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A&K Full Metal MK46 Airsoft Machine Gun with Retractable Stock

15 Customer Reviews

by kincade w. on 04/20/2018
"This beast has been an awesome gun. Being a big guy I needed a big gun and for the price you certainly can't beat the performance of this gun. Crazy amount of rail space increasing amount of after market. This gun has a presence were ever it goes. It surely needs a mosfet and a lipo battery to reach its full potential. The only issue I have had with this gun is the box mag the cheap little switch on the mag broke currently exploring my many options for another. But all in all this was the perfect gun for me. Would defiantly recommend it!
by Walt E. on 09/13/2017
"I purchased this gun almost a year and a half ago and I have not had any problems with it. I haven't even upgraded the gearbox and the thing is still a beast. I was debating between this gun and a few other LMG'S and this is definitely the best choice for the money you are spending. It has a solid metal build, full metal gearbox, and unlimited rail space. The only thing about it that may be a little sub-par would be the batter compartment. I tried running it on a 9.6 for a little while and then changed to a buffer tube lipo when I realized it wasn't reaching it's full potential. From there I upgraded to a 20C, 3400 milleamp Grayson brick lipo and it finally worked like it should. The only problem is I now have to pouch the batter on the outside of the gun because of the limited storage. All in all, I would buy the gun all over again. If you're looking for an LMG, stop now. This is the one you want.
by lucas g. on 04/13/2016
"for the price this is simply the best LMG you will find.

an absolute beast that boasts a 410 fps. that can accurately take down targets from 50 meters easy.

only upgrade i got was a tightbore barrel that boosted the previous statistic even more.

only criticism i have is that the bypod is terrible, the metal of the piece that stops it at diferent posision eroded and now it just wont stay where you want it!!! take that sucker out and get a harris bypod ASAP other than that? this gun just has no flaws.
by celeste g. on 05/07/2015
"works great love how it comes with a railed feeding tray and a railed front assembly which i believe none of the verisons come with all together. so very easily customize and add your own personal stuff. this gun is actually more left handed friendly for us leftys. but no cons great gun NO BOXMAG PROBLEMS SO FAR which is amazing that was my biggest fear when getting this gun. i highly recommend this lmg.
by Jonathon R. on 03/22/2015
"(bear with me im not too good at writing reviews as of now)

Ok, so you want to be a support gunner? i did too. Well your in good company, because this sexy beast is ready for anyone to wield her. Just holding it, you will get the feeling of being the biggest badass anyone has ever seen. its full metal construction and polymer parts make this gun feel amazing. this weapon is a must have support weapon. The A&K MK46 is full of usefull features that make operating this weapon extremely convienient. The barrel has a quick release lever that will allow you to remove the barrel and hopup for cleaning, the springs can be changed in under 2 minutes (ITS THAT SIMPLE)!!!

Ok now for some technical stuff... (im not the best tech ever but i know a good gun)
so first off the hopup issues i have heard is other reviews isnt present on mine, the gun is like a laser beam. the gun fire 320, nearly consistently with .25 (i didnt have .2's while my friends chronoed) its rate of fire is somewhere in the range of 20 rps or above (running a 9.8v, 1600MaH nunchuck NiMH). i havent dove into the internals of the gun, but i bet it will be just as impressive.

Now for the pros/cons:
-high rof
-Sounds like a Beast
-field fps
-quick change spring
-quick release barrel
-realistic looking

-rof occasionally outshoots mag
-wobbly stock at furthest adjustment
-stiff magwell
-plastic muzzle
-bipod sucks but works

Overall this gun is amazing for my first support weapon, and will definitely going to be used ALOT!

Soo how about dat mag?
well the mag is almost ALLLLLLL Plastic, not the highest quality plastic either, it fells like its going to break if you trip or drop it. However it keeps up with the rof of the weapon fairly well. occasionally the mag dosent detect the gun firing on sound control, and you pretty much just keep shooting till it starts feeding, or switch it to auto for a sec.

If your new to being a support gunner like me, DEFINITELY BUY THIS GUN!!!!
by Evan H. on 04/26/2014
"This Gun looks better than the picture. It is worth the $300.00 dollars.

Very good quality
Insane amount of Ammo
The gearbox is virtually indestructible
Lots of Rails
Includes a foregrip
The packaging is very nice.

Bipod can be get in the way, but it is easy to remove it.
Battery compartment is very limited I got a battery box for it.
It can take a toll on your arms.

I got this gun with an ACOG Red/Green Scope and a battery box. My dream gun became a reality.
by Mark C. on 10/21/2013
"A awesome buy!

Pros: Everything

Cons: You don't have it!
by Chad K. on 06/26/2013
"Used it in a couple games. Battery location is a pain (had to use a blade screwdriver and a hammer to loosen it), box mag get in the way every now and then, and if you use the included foregrip you can fold the bipod. Working on modifying the bipod so it can fold to the side but that's a personal preference. Overall it's really a great gun, not only is it rarely seen on airsoft fields but everyone wants to hold it. Dont suggest buying it if you're a small guy or gal. I may be 5'9" and only a 115 pds but I got determination on my side.
Weight (can be con too)
included foregrip
takes m4 mags (pretty much all)

Rails are sharp so suggest getting rail covers
bipod not folding if foregrip is attached
feeding tray cover (have to pull back bot and slam down at same time)
stock is wobbly (stock not buffer tube)
Stock doesn't lock into all positions no matter how hard I try
by Cody D. on 07/24/2012
"got this gun a month ago and ive had alot of time to use it

