Reviews: Matrix Special Forces 38"(50") Dual Military Grade Rifle Case - Camo

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Model: GC-04-LC

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by Elijah S. on 2013-10-06 12:28:27
"So I had this for around 2 months now. I got this on 8/15/13 just before a camping trip to a wooded area in Northern Arizona and as soon as I brought this case home I immediately started stuffing my gear in here. Wow this thing can hold a lot if you stack your stuff correctly and it is very useful. I hold my vest in the second rifle storage pouch when I am traveling around and my M4 in the main (obviously). I hold a good amount of my other miscellaneous accessories and utilities in nthe other assorted pouches on the front thanks to the help of my friend who claims himself the, "Master Compactor," in that he got a sniper rifle case that holds his SVD, M4 CQBMOD, BDU, Helmet, Vest, goggles and everything else that you could think of that would make the damn thing burst. Or tear at the least. But needless to say my bag has held through thanks to him! On the back there is a zipper that runs horizontal to the bag in the middle where it says you can supposedly fit even a third rifle in there but good luck with that. That is where I store my Gen2 MOLLE belt and knee pads and hydration pack. Needless to say it has come in handy. Though I will tell you guys that the straps on the back that allow you to wear it like a back pack are very cheap sowing. Mine tore the moment I tightened it. (Now after everything I said I put in here, not my friend's stuff! I could guess that the weight of all my stuff plus the stress of having it tightened would probably have acted towards it but still, a big peeve of mine.

Amazing storage
Holds two rifles, maybe even a third? What's not to like about that?
Amazingly durable
It's land camo (similar to multicam, just a bit brighter) and is therefore sexy
It holds just about all of my gear.
Water Proof...ishly enough......... _._

Cheap sowing then again, it's only $36, not high expectations to begin with
Nothing else really

It was a pretty good buy, saved me a lot of space to store my gear. This is a pretty handy bag, I would recommend. Not just for Land camo either, whatever colour variants of this bag are out there, there all the same. I recommend it either way!

Displaying 1 to 1 (of 1 reviews)