of the box. The fill nozzle leaked horribly, I took it out to look at it to find the o-ring came broken. I fixed that, and re-fired with much better results. Also quick note, this grenade has only 2 ball bearings, I personally wasn't very happy with that. The spread it self is good, range isn't. On a full charge I got roughly 40-50 feet at the most. One of the tube things you load the bb's into didn't hold the bb's down. All in all, the problems I had were what i expected for such a cheap grenade. Madbull is the way to go, but given a cheapo budget, this grenade can satisfy simple needs. It's construction appears very durable, I haven't skirmished with it but I do expect it to hold up well. Geeze what else would someone want to know... It's no where near as loud as I thought it would be (I'm using propane, which could easily explain range and loudness deficiency).