Reviews: Pre-Order ETA 02/28/2015 Matrix Eagle Force 120rd M433 CNC 40mm Airsoft Grenade Shell - One


5 Customer Reviews
Model: GS-EF-01x1
Location: U7-144* WO8-M04 Y9-M02

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by Robert M. on 2015-03-24 19:10:19
"I bought one of these last year and it is still kick'n. its great on power.
probably one of the stronger grenades out there.
I made the mistake of lending it to someone on the other side.... never again.
When you get hit by it you'll know.

A+ great shell to own.
by christian t. on 2012-10-03 12:39:56
"I got 1 and received it last Saturday I decided to finally fire it 2day and was very pleased on the 1st shot. I will try more tests soon and if it still preforms well I will com back for more. I must say the grenade itself is made out of cncl so thats nice and thats it. I may come back to do another review of it
by Michael K. on 2012-05-14 17:35:03
"I own three of these and they worked well for me. Was skeptical about the price tag but they work like a charm! I used to own a few craft apple work and I will never go back to those!
by Jonathan O. on 2012-04-29 21:35:14
"I got this shell yesterday and used it all day at tac city. I used green gas and had no problems with it what so ever. It did great it is loud and has a big spread. Definately worth my 30 bucks. I also got a mad bull one but that one seized to fire after the first pop. I was way more pleased with this one. Definately gana get more of these.
by Samuel G. on 2012-04-18 16:51:49
"Well, I received this grenade roughly two days ago and made the decision to fire it before I made sure it was lubricated. Bad move, the grenade is by no means ready out of the box. The fill nozzle leaked horribly, I took it out to look at it to find the o-ring came broken. I fixed that, and re-fired with much better results. Also quick note, this grenade has only 2 ball bearings, I personally wasn't very happy with that. The spread it self is good, range isn't. On a full charge I got roughly 40-50 feet at the most. One of the tube things you load the bb's into didn't hold the bb's down. All in all, the problems I had were what i expected for such a cheap grenade. Madbull is the way to go, but given a cheapo budget, this grenade can satisfy simple needs. It's construction appears very durable, I haven't skirmished with it but I do expect it to hold up well. Geeze what else would someone want to know... It's no where near as loud as I thought it would be (I'm using propane, which could easily explain range and loudness deficiency).

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)