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Phantom Aggressor MOLLE Ready M4 AK MP5 Magazine Pouch - Double / OD Green

4 Customer Reviews

by Matthew S. on 03/09/2014
"It's sturdy, band holds mags in well. It's a good buy. I use it for all my mags; 4x M4s, 2x G36s, 4x (maybe 8 max) MP5s, 8x 226s, and 4x P90/AR57.

Fit pretty much any style mags.
Light, and useful.

The strap over the mags, sometimes doesn't want to stay in place. but can remove them as a bonus.
by John H. on 05/05/2013
"These are the most amazing m4 mag pouches I have ever used.

snug fit
easy to pull out
the elastic band barely gets in the way, much better than string topped.
The pouch alone is elastic and will hold your mags in.

you have not bought one yet seriously buy them before they go out of stock
by Owen K. on 12/02/2012
"These pouches are very well made. I've used them for M4/M16 mags and MP5 mags, both work fine. I will say that the cover is necessary with MP5 mags, and is annoying seeing as you probably have two of them in there. That being said, the strap is very easy to use and is adjustable/removable because it uses Velcro to secure in the back. I much prefer these to the tension string-topped mag pouches. They also work as a respectable holster for my M9 with the strap. idk how I found that though.
by David C. on 09/26/2015
"Note: I am reviewing this product on its merit to hold AK style mags, not M4.
Despite the fact that Evike list this product as being compatible with AK mags, I would not advise it. I tested this pouch with both Ak-74 style bakelite mags and waffle mags, and both had their issues.
One may only fit one waffle mag in each pouch, which is fine, but the pouch still sits quite low on the mag, leaving me to fear the loss of the mag during rapid movement.
The bakelite mags were much the same as the waffle type. With only one mag in each pouch, it can be a bit loose. When trying to use two mags in one pouch, the second mag would not fully seat, leaving about two thirds of the mag protruding from the pouch. This led to the second mag falling out during several matches. The elastic cover straps were not designed for ak compatibility as they were neither long enough to extend over the top of the mags with much success nor did they remain secure when I was able to get the strap over them.
I am giving this pouch 4 out of 5 because they are sturdily made and seem like they would work great with m4 or m14 style mags. However, it did not work with the ak mags, which is what I use.