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Black Owl Gear / Phantom Aggressor MOLLE Ready M4 AK MP5 Magazine Pouch - Triple (Color: Multicam)

21 Customer Reviews

by Erik L. on 03/31/2017
"Amazing! You will not regret this purchase!! I originally bought it for my G&G Gec36 and have since also purchased an m4 and they all fit beautifully without mentioning the fact that i dont have to completely remove pouches and what not when switching weapons!
I have been looking for a good quality pouch that not only fits well on molle systems but that also keep ur mags nice and snug while being able to maintain stealth while reloading. None of that loud velcro that sometimes also jammed up n stuff!
These are truly like army issue pouches offering ur mags a snug fit, protection from debris along with quick releasing straps for when u need a quick reload!

I would highly recommend these!
by Tong Y. on 03/11/2017
"Great mag pouches. Holds two m4 mags per pouch. The first mag (closest to body) is held in with an elastic band to sperate it from the second mag. The top band that covers is great. Can be adjusted tightness by clipping it on the front two molle. Also can be removed entirely because it's held on by velcro on the back if you don't want it. Holds it tightly enough without the top band if you like fast mag changes. Looks great and isn't bulky without mags in pouches. Best damn mag pouches I've handled.
by isaac h. on 12/29/2016
"Short and sweet.
these pouches have great retention and like other reviews said they could hold mags upside down. great for holding six mags and have good build quality. Would definitely recommend.
by Emory p. on 09/23/2015
"These pouches also hold mp7 mags snugly In the very front of the pouch in between the very front elastic and the molle webbing you can stick mp7 mags in there and it holds the pretty snug. I use a ghk g5, kwa g36, and a kwa mp7 and these pouches hold all my mags. I run them open top.
by Sean P. on 07/29/2015
"Easy choice. Works better than expected. As good as the video in practice, if not better. Great value, you get the functionality of much more expensive hard body magazine holders. Will buy again in a different color.
by shengfu w. on 06/25/2015
"These are amazing pouches, and the best magazine pouch you can get if you don't have the money for HSGI tacos.


I've seen video reviews that say the edges of the pouches were black, now I can tell you they come in tan. It looks pretty cool.

Easy to do fast may changes, just pull off the strap and the mag comes right out.

Dividers inside so if you, say have a AK then if you take out one mag, there's a wall of fabric inside so it won't hop around inside the pouch.

Overall looks and mounts awesomely.


I was confused how to mount it at first, but then I watched the video down below and then the pouches mounted onto my plate carrier very securely.

I got these in multicam instead of tan because I'm a big dummy so now I have greenish multicam pouches agains my coyote plate carrier which doesn't look the coolest.

One of the best pouches on the market.
by Josue M. on 04/23/2015
"These pouches are amazing!! Not only do they work perfectly for any assault rifle mag but I purchased this for my paintball TPX and Tiberius mags. Same pouch endless combinations. Great design and the elastic loops are quick and noiseless.
by Mike Y. on 03/14/2015
"Basically the best affordable mag pouches out there. i can hold my mags upside down if i want to and they dont fall. Get these.
by Chris F. on 07/05/2014
"Best mag pouches I've ever used. I've played around with a lot of different styles and this is by far my favorite. Multiple ways to use em but i prefer just an open top. They hold your mags snuggly in place but not so tight that you cant take them out. The extra webbing on the front is a nice addition and theyre very easy to undo from your rig. I use them on my MCR1 and it suits me perfectly!

If you try these, you'll never buy any other kind except the Phantom Aggressors
by Emory P. on 04/08/2014
"This is by far the best mag pouches ever! I have a custom M4 aeg and a WE G39/G36 GBBR and this pouch holds both style mags perfectly! This pouch will hold 6 m4 mags or 3 G36 mags. It has elastic sides and stretches to fit my G36 mags very tight, which I appreciate because my gas mags are expensive. I run and jump a lot as I play and my mags have never fallen out and I run these as an open top pouch. It's like having Blue Force pouches but they are way cheaper and way more versatile! Of course I attached it to my vest the correct way by weaving it properly and they hold to my vest very snug, it's like they are sewn on. The hard plastic piece on the ends of each MOLLE strap you weave makes it a lot easier to weave! It is a stealth mag pouch! No mags rattle at all because of the elastic dividers when using them for M4 mags. I will order another pouch when i buy 2 more G39 gas mags. For those G36/G39 users this is the pouch to get!! My gas mags are heavy and when put my mags in the inside pouch it holds them so tight i can turn the pouch upside down and shake very hard and they wont come out!! I love this pouch! Thanks Phantom Gear and Evike!!
by corbin u. on 04/10/2013
"Just got these in today and first thing I noticed is that the black elastic you see in the pictures have been updated to whatever color the pouches are, so in this case its all Ranger green. I like how easy it is to put my P-mags and E-mags in for my ACR and how well they stay in and how easy it is to pull them out.The elastic keeper will take a bit of getting use to.

Threading this into a vest is so much easier than your standard systems, even comparing it to using Magpul's speed threader. I still thread the aggressor pouches faster than using a speed threader with standard setups.

I'm hoping Phantom Gear will make different pouches for other weapons like pistols, cause I am needing something for my FN5-7 mags and small sniper mags like to the L96. And hoping for something for long mags like MP5, mp7 and the kriss.

there are no cons so far with these, but i am hoping that the elastic wont sag like an old pair of socks and underwear in the future.
by Evan M. on 01/18/2013
"These work perfectly, just as advertised. However, the elastic bands on the side of the pouch were green to match the pouch.

Pros : great fit, light, looks good, no mag snag.
no cons
by Max H. on 05/06/2012
"I received these pouches in the mail 2 days ago and I was very impressed by their performance the first thing I did was I ran, got my vest, and my gun/w 2 magazines. I then attached the pouches to my vest, which was a bit confusing because it doesn't have buttons, but overall it attaches better than pouches with buttons. I put one mag in my gun and my pouch and timed myself reloading, P.S. I have a dump pouch which means I may reload quite a bit faster than you unless you just drop you mag and leave it rather than putting it back into the pouch. 4.62 seconds!!! Which if you don't play airsoft and are making a big order with these pouches in it, is an amazing time. Now for Pros & Cons.

No Buttons
Retention strap system
No Velcro or annoying open top tabs to pull
Quick reloads
One pouch can hold, 2 M4/M16 mags, 1 G36C mag, 2 AK47/74 mags, 2 M14 mags, 2 G3 mags, 2 SR-25 mags, 4 MP5 mags, 4 P90 mags, or 4 UMP45 mags.

None :D
by Jason H. on 04/19/2012
"Excellent Magazine pouch. Very effective for both M4 and UMG mags. I have used this pouch in a number of games with out the straps with no risk of losing mags. This also allows for quick reloads.
by Kenneth T. on 02/22/2012
"I love these pouches. They work great with my G36 mags. Only 1 mag will fit comfortably in 1 pouch. There are no strings or surfaces on which the mags can get caught inside and the quick release flap on top is good for extra protection. The rubber bands are tough enough keep the mags inside without falling out.

The MOLLE is very solid and it even has an extra tab to keep it from coming loose.

I've only used it for one day so I have no idea on the longevity of the rubber bands.

These are very reasonably priced and highly recommended, especially for G36 users.