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G&P Full Metal Advanced M4 Carbine AEG w/ Crane Stock (Model: Foliage Green)

178 Customer Reviews

by Andrew N. on 06/08/2017
"My 2nd review on this product:

My original review was on the GP281-SF, the Navy Skull Frog limited edition that apparently merged with these other G&Ps. It seemed kind of random since none of them had the Navy engravings, and since I did end up buying another one, I felt I would do another short review, but it was the tan version this time, so that I had a little color variety. Once again, did this perform well, and feel great, as the original one I bought. The only stock part that I may change soon is the motor since those generally burn out when using an 11.1v or higher LiPo. I want to be able to use an 11.1v LiPo with my gun to increase the fire rate, but although high speed motors generally cycle faster, the high torque will start off faster and spin just as fast, so I will go with one with torque. Other than that, the guns have been good to me, and I have been good back to them. So far, I've put around 50,000 rounds through the first one already, and it's held up well, and nothing has been damaged. I do regular maintenance on it every month or so, and clean the barrel after every game or two. If you take good care of it, it will exceed your performance guaranteed. You be the judge of this gun. I give you my input on both: outstanding.
by Andrew N. on 11/30/2016
"This is a great gun and I would give it 10/10 for the quality at this price. It has great G&P internals, an M120 high speed motor (make sure to use a proper 7.4v LiPo and a spring equal to or less than the M120 spring, or else, like other people I've so often heard about, make the mistake of frying out their motor). The externals are great and look really nice, replicating a Navy Seal style of look (even though the actual Navy Seals don't have these trademarks on their actual guns, it still looks cool). Runs really well, has a high rate of fire even with a 7.4v LiPo, good FPS, and that basically sums up my review.

Once again, 10/10 for quality at a lower price. This is a great deal, and I may buy another one.
by Nancy M. on 08/23/2016
"great gun, wiring problems sometimes but overall great gun.

great fps: 420 with .20
great rof: ~20 rps with 11.1v
great weight


does anyone know what the full auto word is and what it means?
by Jacob H. on 06/23/2016
"I purchased this rifle almost 2 years ago and I could tell you I was very pleased. It had an accurate range of 125 feet with .25 gram bbs. I have been playing for almost 4 years and this was my first high quality rifle. I would recommend this to beginners or maybe even some who has some idea what they are doing.


-May need to be upgraded for supreme performance
by John S. on 06/23/2016
"Theis AEG is great. It features an aluminum receiver with nylon fiber hand guards, pistol grip, and stock on top of a functional bolt catch, all of which are extremely nice and well constructed. All in all, this rifle is steal for the price.


Amazing externals
Great internals
Realism of the bolt catch and Colt trades is a nice bonus


Orange tip isn't as graceful as Classic Armys
by Sam B. on 06/23/2016
"This gun is studly. All of my friends told me that for 185 it was an amazing buy. Also a couple of people said that the mag that it comes with was bad, but mine is good. Oh and also the gun in the 3rd and 4th pictures have the king arms logo on it but this gun doesn't, it only has the colt trademarks

Great fps
Good range
Good accuracy
Full metal

Little wobble stock(not a big deal)
Little mag wobble(not a big deal)

I haven't seen anything else yet( I've only used it in 6 wars that were all about an hour each)
by Chris B. on 06/23/2016
"So i've had this gun for closing in on a year now and i have to say i'm very impressed. Something about the appearance and feel of it keeps it on the field more often then my kwa. The gun looks mean with the birdcage on the barrel, the pistol grip feels just about as good as a vfc. Everything about it reminds me of the real ones i've fired. Performance is great too, when it was new i was getting a solid 390 on .20, now i get 380 on .20 which is perfectly acceptable speeds for outdoor play. Hop up was and still is very impressive, always have been able to get on target quickly and easily. I had two issues with it, the stock magazine wouldn't lock into the magwell, which didn't bother me i already had a handful of mags. The other issue with it is a issue all KA m4s have, the buffer tube is smaller then the stock so it wobbles. I bought a buffer tube second hand for $10 off another player and fixed that issue real quick. While on the customization topic, this gun even accepted the rails off of the real one! I absolutely love it, it is the M4 to have if you want authenticity and performance.

