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Model: Vest-TF3-BK

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by Raul F. on 2016-10-10 20:37:46
"This vest is extremely light and as many other reviewers have said it definitely turns heads. The Molle isn't too much of hassle to attach onto it. It looks and feels great. Highly recommend this vest.
by Preston F. on 2016-05-12 13:58:51
"Great armor for my dimly lit CQB matches. Pair this with a darker loadout and it looks very intimidating. As for the comfort it's a little tight compared to my plate carrier but not to bad. Only thing I had to do was lightly heat up the front EVA plate piece to reform it from shipping.
by Aaron C. on 2016-01-09 19:56:01
"I really like the look and feel of this armor. It is pretty adjustable and looks great. It may be a little light on the MOLLE webbing, but if you have a good battle belt this isn't an issue. My only real problem is it feels like this vest is designed for someone with broader shoulders. I am a very thin person, including in the shoulders, and the armor gets in the way when I am holding my weapon up against my shoulder. This makes it very hard to aim quickly and often throws my aim off.

Looks good
Pretty adjustable
Doesn't restrict arm movements

Covers too much of the shoulders and makes is hard to aim a rifle.
by Shannon w. on 2015-08-25 13:54:52
"Excellent feel &design. No cons!
by Omar P. on 2015-02-09 16:53:08
"Amazing quality and fits me a 6'1 315 Lbs. guy though i recommend wearing a chest rig over this to hold more mags
by Corey S. on 2014-08-15 19:38:15
"Awesome vest can't feel shots at all, only problems are the tight molle placement and the fact that there is very little molle on it. Also, like some other reviews said it does leave small dots where you get shot but it just adds character in my opinion.
by Albert P. on 2014-04-27 01:59:45
"Looks very cool, I got numerous guys asking me what is that I;m wearing, especially when worn together with NcStar battle vest. The only con about that vest, is that you should probably replace those clips (don't know their right name) with UTX FLEX bluckles, which can be found everywhere, cause these original ones are really crappy and won't work more than a few times (they'll got lost).

Other than that, it's a cool and durable vest. Your choice, if you're looking something beyond regular tactical vest / plate carriers.
by Robert S. on 2014-04-25 10:29:26
"I thought this vest was cheap looking and not as the advertisement depicted.

Light weight
Easy to take on and put back on.

Cheap foam
Buckles break easily
Over lap of foam
Looks silly on someone who is 6 foot
Bad molle placement
by Michael l. on 2013-04-13 22:10:48
"when i first saw this armor, my mind went to what i do best: carrying big guns, and holding down others for my team to move in. plain and simple. THIS RIG, however, is supposed to be for CQB/light riflemen with regular stantag mags. but, this vest does have some flaws, but the advantages outweigh most of the issues.

light, comfortable
can shrug off BB's/ don't go home looking like a pincushion
cheap for what it is
rather daunting looking (6'1 guy with LMG, 4 color jungle tiger stripe, this vest, and a helmet) why is it a tactical advantage? you draw fire from your teammates to you, giving them a moment to breath and move in.

when raising your large weapon to aim (note: this is not a issue with M-4 or other 'light' weapon) the vest can raise with your shoulders and make staring down a M-60's sights a bit hard
MOLLE is crazy tight, so i was sad when my 3-mag pouch couldn't slide on so i could carry more batteries for the LMG
i kinda wish it was made...well, not as cheap. can't complain for 80 bucks, and its not a deal breaker, i just wish it looked like the one in the picture
also, when it coems in, a plate or 2 may be bent out of shape. just un-bend them.

all in all, it is certainly a light rig, but can function well for all senarios if you get creative. ive used it as a gunner rig, rifleman, CQB, and a marksman for a short while. after you get used to it, it is fine.
by Jan Michael B. on 2013-01-13 22:49:46
"Just tested out the vest, works great, can't feel a thing when shot, had to call my hits based on sound lol. Covers the lower mass area better than other vests. No velcro on it for patches but I bought velcro strips and looped them into the top molle to add the Umbrella patch I also got (right in the center)

Pros: looks damn cool (wow factor), can't feel a thing, very adjustable, light weight, able to be very mobile, paired with the right sweat wicking BDU or tact shirt it doesn't feel so hot, works very well with a molle belt for more lower mass coverage, great for CQB or indoor

Cons: not as much molle but meant for light load outs anyway, no velcro for patches but easy $5 fix, molle is very tight so make sure whatever you molle into the bottom part that you like it (fast mags are in transit so I'm running no mag pouches on it yet)

All around, great investment vest for light load outs, molle belt is a must
by Wilfredo V. on 2012-11-02 09:14:45
"Definitely the coolest tac vest available for purchase the only gripe i had with it is the plates can come bent and have to shaped back into place
by Michael S. on 2012-07-30 11:04:23
"This is the best piece of kit you could spend your money on. I live in the UK, but even though it took a while for delivery it was well worth it. The first time I turned up to a Skirmish wearing this I got so many compliments from people who were interested in the armour. And the small minority who weren't impressed well, after seeing how it performed with superior protection but light weight materials were soon asking how much and where from..... Five Stars for this body armour.

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