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Model: Gears-GB-09-67
Location: Y7-375

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by Eric F. on 2012-01-23 05:53:52
"This gear is complete garbage. Due to the sintered material used, it cannot stand up to the required stresses for a dual sector gearbox. Modify also ignored the patents of Siegetek Concepts on such a design. If you want to go Dual Sector gear, it's Siegetek Concepts or NOTHING.

Modify - Weak, sintered design, made in Asia
Siegetek - Robust, CNC machined chromemoly steel material that is hardened and can withstand anything that you can possibly throw at it, MADE IN USA

One last thought - These are for advanced technicians only, if you are afraid to take machine tools to your gearbox components, forget about it.

My results with the dual sector system:
Siegetek Revolution 14.09:1 dual sector gear set
Modified SHS 15 tooth piston
JG m93 motor
Siegetek concepts spring guide spacer and special DSG spring
11.1v 40c 2650 mah LiPo
350 fps, 62 bb/s
by Elie H. on 2012-01-21 17:11:38
"This gear is pretty good.
Ive installed this gearset in 2 builds and it shoots fantastically. They will get you shooting 30+ rounds per second on a fully charged 7.4v lipo/9.6v nimh.

This is a 16.32 ratio gear so be sure to have similar ratio bevel and spur gears.

It is NECESSARY for you to have steel bushings due to the stress these gears handle.

DO NOT use a HIGH SPEED motor with these, as they are not a stable platform and might not be able to pull the gears. ONLY USE HIGH TORQUE MOTORS.

DONT FORGET!, in order to install these and get proper feeding, you MUST modify your TAPPET PLATE by measuring the engagement arm 11mm and cutting the excess away.

Also, be sure to do an angle of engagement mod on your piston in order to have proper engagement and piston life.

These can handle an m130 which will only get you about 280 fps with these gears because they are essentially short stroking your system to 8 teeth instead of 16 so you only get about 60% of your spring's power. I recommend getting a spring guide spacer and an m120 for the best performance.

DO NOT use these in a gun with an inner barrel over 363mm because they will lower your fps and range.

if you need anymore tips on installing these. Message the nice techs at Evike :) or email me at

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)