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Phantom Aggressor MOLLE Ready M4 AK MP5 Magazine Pouch - Single / Ranger Green

4 Customer Reviews

by Nick N. on 08/06/2013
"LOVE this pouch. great innovation!
by Rene A. on 10/26/2015
"Good mag pouches, but not great. If youíre looking for budget friendly m4/m16 mag pouches then buy these, but donít expect them to last too long. The elastic material that expands to make room for multiple mags is nice. Fitting one mag is probably your best bet if you want to easily pull your mag out. Fitting two mags in both slots will not only be difficult to fit but depending on the mags themselves, both wonít go all the way without really jamming the mags inside the pouch. Just something to be aware of. Instead of inserting a 2nd mag, I store bbs or a speed loader in the front slot.

The cheap price speaks for itself as soon as you look and feel these pouches. In spite of the low quality stitching in key areas, it still holds up to hard yanks, which brings me to the biggest con.

You can pull this pouch off you molle system so easily that it concerns me whether itll stay In place through extensive use. There is no button to secure the strap on to molle webbing like most traditional mag pouches. Once you loop the back straps through the molle, securing the strap is done by tucking it inside the back side of the pouchÖthatís it. Thereís been multiple times ive had one of the straps fall out of place which is a bit disappointing when you want to have a secure loadout that wonít be falling apart on you on the field. I havenít had that happened to me in game yet, but Iím sure the problem will eventually arise in the middle of combat.
Everything else about the mag is nice. The color matches well with my ranger green harness. The pouch has a divider to separate the two mags you would insert. The pouch also comes with a strap that goes over the entire pouch to secure your mag(s) in place to prevent them falling out. The strap is optional and easily removable by Velcro.

*Durable material
*Ranger Green color is almost exact
*Elastic side bands to keep mag(s) snug inside
*Optional Velcro strap to secure mag(s) in pouch
*Pouch is easy to apply and remove from molle (also a con)
*Affordable price

*Terrible stitching in certain areas
*Back straps can easily be un-tucked which MAY cause the straps to slip out of the molle webbing when pulling mags out
*Fitting 2 M4/M16 mags into the pouch is difficult as well as taking them out.
*An FYI, the side elastic material is not black like in the picture shown above. Itís Ranger Green like the rest of the pouch

The Verdict
These pouches are cheap and affordable and will get the job done. If youíre not picky about quality, and are looking for matching ranger green gear for a low price, you canít go wrong with the Phantom Aggressor pouch. Just know that eventually youíre going to want to replace these since they arenít the best mag pouches on the market. Pouches like the TACO line blow these Phantom Aggressor pouches out of the water in terms of quality and durability but at the cost of a higher price. The Phantom Aggressor Pouch is definitely not a 5 star product but because of the price point of $10 and the ability to perform what is necessary, I say this pouch deserves 4****Stars.
by Cindy M. on 07/24/2014
"Overall, these are fantastic magazine pouches.

-Great design (it rivals that of HSGI's Tacos at a mere fraction of the cost)
-Holds many different kinds of magazines without any sort of problem: retains M4 mags absolutely perfectly, holds a single G36 mag very well (even without the top cover), fits AK74 mags well and holds AK47 mags decently (though they look a bit odd)
-Top cover is completely removable and very adjustable
-The retention is just as good without the top cover and the pouch work even better without it
-Top cover, mag spacer and sides are all made of a very thick, durable elastic that I can't see wearing out any time soon
-The elastic spacer acts as a 'Blue Force Gear' style magazine pouch within the pouch (pouch-ception) and retains the second magazine exceptionally well after the first magazine has been removed
-The alternative, all fabric MOLLE straps are very sturdy and keep the pouch on
your rig without any sort of trouble
-The sides are indeed the same colour as the rest of the pouch
-Ridiculously inexpensive for the quality
-My new go-to pouches for any occasion

-The stitching is.....not great and pretty rough in certain places (I even noticed a lack of stitching in some areas)
-Horrible colour matching (I ordered the "Ranger Green" pouches to go with my OD gear after seeing the tanish, greyish, greenish abomination they call Olive Drab) The "Ranger Green" looks exactly like the Olive Drab used by most companies so I'm very happy about that)
-Made in China
by Ted P. on 08/08/2014
"First up, these do not fit tactical AK mags like the description says. They fit M$ mags well enough(a little tight, but you don't need to use the strap to hold your mags in), but for AK mags, you'll be fighting to get your mags out every time you need a reload, resulting a lot of time getting shot. Secondly, if you have standard od green gear, you'll need the ranger green pouch. I read this on another review and went with it, and turns out that the ranger green is perfect.
you wont lose mags
only $10
started to rip, hasn't been in the field yet
doesn't fit AK mags
colours not a big deal but kinda wierd