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Phantom Airsoft Pro Low Profile Full Face Airsoft Mask

6 Customer Reviews

by Michael R. on 12/20/2015
"I put some moondog antifog spray on them and they didn't fog at all.

No fogging
Can use iron sights easily


Buy this mask, it's only $16!
by jared r. on 08/17/2013
"I received this mask last year in that package deal with the M4 on thanksgiving 2012, all i can say about this is good things, fogs up a little, but for the price who care that much, get some anti fog and its fine, i would recommend using a bandana or face rap, the mask doesn't cover the chin very well, depends on your face. the mask part comes off if you really don't like it.
by Justin M. on 04/01/2013
"I got one of these in a sniper bundle they did last Christmas. I love these. They may not be super high quality but they are nice and sturdy. I have never had it fog on me yet after 5 or 6 games. The vents are large and the eye shield gives complete protection. The part that covers your mouth its flexable so you can properly sight your scopes. However , I would suggest cutting off using a exacto knife some of the excess cheeck protection for better use with scopes , I cut down the curved lines on the sides of the mask to keep it uniform looking and wearign with a headwrap or do rag.
by Joseph C. on 12/07/2014
"Case and point you get what you pay for. They protect like they are supposed to. Unfortunatley they fog like crazy if you're a heavy sweater like I am.
by James C. on 01/03/2014
"As for the price; this is fantastic. The goggles fog up pretty easily after a couple matches but with some antifog you'll do fine as long as you wipe it down after ever 2-3 matches. I personally thought the thing was a little clunky on top but it was easy to take off the filter things to make it a little better at releasing heat. The face mask also comes off easily so it basically becomes a pretty good pair of goggles for the price. The bottom of the goggles make it hard to look down onto my chest rig but that's not too bad of an issue.
by Lynn P. on 02/22/2013
"i saw there wasn't a review for this so i thought i'd throw one up.
As far as cheapo budget masks go, this one wins all of the awards.
The face protections is a rubber-like thing that is flexible enough to press against your face so you can aim down you sights but it's still plenty stiff to stop a BB.
The goggle part isn't the best but if you invest $15 in some antifog coating you can have a fairly decent mask for just a little over $30.
overall, for the price you won't find anything better.