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Echo1 Fully Licensed Robinson Armament XCR Airsoft AEG Rifle - (Tan)

8 Customer Reviews

by Tyler B. on 10/13/2015
"Great Gun! If you are looking for a different style besides the basic M4 then this is for you.

-380 fps
-full metal very sturdy.
-hop up is great.
-stock is sturdy and comfortable
-unique look and feel.
-sometimes the selector switch messes up because of the 90 degree.
That's about it
by Sam W. on 01/12/2015
"To follow up on me earlier review... I now give this gun a 4 in a half stars. This gun is for CQB but I play field no problem. I bought the 11.1 v Lipo for the peq box and I must have over used it or something because it doesn't work. I just ordered the 9.6 v Lipo that they recommend. Also if you play night games I recommend buying a new peq box that has a laser. I do think it is a nice gun. I am using this and sometimes a blowback combat machine.
by Sam W. on 01/10/2014
This is the greatest gun ever i definitely recommend it! Definitely worth the price. If you get this i recommend a 11.1 v Li-Poly battery that fits the peq box and some kwa 120 round magazines

-good sturdy gun
-stubby grip is nice rubber that does not slide and is comfy
-peq box is plastic but does work to hold a bettery and is nice looking
-has lots of rails
-has 2 spots to put a sling
-all metal
-awesome gear box

-peq box does not have lazer of light

That is all. If you have the money i would definitely get this gun
by Tom O. on 07/01/2013
"I just want to start by saying this gun is FLAWLESS. It is full metal and is very comfortable. It uses STANAG mags so you get the mags of an M4 without just being another guy on the field with an M4. It is 100% worth the money and im glad i got it

Pros: I could go on and on here
Full Metal
Amazing gearbox(Built by VFC)
VFC's self shimming gears
Amazing ROF
Good FPS
Looks great
Uses STANAG mags

Cons: Nothin to put here other than maybe a recommendation for Echo1. It would be sick if this baby was blowback. Doesnt effect the gun at all but I just wanted to say it. Other than that, there is literally no con other than the fact that you are busy reading this and not BUYING THE GUN!!!
by susan d. on 01/04/2013
"The echo 1 xcr is just imply amazing. fires extremely fast with 9.6 v and up. some mags tend to not fit in the mag-well especially hi caps but i don't know why.
good fps ( mine chronoed 345)
mainly metal
folding stock
comes with PEQ box and stubby grip

Mag-well can be a bit sticky and is hard to put mags into
many hi caps don't fit in the mag-well
stock tends to get a bit loose after some use
hard to get the orange tip off
by scott p. on 08/08/2012
Externals are amazing
Internals are built 2 last
High rof (with lipo)
Respectable fps
Only plastic peices r pistol grip cheek rest and butt plate
Folding stock
Comes with vertical grip and metal flash hider
Functioning bolt catch

Charging handle a bit stiff
by Alex A. on 02/01/2012
"It's in Desert now?!

Anyway, I purchased it's black equal back in 2010. And let me tell you, This gun can take on any other High performance AEG and, hold it's own.
Pros: Great fps out of the box.
It can take a beating.
If your Scope, Flashlight, Grip, Grenade launcher can connect to a rail system you will not miss out on them with this AEG.
This gun is by far the easiest AEG I have ever had a pleasure to work on.
Con: Fold stock was a little wobbly out of the box but as said before, it's crazy easy to break down and tightened so it was no problem.
Male plug out of the front end for the P.E.Q battery was un-clipped. But nothing a wire switch couldn't happen.
Other then those Nothing...Nothing at all.
by Brian D. on 09/14/2013
"Pros- Stock is kinda cool

Cons- False fps advertisement mine chronos at 180 fps!!
Horrible accuracy!
Barrely fits any magazines
PEQ box is crap
No flip up sights
stubby grip is uncomftorable
The pistol grip is uncomfy as balls
Peq heats up soooo much.