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Full Metal Complete Slide Assembly for WE-Tech F226 Airsoft GBB

13 Customer Reviews

by Miguel R. on 07/16/2015
"Got this in the mail a few days ago, and I am very impressed with WE Tech's quality. Mine came with the NG3 system. Mine DID NOT come with a threaded barrel.
I've had good luck with .25g and propane. Given that I live in PR and the average temp here is 87f-93f, it shoots with a higher FPS. (using the .25 for this reason) Also I only use 15 bbs per mag. Recommend lubing it lightly after 5 mags. I've put around 300 bbs through it and no jams, just twice the slide being locked open while the mag still having bbs. Fixed with proper lubrication!

Great recoil
30-35 shots with a full mag fill. (con for some)
More than fair accuracy at 50ft. 6'' groups.
very comfortable grip
Heavy (con for some)
Reliable(for now)
Great double action trigger

The sights are plastic and non adjustable.
NG3 hop up assembly is made of pot metal
Barrel paint wears off fast
Single action stage of the trigger is too lightweight.
by Steven T. on 04/22/2015
"This is a great slide and if you get the we lower with it it is an amazing pistol. it has great recoil, decently gas efficient (1.5 mags with a good fill), and mine came with a we 6.03 tight bore barrel. for $74 this gun is a steal. i suggest you get it... now :)

hard kick
easy to remove orange tip
looks amazing
comes with a tight bore (not sure if just mine or not)
with the lower half its a cheap 226

the paint on the barrel scratches easy
you dont have it.
by william a. on 03/01/2015
"very nice slide assembly. Has some hard kick and a very nice matte finish, the '9mm Para' on the chamber is a nice touch as well.

nice finish
good kick
compatible with other 226 style lower frames
solid weight

along with the type A railed frame, they will not fit into a Blackhawk serpa holster for the 226. (some filing/modification will have to be done to ensure proper fitting.)
when locked to the rear and you insert a new magazine, the slide will go forward without touching the slide release, not sure if that's a con for all.

all in all a great weapon well worth the price.
by Tyler W. on 02/19/2015
"for only spending 72 bucks this pistol is absolutely fantastic. it's got a good solid construction, it's full metal aside from the grips and has a satisfying weight. the blow back is strong for just running green gas/propane and the gun is also very reliable, haven't had a jam or any other problems yet. it's very accurate once you get the hop-up dialed in and it's very easy to tear down for cleaning and putting in aftermarket parts. the only downside to it is it is not very gas efficient, for me it was barely getting through the 22 round mag, i am however in the frozen bowels of central Wisconsin (it's currently February), this doesn't bother me much though because im only loading it to 15 like on a real steel 226.
PROS: Price
strong blow back
good weight
spare mags are inexpensive
solid construction
CONS: poor gas efficiency (shouldn't matter to much as long as it gets through one mag)
by Steve T. on 10/10/2014
"Nice quality and fast shipping, came with a threaded barrel adapter. Not sure if this is standard but a nice plus ! Great to get some trigger time when you can't hit the range with the real deal. Thanks Evike !!!!
by Christopher S. on 09/16/2014
"First let me start off by saying that this is my 4th WE gun, I now have a hicapa 5.1, PX4, T91, now this (and haven't had any problems with any of them aside from the hicapa after 3 years), and I firmly believe that this is the best one aside from the T91 I have. Because of the NG3 system this pistol kicks hard, shoots hard, and has some pretty impressive range. It is also very gas efficient getting 91 shots on one fill (beat that KWA). I have not tested to see if the size is 1:1 yet so that I don't know. Two cool features of the gun are a working decocker and you can power-stroke it which is always fun. I have yet to encounter any problems after 3 months of playing 10-12 hours every Saturday. Overall this pistol is an absolute steal at $72 and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-notch pisol.
by kevin l. on 05/15/2014
"This pistol is absolutely fantastic. The trigger pull is great and this gun shoots FAR, for a pistol that is. It also has a rather nice fps to it, competitive to some weaker rifles. It's perfect for CQB and great for field, where I play. The mags are also very inexpensive. When you first receive this gun, you'll probably be pretty impressed. It is two tone, but in my opinion, it looks SICK. However it did not come with a threaded barrel, it's all good though, because Evike Customer Support was great and sent me one immediately.
Full Metal
Full Metal
Cheap Mags
Nice Kick
The field stripping is kinda hard if you're trying to remove the barrel.
by Matthew L. on 01/27/2016
"Got this as a Christmas present, and unfortunately, I haven't had a chance yet to shoot it, but it fit perfectly on the P-Virus frame I have, and it looks REALLY nice. It did come with the NG3 hop up and barrel, but mine also did NOT come with a threaded tip, just a plain, plastic orange one. Disappointed about that. Aesthetically, it looks great, and mechanically everything functions just fine. May update with shooting feedback once I finally get the chance to test it.

