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Classic Army Full Metal M4 M6A2 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black)

5 Customer Reviews

by Alex S. on 04/03/2016
"This gun is freaking awesome! First off, I love the full metal upper and lower receiver, I love the full metal quad rail, and I love the full Metal barrel. The gun has absolutely no wobble when it comes to the metal parts. The stock is polymer so a little wobble is to be expected. The gun shoots great and it shoots about 380 fps with .2's which makes it great for out doors. The gun has a quick change spring system which is accessible via the buffer tube which is cool for when I want to change the spring for cqb. The flip up sights are pretty good quality too which was surprising. Overall I'm glad I chose this over the krytac crb, believe me when I say you will not regret this purchase.
by John L. on 03/26/2016
"I got this gun yesterday which was friday, i was very impressed with the over all build quality and the realistic feel of the gun. That night i went out to my local arena and played around with it, i dint have any time what so ever to aim it in and make it as physically accurate as i wanted to. I had to do it while i was on the field. The gun did though come accurate enough right out of the box. I really liked it and it was very fun to use, i would definitely recommend this gun to anybody looking for a good gun, this was my fisrt gun and i spent more than others normally would. Im still trying to find where the dang mosfet is located internally.

I bought this off of evike, this package included

- Gun
- 2 decent High caps made my CA
- some tool that idk what it does quite yet
- cleaing/un-jamming rod

I would only have 1 complaint

It didn't come with a detailed manual or any instructions on anything.

by Mike J. on 01/27/2014
"paid the $400 for this and not a single regret, for the money you wont find a better gun than this, everyone who i have let use this gun are in awe and searching everywhere to find it for under $500! So easy to find attachments and accessories for it too and the weight is brilliant...

100% happy airsofter
by Matt G. on 01/27/2014
"Brilliant gun, absolute bargain at this price! i paid $550 for it and still wasnt dissapointed!
by Erik .. on 07/30/2012
"I didn't buy this gun at Evike because I thought $390 was a little steep, but I can tell you it's worth it (and most other places are selling it for $425)

Externally it's as you'd expect: High quality metal, CNC'd rail, etc. Just watch YouTube reviews. All the plastic parts are a strong composite polymer. The motor grip is not a standard AR15 grip: it mimics the 416 grip instead. The blowback action is a little weak, but this is the only EBB rifle I've shot. It seems to kick forward more than back. I prefer practicality and performance over feel and "coolness" so I disabled the EBB function. It was really easy: simply remove the bolt guide that move it with the action of the piston. Stock pipe has numbered positions. RAS disassembles just like the real steel version. Upper and lower receivers detach with the push of one body pin (all three body pins are self-locking btw). The selector switch is phenomenal: locks is securely just like a real AR15. Oh, and this gun has a functioning bolt catch which is tons of fun :)

The internals are absolutely amazing as well. One thing I heard about Classic Army is that their older rifles tended to be on the cheaper end internally. This is a clear exception. Inside I found
yellow polycarb piston
stainless steel piston head
- 3/4 cylinder (with a cool ribbed texture on the outside)
- 27.5:1 ratio high-torque gearset
- high torque motor (red top, silver housing, blue shaft. google it)
- steel spring guide
- polycarb wire harness
- steel cylinder head
- O-ring air nozzle
-Also, the GB shell is different from many V2s: the piston guide rail area had a series of small holes rather than large open gaps. This does matter because I found sometimes pistons without full side railing can catch on these large gaps - but Classic Army fixed that issue with this new shell design.

Buffer Tube Plate does not have sling points
Front body becomes a little loose after playing - easy fix with duct tape.