Reviews: WE-Tech Navy SEAL Advanced Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

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Model: AEG-WE-001

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by Dodge C. on 2015-01-30 12:16:56
"This gun was pretty great at first. Lasted me a year or so. It can take all three of the different mags I've squeezed into it: the one it comes with, another, and a double drum. It's a tight fit, but it works. The gun's battery compartment is a pain to get open and closed, but it's manageable. It seems like a good gun, but it no longer works, and I think maybe it's a defective motor. Can't be sure, though.

*Good M4, military-style
*Has Frogman symbol
*Accepts other brands of mags
*Feels realistic in your hands
*Sights are adjustable and work well
*Carrying handle
*Accurate, and shoots far

*Doesn't work after maybe two years of use
*Only available in black (not a huge problem)

All in all, it's a good gun IF it works. I would expect better from WE-tech, but maybe mine's just defective. But I'm not all that pleased by it.
by Nolan H. on 2015-01-28 17:05:27
"One thing that has recently been very annoying is the trigger response... I use a 9.6 nunchuck battery and the gearbox takes a while to wind up the gearbox...
Semi? forget it! its hard to get rounds downrange. after every 6th shot when you pull the trigger on semi a shooting sound is made but nothing comes out

Full metal
Takes EVERY mag that I have

Semi sucks
by Nolan H. on 2014-02-03 18:36:29
"This gun is AWESOME!!!! It shoots great and it is so accurate!!!! Buy it now! You will not regret it it feels like the real thing it is perfect!
by William R. on 2014-01-26 20:55:55
"I got my WE-TECH prob a year ago. I own the real version of this gun and it feels the same weight and its accurate and overall a great gun. I have played in the rain and in the snow and it worked with no problems. The safety spring release worked for awhile but then stopped working. But all I got to do is switch to single and shoot once to release the tension. Its a cool idea but is the only thing I have found go wrong. The wiring from the motor to the battery is a little short and can be annoying and get pinched while trying to put the gun back together.

Almost all metal
Great FPS
Reliable in weather
Highly Customizable

Safety Spring Release quit working, but still can release tension by shooting once in single shot.
by Jacob M. on 2014-01-21 14:00:16
"For some reason my barrel on the gun wasn't attached right and it shot into my bothers eye. he survived but is completely paralyzed. overall great gun though.
by Ross S. on 2013-11-19 16:44:53
"Picked this up for $120 last year as an early Black Friday deal. Built like a pro gun, but price is very affordable. Good construction with actual polymer furniture, instead of ABS like most Chinese guns use. Body is metal with a very nice looking finish, albeit prone to scratching. Performance is pretty good out of the box. Doesn't come with battery or charger and, since this was my first AEG, I needed to buy them separately. Since the purchase, I have outfitted the gun with a compliment of Magpul furniture and a red dot sight. I am not an expert in the internals of an AEG, so I can't really comment on that, but the spring decompression feature is a very nice touch to prolong the life of the gearbox. All in all, a great base gun for a beginner or a starting platform for a pro build.

-Solid construction
-Polymer (not ABS) furniture
-Metal body
-Spring decompresses when gun is switched to "Safe"
-Slightly modified V.2 gearbox (for the bolt catch and decompression features), so still accepts V.2 upgrades
-Great value

-Finish scratches easily
-Packaging was concerning (zip-tied inside of a plain cardboard box)
-LOUD (really loud, will be installing sorbo pads and silent upgrades because I just can't handle it anymore...might as well wear earplugs)

Overall, pros outweigh the cons. I would recommend this to pretty much anyone.
by Trammell H. on 2013-11-06 18:23:00
"This gun is great. Don't listen to the one guy who was mad over a broken gun. Mine is broken, I have had to order new screws, and open the gun up countless times to fix it. One of my MOE Screws fell out now the motor doesn't sit right. Besides the fact the gun shoots like a dream, and is accurate as / . Yet the photo doesn't look all too appealing, the gun feels like the real deal in your hands. Don't settle for some poopy plastic Lancer. I've dropped this thing hundreds of times and the thing is only scratched (Paint scratches easy).

-Good Weight
-Full Metal
-Good Rate of Fire

-Stock Wobbles Slightly (Can Be Fixed)
-Screws Fall Out (Make Sure Those Puppys Are Tight!)
-Paint Scratches Easy
-Hard to Disassemble

Although disassembling may seem like thing you'll never do, but once you realize how much you really have to you'll be surprised. To all starters, this is a great gun.

by Sonja A. on 2013-10-14 08:36:49
"I absolutely love this gun and have had no problems with it. If you don't like this gun airsoft is not for you
by Michael V. on 2013-09-05 16:31:40
"This is an amazing gun, it doesn't fit a large type battery but will fit a crane stock type, don't make the mistake I did.
by Austin G. on 2013-08-13 19:16:57
"I have had this this gun for about 8 months now and i absolutely LOVE it!!

nice fps
nice ROF
good range to it
the skull frog engraving on it look amazing
Full metal

the bolt catch stopped working.. but i have my hopup set where i want it so its not that bad

Other than that 1 con.. i love this gun!!

by Beth D. on 2013-07-12 14:19:27
"This gun is truly amazing and completely out preformed my expectations. first real pro of the gun is the high rate of fire, second would be the accuracy because with a slight bit of adjustment its incredibly accurate. There are only a few cons one being a very slight wobble in the stock, and the receivers. another minor problem i ran into was the motor get hot but not too bad just something to keep in mind. this gun also accepts a wide variety of mags so that one of my favorite things about it.

TL;DR great gun don't let the minor cons stand in the way of buying it
by Joe B. on 2013-06-15 21:59:53
"I love this gun!! Amazing rpm, and amazing detail. Everything that needs to be metal, is metal, everything that's needs to be plastic, is plastic.

Pros- metal, lower and upper receiver, carry handle, delta ring, inner and outer barrel, buffer tube, trigger, charging handle, amazing quality plastic hand guard, stock, motor grip

Bolt catch




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