Reviews: WE-Tech Navy SEAL Advanced Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-WE-001

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by Cody C. on 2012-07-11 17:58:57
"This is a really nice weapon system. Nice finish and really no wobble.
It doesn't however have an all metal hop-up its polymer, and it doesn't have a single metal barrel, it is two pieces. the Buffer tube is kinda weird. It is all milspec so it will not fit AEG sling mounts.
im happy though, even if it is up-sold here on this website.
by Jacob H. on 2012-06-24 17:16:20
"AWESOME AEG i just got the WE-TECH m4 in the last thursday and it has an awesome realistic weight to it and the skull frog is really cool. This gun is great because every mag works with it and it has never had a failer to feed any of the rounds. The gun shoots about 400 fps at about 18-22 rounds a second. Also you gotta love the safety, having the safety release the tension of everything in the gearbox was awesome idea keep up the good work we tech.

Detensioning safety system
Feeds really good with all mags
realistic weight
solid (not gonna fall apart anytime soon)
very accurate at any range of distance


Hope to do a review on the gun sometime soon when i get around to it.
Highly recommend to any airsofter out there.
by Stuart H. on 2012-06-21 20:18:17
"Ok so i got this gun today its great good weight good feel. Ran it threw the crono and i got 405fps with .20 and 20rps with a 11.1 lipo. everything works i love the bolt release is nice and crisp the lazer engraving is wonderful very please with this gun. BUT we checked it next to a king arms thats about ten bucks more at a even 200 at the local airsoft shop with the same battery and bb's it was shooting 400fps with 25rps and it also has the colt trades. so its kind of a up to what you want but this is a great weapon

cheap its a full metal M4 for under 200 bucks with great internals
great feel great looks
good ROF
pritty accurate keept a 6inch grouping at 50feet with .20
you can decompress the gun by going to SAFE on the fire selector
every one of my mags fit and feed well from the G&G,MAG,KWA,LONEX,and DBOYS

King arms is just that little bit bettor
the carring handel on mine was 2 tone not a big deal i put a red dot on anyways
WE has the worst packaging in the world it had no padding at all

Over all this is a great gun and from what the internals look like it will work with every TM part out there so you dont have to worrie about parts being out of stock ill give this 5 stars but keep in mind that if you have the money and do not want the skull frog the king arms is still out their, great buy i hope WE makes some more AEG's

Displaying 25 to 27 (of 27 reviews)

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