Looks good
Black color is better than the "grey" look in pictures
Easy to swap parts (particularly barrels) between slides

Orange tip was neither threaded nor metal

Overall, not bad for what I was looking for, but I do wish the barrel was threaded.
by Miguel R. on 07/27/2015
After about 1000 rounds through it, found a few kinks. (Nothing that's really affected performance)
Sping guide is also made of pot metal, but coated with some kind of teflon. The spring guide has a sort of tooth that locks into the NG3 hop up unit, that broke. Hasn't affected reliability or anything, but sometimes a hassle to put it into the correct position. Still no jams, no feeding issues or mag leaks. The HopUp wheel is loose, making any adjustment dissapear after 30 shots or so. (Trying to find a fix for this).

Recommend this for 40' or less engagements. Not your field sidearm. If that darn hop up wheel wasn't flying off so much you'd have a solid 80' engagement sidearm.

Overall still surprised by it's performance for the price.
by Noah P. on 07/03/2015
"Great gun, hair trigger, when cocked, but the pictures obviously show a metal, threaded barrel that is painted orange. In the flesh, this gun has neither a metal nor a threaded barrel, only an orange plastic tip. Rest of the gun IS metal, save for a few internal parts, but the ones that see any sort of wear and tear are high quality metal.
by Jake K. on 11/02/2013
"Overall a very sturdy pistol, but definitely has its downsides. The external quality is fantastic, and doesnt feel cheap as I expected with a nice weight. The finish is a nice blued color on the slide, and doesnt scratch easily. The working decocker is also a plus and works as it should. Some things to keep in mind:

-The slide dimensions on the top are not the same as the RS SIG, or the KJW, TM variants, so this gun will not fit in kydex/ SERPA holsters.
-Front sights eventually loosens up, but must be glued, no screw to adjust.
-If you had a thread adapter sent seperately to you by Evike, remove the old one carefully, the barrel threads can be damaged easily.
-the Guarder spring set has some issues (fits, but the recoil spring rubs the frame where it really shouldnt, making a metal on metal scratching noise I wasnt comfortable with.)

Overall a great SIG replica at a respectable price, but could definitely use some work to be a reliable secondary.
by Danny M. on 08/14/2012
"I bought the gun in April this year, type B without a rail, but I haven't used it in too many games. The ones I have, it has performed well. Durability wise, I would prefer something like a TM or a KWC but for the price, it's unbeatable! I've seen most airsoft P226's and, as many others have said, though the others perform better and are more durable and have trades, this one beats 'em all by looks. It looks more like the real thing then all the others. Mine came with a threaded metal orange tip which, with alot of soaking in hot water and rotating, threaded counter-clockwise off! Now it looks pretty darn real, but without trades. Very sad. Also, the grip, which should say P226, says F226, as that's what WE calls theirs. At least it's got the "9mm Para" on the ejection port.

Durability-wise, again, lacks (obviously, as it's a WE). After a few months or so, the mag has trouble feeding and you have to keep a bit of your hand on it. Not a huge problem as it already the standard two hand grip for a pistol, but one-handing is out the window unless you keep your pinky on the mag. The trigger decocker eventually got a little rough to push, but it does it's job. Now, the biggest complaint is the take down lever. It broke in half after a while of shooting. Though the take-down side still fits in, after the slide kicks a few times, it falls out. Bummer. So now I have to keep my hand slightly on the mag and my thumb on the decocker. Still, I have big hands, so it works fine for me. Maybe it was just mine.

Performance is not lacking
Nice kick
Looks real and better then the KJW, KWA, TM, and KWC models.
No trades

Duability stinks!
Take Down lever broke
Mag Release wears down
Hop Up fails, easy to fix

Overall, pretty good gun. durability stinks, performs well, looks and feels great. I would recommend this gun to anybody who likes the P226 but doesn't want to spend alot of money. You will not be dissapointed... too much... it's pretty good. I love the P226!
by Kyle U. on 08/24/2016
"bought this about a week ago along with some other parts to repair my f226. though the slide i got was different than the one pictured. the one in the picture is a bluish grey like the original slide i had, and it has a threaded barrel extension while mine just has a plastic tp. it is also black.

matches better with my gun
heavier than original slide

no threaded barrel
different product.