-lighter then most full metal machine guns
-Has parts from a m249, could be a con but makes it more custom
-comes with a large mag
-full metal and super durable
-shots fast and hard
-TONS of railing
-accurate and with a long range
- instead of taking the mag off to reload u can just take the side off and dump bb's in for fast reloading
- super easy to take apart and upgrade
- grip that comes with it is excellent
- mag has a lock to keep it in place and feeds super well
-very durable parts
- parts are easy to replace
-Hop-up is terrible but can be fixed with a new one
-short type motor, medium barrel and hop-up can limit range
-mag sometimes gets in the way
-bipod that comes with it is useful but hard to get off and hard to deploy
-need a allen head set for screws
-rails have a TON of wobble but easy to fix
-custom size barrel make it hard to upgrade the barrel but just get a barrel extension
-no instructions, took me 2 days just to figure out where the battery goes and also comes with no battery

this gun is very good for the money you pay and as a little tip to get to the hop-up u have to pull the top up like a real gun which is cool as hell but dont hit it down, i did and its jamed shut so i have to pry it open, my advice to u GET THIS GUN
by Andrew T. on 04/15/2018
"Gun works great. Mag does what it is asked but feeds a little to slow for full auto. Only complaint is it is lacking at long range
by Daniel D. on 08/07/2012
"i absolutely love this gun, it handles great but the hop up is terrible, some gas pistols easily out ranged me :( but onece i bought a new hop up (30$) this gun works like a charm, its still shooting at 500fps with .2s im not sure why, its all stock.

great durability
full metal
looks menacing
tons of rail space
box mag included
great ROF
really high FPS (might just be mine)
m4 highcaps feed really well
gives me a workout when i carry this thing arround my feild XD
heavy(con for some)

terrible battery location
bad hop-up
my top receiver wont open so i have to use an allen key to push my hop up, or take the whole barrel Assembly out

overall i give this gun a 4/5 because you will need to replace the hop up, wich will cost you an extra 30$ but dont hesitate to buy this gun it is amazing an i have no regrets on buying this gun :D
by Tyler T. on 07/10/2012
"Not too bad of a gun overall. im glad i bought it. i bought this one because it was on sale and i always liked LMGs. Heres what i think about it...

-Heavy realistic weight
-nice adjustable iron sights
-very high quality externals
-accuracy with .25s is very consistent
-quick detach barrel
-grip included

-Heavy after use all day, front has most of the weight( so for rightys, your left arm will feel sore after a long game)
-Hop up is HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!! really seems to limit the range potential on the gun (my main issue i have when using this gun in matches)
-Bad battery location, i recommend buying a cheap peq external battery box, it helps a lot
-No battery included like on A&K m249 series
-Putting the box mag in can be irritating

a unique alternative to the plain m249. youll get lots of looks and compliments while you scare the other team when this thing gets going. if you buy this, get a 9.6v battery and a basic peq external battery box. overall shoots at a good ROF and is accurate, but i give this a 4/5 because the range on it is not the best (an mp5k out ranged me the first time i used it)
by Jonathon D. on 05/14/2012
"Ok so to start it's a good gun, I've skirmished it and trust me when i say get a 9.6v battery it helps... A LOT!

Metal construction
A lot of RIS
2500 round drum magazine
Comes with a front grip
Space for a big battery
Sights are very nice
Quick detach barrel
Very realistic

Bipod is somewhat crappy, on mine it somewhat chipped so the bipod doesn't fully stay in the down position
Allen screws are in the metric system
No front sling mount
No battery
M4 mags jam
No carrying handle

A battery box would be AMAZING! I happen to own one and it helps big time.
A scope (i suggest a 4x scope) helps

A good gun which performed well for me, and will for you. It's FPS is about 380, the drum magazine will last you a couple of hours and is very nice. So overall it's a good gun, I will say thought it has room to improve, but is defiantly good. Thanks for your time and have a good day.
by Josh B. on 02/27/2012
"I got this gun gun about a week ago and I am impressed, the range and fps is decent. Now the one thing I did not like was the battery location, its located under the rails in the front. I myself could not figure out how to get the bottom open but I did manage to get the connector up to the top. I tested it with a tenergy 9.6 1600 mah nunchuck battery, it did well and gave it a good ROF but would recommend a 7.4 or if you wanna go crazy and test its limits a 11.1 lipo. The box mag that comes with it isnt all that great but its useable, and standard m4 mags can be used though they dont feed all that well.

Good ROF
Good FPS
Realistic weight
Good range
Intimidating look
Takes M4 mags

Heavy (not for small players unless you just want it)
BAD battery location
2200 mah nunchuck battery that is recommended is hard to find.
Box mag can be a hassle and M4 mags do not feed to well
by Rob K. on 11/24/2016
"Oh man, alright so this thing is pretty awsome, it's full Metal everywhere except the for the buttstock and handle so that's a plus. But it literally did not work the first time I tried it out. So I had to send it back and get it fixed. Really wasn't sure what was wrong with it. So then when I get it back a few weeks later I test it out adjust the hop up and put like 3000 rounds through it and it worked. But of course game day comes up and it stops working!! Well we found out that the metal connecter holding the fuse for some reason came loose. Easy fix with electrical tape. So then it worked fine.... for like 10 minutes. Bc then the box mag stopped feeding pellets..... like.. da [email protected]$k...anyway I asked around and alot of the guys who had lmgs that day told me that stock box mag sucks and are very unreliable although their are some tricks on YouTube to make them work right but it would be easier to get one of the pressure switch feeding box mag instead. All and all its a nice build with some problems that you'll have to toy with. I don't recommend it unless your willing to put some little engineering skills on it. Also get a sling to help relieve a lot of the weight.

-great full metal outer build
-really nice and solid. Not loose one bit
-fps is pretty decent
-accurate up to 50 yards. 60 if their is no wind

-internal fuse connection sucks
-box mag is garbage
-just needs to maintained and check after every game. Which you should do but still annoying