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Evike Custom Class I G&P M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle - Daniel Defense MK12 (Package: Gun Only)

6 Customer Reviews

by John K. on 09/03/2015
"This gun is definately worth the money. It is very solid and the Daniel Defense rail is on point. I never actually shot the gun with the stock barrell so I don't know what it is like straight out of the box. I put a matrix 509mm 6.03 steel tightbore barrell, and just a regular hop up nub in it and I have it shooting accurately at 100 yards with elite force .25's and a 9.6v NiMh. I have put over 15,000 rds through it and it is still consistantly shooting at 380-385 fps. Now you won't want this if you are playing anything close to cqb due to the fact that it shoots way too hot for cqb, and it is not small in any way. But overall if you are looking for a quality gun with great range and accuracy then I would consider this one.

Full metal(could be a con for younger players)
High FPS
Plenty of space for attatchments
Makes a great DMR

Not at all a cqb. but whoever would use this for cqb shouldnt be playing airsoft.
Not alot of room for stock adjustment with a battery in it.
Thats pretty much it.
by Alex R. on 09/01/2015
"I am just amazed in how GREAT this gun is.
Everything is ROCK SOLID.
Stock does NOT wobble.
Daniel Defense Rail is BEAUTIFUL.
Internals are BEAUTIFUL.
Comes with a black metal Flash hider.
Accuracy is ON POINT.
FPS is 408/410
R.O.F is 20 with a 9.6.

No need for a 11.1..

This or the Krytac.
Both are GREAT guns.
WILL NOT let you down.
by John F. on 08/22/2015
"This gun is phenomenal! The build quality is absolutely amazing and it just feels so solid. The gun also performs well and has a very crisp sound. You really should buy this gun!

Awesome build quality
High ROF
High fps mine was 456 (can be a con for some)
Motor grip doesn't get too hot
Awesome trademarks
Rail system is beautiful
Crisp sound
Very balanced

Trigger guard wobbles a bit
Crane stock has to be fully taken off (as with all G&Ps)

Overall this an awesome gun and is definitely worth the money1
by Alan D. on 06/03/2014
"Just got this product today, and all i can say is THANKS EVIKE and G&P. They saved me so much trouble in making a m4 like this and for SUCH A CHEAP PRICE.

Lets just go to the part you want to see

Full metal!!!!
DD RIS 2 ;)
G&P quality
ROF is high (but i used a 11.1 lipo)
Semi is crisp and amazing

Mid cap mag it came with sucks....... it got jammed when i loaded it with bbs but that was easy to fix
by harrison a. on 02/17/2012
"Hey guys ordered this gun on February 12 2012

First off when I pulled the gun out of the box it was wrapped in allot of bubble wrap and came with an adapter for small tamiya's, So you shouldn't be worried about it arriving damaged.
Secondly this gun has a very balanced feel to it, not to front heavy nor back heavy.
Going from front to back Evike ships the gun with a BLACK steel flash hider with orangeish redtape on it, then the rails are the same color black as gun and are very nice looking and feeling, next the body is Extremely solid no creaks or wobbles the laser engraving is so nice on it. The trigger guard though has a little wobble.
Then it does has a sling adapter on it already so that's a + along with a crane stock with deans.

Firing the gun was such a great experience going from KWA to G&P has altered my view. G&P sounds superbly better in my opinion. Next the rate of fire with the 9.6v 1600mah Tenergy battery is around 20 ish bb's with a good 390fps consistently, semi auto is very crisp, full auto is just an amazing sound when you pull the trigger.

Time for pros and cons!

very sturdy gun no wobble
great rof and fps
steel flashhider
nice engravings
cranestock with QD sling mount
sling adapter on buffertube
shoots far enough that people wont see it coming
Only EVIKE has it

trigger guard has slight wobble
no iron sights included

All in all I give this gun a very sold 9.8/10 so what I'm saying is buy this gun Evike custom guns will not disappoint.
Thanks for reading!
by Joshua P. on 03/26/2016
"Overall view:
First of all let me get started on the ROF, I use a 7.4 with deans, I probably get 18ish RPS. If you're looking for
accuracy I would NOT shoot at a target over 45 yards away unless going full auto and by then my cover is blown and exposed
to the opposite team due to the gun being electric and loud. I mainly bought this gun to upgrade. Its very sturdy and makes you feel
powerful. My honest opinion to top this gun off would be a PDI or a EDgi inner barrel, a more powerful spring new hop up
because the hop up is horrible... god dont get me started on the hop up. But other than that no complaints I bought this
when it was $340. Im honestly not proud in any way of this purchase its the hit and misses when shopping online for an air-
soft gun when not being able to shoot it yourself or see videos with 50m 100m 150m and 200m range testings. Honestly go
with a Krytac guys its the new gen and they got it going on. By all means this is not a open up package weapon and go out
headshotting people unless you're praying to your god with the switch on full auto.

-Full metal
-Long RIS

-FPS is low because you're going to be using .28 even maybe .32g to get that accuracy you want afford-ably without upgrading
-Its LONG this is not something youll want to carry to your CQB area in town, you will fight the gun more than the other team.
-Trigger Response is honestly cringing I wouldn't want anyone to shoot my gun. Its sticky
-Hop up, it turns probably 3 quaters of a full turn and its either no hop up for FULL hop up. No room for adjusting.
-Not a fast motor mainly because the stock gears cant handle anything more to be honest.

Its seems like im one of those review guys that just had a bad gun and that might be the case but im giving you my honest input, I didnt have the mindset that this thing was going to shoot laser accurate 100 yards just because its a long gun. I bought this so I can upgrade hopefully into a polarstar because I love the DMR look it has.