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Matrix 520rd "Flash Mag" Hi-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEGs - Polymer / Bakelite

9 Customer Reviews

by two c. on 03/21/2015
"have owned several flash mags in the course of my airsoft career including the lonex brand and for me these perform just as well as any other flash mag. Don't expect to buy a magazine and have at last your entire airsoft career, but if mine last 4 or 5 months I consider it good, some of these have lasted nine months or a year and still haven't broken. Overall I'm extremely pleased, as far as these not feeding echo 1 guns they fit in my CPW as well as my echo 1 bolt, they also fit in my cyma ak 74SU with no issues whatsoever. extremely pleased overall
by Danny M. on 03/05/2014
"I used this for a few games, and I'm overall very pleased.
Only had a few minor feeding issues, which is mostly because I'm not use to flash mags
The only complaint I have is that it's a little hard to grab the pull string with thicker gloves on.
by Joseph R. on 04/10/2013
"Great mag! Love it way more than hi-cap and midcaps!!
by john s. on 05/03/2017
"I have to agree with some of the critical reviews here. The mag is all plastic and pretty fragile. It's not the tough fiber reinforced plastic, but not hard and brittle like Bakelite. Kind of just basic plastic. if you step on it, it will crack. The top hatch to load the bbs works well. The bottom hatch will break off in your first game--which is ok. I left it off and now it is much easier to wind the mag anyway. As a side note, this is really an AK 74 style magazine, not a AK47 or AKM. I think it is meat for all AK variants, though. With some adjustment/modifications it works in my cyma AKM, and it feeds bbs for a fast rate of fire. I really like having enough bbs for one game without changing mags. I have a metal flash mag too, and like it better, but for the price you cannot beat this plastic one.
by John H. on 12/22/2013
"I have the same "complaint" as Austin D., but other than that. I would recommend these for those looking for an AK hi-cap mag.

Before playing I wanted to see how many BBs 1 cord pull would feed after pressing the release button up top. I got 25-36 BBs to roll out upon release of the button.

I still prefer mid-caps to any type of hi-cap, but would not mind running 1-2 of these instead if I had to.
by Austin D. on 05/16/2012
"Excellent magazine, doesnt miss feed or get jammed (ive put about 2000rds through it so far). my only complaint is the texture which is rather smooth and doesnt emulate the original bakelite ones very well.


feeds well

faster than regular mags


none that affect performance.
by richard g. on 03/07/2015
"I bought two of these to use with my echo 1 rpk. They DO NOT fit in echo 1 ak's; I tried to fit them into two of mine and the front lip is too wide. After slimming the lip it was still a tight fit, but it shot when it was 9 degrees at night, but not in the match I played in the next day in the snow so idk what's up with that. Also there's this little notch in front of the knob you pull, so you need thin or no gloves to pull this. After all of this I wish I spent the money on two rpk mags instead.

-Works just like the video (4 pulls)
-Has a choke

-Doesn't fit Echo 1's
-Didn't shoot when I needed it to
-The little notch in front of the string is a major design flaw
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"These mags are very shoddily made, and only the most careful player will be able to make them last any great length of time before they become rendered unusable. The top plate and hatch detaches at the slightest stress (such as when often occurs when rapidly removing a mag from the feed well) and the bottom hatch is ridiculously frail. The hold pins are small plastic nubs that wear out quickly. The overall mag shell construction is feeble and the plastic is thin and easily broken.
So not only does one need beware the usual problems of a flash mag such as the cord snapping or the gears stipping if over-wound, but they must also contend with a mag whose exterior construction is not made to be handled with the least amount of roughness that may be expected in a physical sport.
by Michael B. on 02/28/2015
"Terrible when I got it I tried to use it the same day never dropped it or hit it or anything and when I pulled the string nothing shot out no matter how much I pulled it. It was definitely a waste of money