Reviews: Avengers Mag Holster for Airsoft 1911 (Single Stack) Series Magazines - Set of 2 / OD Green


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Model: Holster-6343O

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by Vincent N. on 2014-04-22 07:35:16
"By far the WORST mag holster i have ever experience. My WE 1911 single stack mags fit so snugly in these that not only does it take an absurd amount of force to insert them, it takes bracing the holster in one hand and pulling on the mag with the other to slowly free my mag. Also, the nub that sticks out the side of the BB follower to engage the bolt catch gets caught on the top of the holster, which causes the entire follower to be pushed downward as you insert the mag. Even if you manage to get this nub into the holster, it'll just dig into the walls of it, making it that much more difficult to retrieve your mag if it isn't flat out stuck in the holster. I dont have a 1911 mag laying around to see if it fits a real one, but i seriously doubt this was made specifically for airsoft.

Horrible product, I'd give it 0/5 if i could.

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)