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DE M27B Sigma Type Full Size Airsoft Pistol

6 Customer Reviews

by jason k. on 06/09/2016
"For ten dollars you're getting something amazing . Not in the description, when the mag is out of bbs while pulling the slide back locks it in place till released or reloaded. Ejection clip empty indication as stated on the box. 9.6/10 because mag feeding issue.
by Luke L. on 06/03/2016
"I like the pistol. Its nice and "crisp".


Slide locks back, awesome for movies or collectors.
Open port when slide is back, helps load 6mm paintballs, and more realism.
Custom serial, which is always beast.
Light and short trigger pull.
You can cock at all angles without the slide lock activating, which is nice.
For the price, it feels very high quality, almost like my FN-57.


Not licensed, only Double Eagle logo on the grips.
The BB's have HUGE seams.
The underslung rail seems fake, as of the shortness, but not tested yet.
The sights are unpainted, making for harder sighting.
Your can't empty the magazine by hand, only something like a paper clip, and I have small hands.

Other than those, one of the best affordable Airsoft springers.
by karen k. on 08/13/2013
"As springers go, this gun is great. At a relativly low price tag, i suggest buying it. I've had it for a while and I've been pleased. overall worth every penny.
by Wesley B. on 04/02/2012

-Extremely accurate, most accurate spring pistol I have ever shot, better than HFC or UHC.
-Locking slide, open slide.
-Smooth cocking
-Good magazine capacity
-Decent construction
-RIS rail, while not true to the S&W Sigma's it was based off, it's still a great feature.


-All plastic, but if feels like it's tough ABS plastic.
-Very lightweight, not very realistic feeling.

Conclusion: One of the best airsoft pistols I have owned, it could be improved with some metal weights and a metal slide and it would be a great pistol, i'd easily pay 10-20 bucks extra for it that way.
by Andrew R. on 04/25/2015
"I just bought this pistol and I must say, I'm mildly surprised at how much I enjoyed using it.
-Cool, realistic design
-Slide cocks smoothly
-Very accurate within its range
-Magazine didn't feed bb's past the 5th shot; had to take the magazine apart and mess with the spring. This took me a good 15 minutes and was not an easy task.
-Mag release button is located behind a ridge of plastic (not easy to release mag)
-Capacity is really only around 16-17

Overall a decent gun for $10. Would recommend as a last resort weapon or for backyard play as the fps isn't deadly :)
by Rajbir D. on 05/20/2017
"The only good thing about this gun is the slide lock back and 23 round magazine and it feels like a glock.However it has horrible range only like 30 feet or so and the accuracy ok and it will work for about 100-120 shots then it will start slam firing when the slide rides forward.I bought one and pistol and evike sent me a new pistol as replacement and both got the same problem.This gun is really simple to operate though so if you only playing airsoft 1-2 times in backyard then it's ok and maybe if you need a prop gun that resembles a Glock (even this gun is based of the S&W Sigma) but this as close as you will get unless you pay $100 and up for Japanese made guns.DE overall is not a good brand but the shotguns are nice.If you want a long lasting gun get the UHC 1911 that gun lasted me 2 years and I still use it.