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ASG Steyr Licensed SSG 69 P2 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

4 Customer Reviews

by Noah C. on 11/23/2016
Easy to use bolt action
Magazines are cheap and easy to find
Cheap price
Light weight (about 2 lbs)
Silent and deadly _:)
Easy adjustable hop-up
No mag feeding problems (used this rifle for almost a year)
Extremely fun to use

Not the best for outdoors (for FPS and range reasons)
The accuracy of the rifle changes as the hop-up is adjusted (the higher the worse)
Finding parts for upgrades are very hard to find
Scopes and bipods are sold separately

The rifle's main problem would most likely be the accuracy. Either to sacrifice the range or the accuracy. Not only that the rifle becomes inaccurate when aiming up or down. However, it is fun to play with when playing indoors and with friends
by Dilcia C. on 05/26/2012
-Good Price
-Rail piece on the bottom
-Adjustable hop-up
+Comes with a over the shoulder carrying band/sling
+Comes with speed re-loader
+Comes with about 200bbs

-Difficult to find upgrades
-Scope separately
by Jimmy A. on 03/12/2012
"Pros-shoots good distance
Pretty easy to cock
Good price

Cons- It takes a while to get the hop up just right
Its hard to get upgrades
by Andrew C. on 05/23/2012
Good range
Easy to cock
Lacking FPS
Hard to find mags (searched for months, can't find any).