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Model: GP-UREX-1911-2279314

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by Jesse S. on 2016-09-06 07:53:20
"Leaking mags, not always so accurate. I don't recommend it. But, its very fun to shoot, sounds great, looks great, very realistic.
by Stephen M. on 2016-08-01 12:09:39
"This is an AMAZING GUN!!! I bought two other mags and you will need over three if you are going to run the pistol alone. The CO2 amount hold through 3 full mags until the BBs fall out. The slide locks when the mag empties with BBs and reloading if awesome sounding and feeling! It kicks really hard and I cant get enough of it!!! GREAT SIDEARM!!!

The Feel
Full Medal
The Sound
Great CO2 Consumption
Fits In Most Holsters

No Rails
Silver Outer Barrel
Extra Mags Are Different Color (Who Cares)
by Octavio V. on 2016-07-31 19:16:29
"So far.... not so good... i ether need to buy heavier bbs or i bought a bad gun. this review is a bit premature too. i just bought the gun and i am just getting to shoot it. I may change my review later. As of right now the hop up is not the best. i tried to turn it all the way to one side and then to the other and both ways gets you the same results. the bb swings up in the the air. i am using .23 bbs (not sure why i bought .23) the adjustment of the hop up is very very small. all of this can possibly be resolved when i figure out the gun better, and maybe get .30s now for the speed this gun makes you feel bad for the other players. i have shot it a few times to figure it out and man does it look like it will sting! i will tell you one thing that i cant fix, and that is the clip! i swear i thought i took my nail off a few times! be careful please.
by Hunter K. on 2016-07-25 08:35:59
"This was my first airsoft pistol. Overall, it is very good. The mags arent too expensive, and it looks good. It also has a threaded barrel, which is nice for guys who like mock suppressors. It also has 27rd extended mags, which are very nice. Overall a great 1911.

-Extended mags
-Fair price
-Barrel shakes a little
-Orange tip is permanent
by Joshua C. on 2016-06-28 18:53:02
"This pistol is the most absolutely amazing airsoft pistol I have ever used.
Amazing weight
Regulated velocity so you can use this in cqb fields and it is quite efficient on co2 compared to other co2 GBBS
Surprising range and accuracy with .25 gram bbs
Awesome kick that makes it very fun to shoot
none at all

-Also i recommend using silicone oil with all Gbb pistols, it will help with the life of the pistols if you put silicone oil on to the valve that punctures the co2 cartridges. Also never dry fire any Gbb airsoft weapon, it can shorten the life span of the gun.
by Eduard E. on 2016-05-19 15:29:42
"this gun is amazing and very accurate. some people say it is a bad shot but they definitely can't aim then. full metal co2 beast. buy it if you have the change.
by josh L. on 2016-02-26 06:15:26
"I just got this gun last week and i love the look but it is one of the most inaccurate co2 pistols i have ever owned i am extremely disappointed in this guns.without accuracy you have a useless weapon.
by Michael M. on 2016-02-14 19:37:28
"I used this gun in a battle. Shot like 3 clips outta it, and all of a suddenly I heard co2 leaking so I ejected the clip outta it and it was coming out of the top of the clip so now I got to buy a mag rebuild kit and hope that it works.
by Nicholas R. on 2016-01-25 02:00:50
"Great gun, has been reliable with care and routine maintenance.
- just one really, which is the threads. I have several attachments and all of them don't go on easily when you get to the bottom of the threads. especially the metal ones, I may have used a metal one to make the threads easier to navigate through. so not really a problem just a solvable annoyance.
by adam r. on 2015-12-29 08:38:50
"I got this gun from my parents for Christmas full metal.

Full metal
Nice weight
Threaded barrel
Slide locks back when mag is empty

Loading mag is a great way to get rid of your fingernails
Not c02 efficant (3 reloads per cartridge.)
Hop up is near impoeable to adjust.

All in all I li e this gun you can put the tactical slide on it.
by pamela t. on 2015-11-09 19:42:56
"Great gun I had it for a month before there was problems with it probably my fault because of dry fire never dry fire but the parts are very easy and cheap to replace very simple to disassemble you can take almost everything off on the upper reciver with out a tool don't over lube it don't dry fire don't use cheap bbs you should be fine standard mag that comes with it is suppose to fit 14 but if you really try you can fit 19 plus 1 in the chamber great kick accurate easily up to 150 yards with .20 or .25 the best probably for this gun if ur hop up is ajusted right you can make shots up to 250 yards with .20 probably one of the best most simple airsoft pistols on this website just do research on it before you use it and figure out how to care for it these co2 gbbs can be very high maintenance
by Mitchell W. on 2015-10-30 18:40:21
"Pros: nice range
350 FPS
Very fun to shoot

Cons: slide will no longer lock back

I had this pistol for about 5 months and used it no more then 10 times very disappointed that it broke and I can't afford to get a new pistol

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