Reviews: Matrix Single Point Dual Bungee Sling - (Black)

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Model: SL-MTX-003-B

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by Kent C. on 2014-10-17 13:29:19
"Meh... I holds my Elite Force M4 CQB, but the bungee goes completely taut, the bungee is pretty much useless.
by Vejohn T. on 2013-07-01 00:36:05
"Don't get this bungee. The cord is so loose, even with a shorter rifle, I feel like I'm gonna try my gun. Also, if you try to adjust the sling, it's still going to feel big to wrap around a person.
by Jesse M. on 2013-06-05 10:43:26
"You kinda get what you pay for with this sling. The retention on mine was subpar and could barely support my gun which weighs around 8-9 lbs. Another thing I noticed was that the tightest setting on the sling still has the gun sit very low for me. If you have a P90, MP5 or PDW type weapon this sling would probably be quite effective but I use an MK36 with a barrel extension and I'll probably end up replacing this sling pretty soon. The only way I can make this work for my gun is by weaving it through the MOLLE on my hydration pouch located on the backside of my plate carrier.

~Variety of colors
~Seemingly durable materials thus far (4 games and a lot of target practice/training)

~Low retention
~Not suitable for many mid to long guns

3/5 Would buy again if I had a smaller/lighter gun.
by Vince B. on 2013-05-03 12:23:16
"this works great on my KM4 tactical and for a year now it still going till today Buy It, Shoot It, Love It!
by Henry D. on 2013-05-03 12:22:34
"Great sling. Bungee was a little tight but loosed up nicely. Comes with clip and "belt" to attach to stock.

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)