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WE-Tech Custom Samurai Edge Biohazard M9 Airsoft Gas Blowback - Nickle Plated Chrome

10 Customer Reviews

by Zach S. on 09/11/2013
"Very nice gun for $100, bought this to replace my HFC M190 which broke. I have to say I like this gun better, the HFC had better grips and a railed frame but this gun is built better and i have had no problems with it so far. My chrono says this gun shoots 330 FPS with .2g BB's and around 310 with .25g BB's. Magazine holds 25 rounds, doesn't leak. The silver finish is nice, compared to the average joe black M9. Its quite accurate, can easily hit a man sized target at 50 feet. I'm using green gas for now but will be switching over to propane, keep the gun lubed and it will last a long time. Adjustable hop-up is a bonus to, my HFC was an adjusted hop-up you couldn't adjust. The blowback is strong and never misfeeds unless its low on gas. Another thing people, always store your mags with green gas cause if you dont and then go to put green gas in it, the valves will be all leaky. The barrel is also pretty nice, I measured it at .238 inches which converts to 6.045mm inner barrel which isn't to bad, that's pretty much a tight bore barrel. I may machine a new one at 6.025mm since I have access to a machine shop and lathe. All in all, 5/5 great gun and for only $100!
by James R. on 09/11/2013
"This is overall a good gun for your money. It is all metal which is really good. It is a little heavy and has a nice feel to it. I feel like I'm shooting a real Beretta.
by Chris W. on 09/11/2013
"You will love this gun. It is SEXY!!!

-Relatively accurate
-realistic features (slide stops when out of ammo)
-Very high rof. (hard to say with a semi auto gun, but the trigger is very short and it is similar to an auto gbb when you click fast enough)
-Looks cool and feels awesome
-Mags are awesome. One of the mags was underwater for 2 days and I picked it up, sprayed wd-40 on it and it still works
by Daniel K. on 04/13/2013
-Nice Kick
-Good FPS
-Nice Looking (SEXY)
-Mags Are Nice (I Suggest The $22 Chrome)
-Full Metal
-Overall Its a Nice Gun.

-Slide Release Is wobbly (Might Just Be Mine) Not a Big Deal
-Abit Heavy tword The Back
-Not The Most Accurate (But It Is 7/10 Accurate)

You Get What You Pay For.
9/10 (Because of Wobbly Slide Release But This Does Not Affect The Guns Amazing Performance.
by Albert H. on 09/15/2012
"I just love this gun. I find WE is a trustworthy company for pistols. I find this better than the Marui version which goes for $300 and has a plastic body where this goes for $110 and has a metal body. I get so many compliments with this STARS engravings. I even use this gun for Resident Evil Cosplays.
- full metal
-Shoots well
-Resident EVil STARS engravings

-the RPD emblem on the pistol grip loses its gold paint quite easily.
-might have been from user error, but the threaded barrel snapped off on mine.

Buy this gun for actual use or for collector's sake.
by tristan j. on 07/22/2012
"Great gun sounds super loud wit noveske sound amplifier on it
Trade marks
Full metal
25 round mag
heavy (could be a con
go buy it now
by Joseph B. on 07/02/2012
"This is an amazing pistol!!!! I have had it for 3 weeks now and I've put over 100 mags through it and Ihave had not any problems!!!

looks good
great gas usage
wood grips looks good
nice crisp blowback

The gold paint on the handle rubs off
back sight flew of while shooting it (fixed this with super glue)
orange tip is hard to take off

Thats about it overall great gun $105 must buy
by Steven W. on 06/10/2012
"This is a GREAT GBB Pistol. I bought it about a week ago and have been firing it often since then. Being a big Resident Evil fan, it has been pretty awesome to own a physical version of the series famous Samurai Edge pistol (well, airsoft version). This is my first GBB so excuse me if I address PROS/CONS that are standard on most/all GBBs.

*25 round magazine
*Nice accuracy
*Great real life weight
*Greal Finish and Authentic Trademarks (I mean you're holding a S.T.A.R.S Samurai Edge)
*Great deal for it's current $100 price
*Comfortable feel

*Gold paint on the S.T.A.R.S emblem on the grip tends to rub a little when heavily used over time. Could possibly be fixed with a gold paint pen if done correctly, but this is not a huge issue for me.
*Gun can fire on safety if you try to disengage the hammer by pulling the trigger and lower the hammer. You must first remove the magazine to disengage the hammer.
*Usualy hold only enough gas to fire one magazine.
by Steven R. on 12/01/2013
"Have had this gun since I started playing airsoft. Great little gun, just a few complaints

-pretty accurate
-heavy, realistic feel
-resident evil engravings are nice
-very easy to take apart

-gold color does wear easily
-lube frequently
-rear sight WILL COME OFF, make sure to put a little glue on it or something to secure it down
-don't lose the hopup, you can't find another one.
by Curtis A. on 08/15/2013
"Works pretty well, magazine and gun operation weren't an issue. Downside - hop-up seems to be misaligned, shoots right pretty hard. also wore out the paint on the handle as other users said.