-Excellent feel, finish, trademarks
-Perfect FPS for outdoor play
-Amazing stock hop up (accuracy is great)
-Respectable rof (higher then some higher end guns i've came in contact with)
-Very customizable
-Nice stiff battery compartment that's roomy
-Functioning bolt catch (cool feature)

-Wobbly stock
-Poorly designed magazine included
-Wiring needs to be handled with care when taking apart (King arms sells a tool if you aren't comfortable with improvising!)

The pros far out weigh the cons and this gun gets 5 stars regardless, i was absolutely blown away by a brand the keyboard warriors always talk bad about. I recommend this to everyone who appreciates the real steel m4-a1 and wants to get the closest airsoft equivalent.
by Hunter F. on 06/23/2016
"real good gun for the price.
full metal
stock wobbles
by Wesley C. on 06/23/2016
"I got this gun for Christmas and i love it. The power is nice for outdoor play. The only con i found was that the hop-up had to be reset kinda often. Overall i love this gun and for $185 it is a steal.
by Dana V. on 06/23/2016
"Thos product is great. Everything works fine out of the box. The only con I have with this gun is that mine came with a flash hider that was missing a chunck of metal. I don't know of is was suppose to be like that or not, but the gun itself still works. If anyone can explain the flash hider that would be great.
by Alex M. on 06/23/2016
"I recently bought this rifle along with the AIM "Real Steel" High Grade M4 QUAD RIS Handguard w/ Rubberized Rail Covers. The rail system fits perfectly on the gun after you figure out how to set it up. The gun shoots very decently out of the box around 320-330, I would highly recomend getting a stronger spring and maybe a new bucking, lipo couldnt hurt either. I used it at the field and it fed MAG mags great, flawlessly.

Feeds flawlessly
Decent out of the box
full metal
amazing ROF with a 10.8
highly upgradeable

Stock wobbles (but what LE stock doesnt wobble on an AEG?)
motor connector wires come off easy nothing a little crimp with needle nose didnt fix.

Overall for the price its worth it.
by George V. on 06/23/2016
"This gun is a great starter/intermediate rifle as you are getting an amazing gun out of the money paid(very good price) Great for Field and CQB as its 160-180 fps out the box with 0.20s. What I did like was the bolt catch, very good.

Great metal body, really nice feel to it
Quality engravings
Has a realistic weight but you can still be running around with it
Great FPS
Quality Internals
Bolt Catch

LE stock has a quite a bit of wobble on it but is not a big deal
Orange flashider is super glued on and bolted so is a pain to take off!!

Overall this gun is very good for the price you are getting and the cons are not a big deal and don't affect the overall performance of the gun. It has a sweet FPS, great ROP and as realistic as a real M4A1.

by Zach C. on 06/23/2016
"After having this gun for a bit over a month and a half and have field tested it twice both 7 hour skirmishes at my local CQB arena.I can officially say I'm very happy with my purchase. I don't have the Magfooled out version but the regular M4A1 Full metal version. Just didn't feel like searching for it on here.


-full metal, polymer is only where it should be
-Good internals, shoots about 350 stock with .25g BBs
-Very solid feel, I feel like I'm handling a slightly lighter version of my real M4
-Has a really nice ROF with a 9.6V battery..I think I'm doing around 18-19 rps with the SP85 spring I put in.
-The high torque motor is nice, It pulled an m120 spring I had in it very well (about 365 fps on .25s)

-Slight wobble in the LE stock, but my Real steel M4 has a little wobble too
-Take down is like any other M4 AEG but the mock bolt carrier/hop up cover makes it a little difficult to get off easily, I ended up removing mine entirely because I don't need hop up for CQB.
-Would have liked a sling point to be included on the buffer tube like the KWAs but no big deal
-a little magazine wobble, fixed by prying out a little on the magazines catch.

Other than that it's a great buy for the money. The working bolt catch is a great feature if you play outdoors a lot and need to adjust hop up, I just don't need it for CQB. I'll be picking up another one of these for field play for sure. It's VERY accurate out of the box...I was really surprised. Little to no left to right variation in the shots from about 85-90 feet.
by Omar M. on 06/23/2016
"I ordered this gun about a week ago I played and outdoor game with it so far.
Realistic weight (not to heavy nor to light)
Working bolt catch
Good ROF with 8.4 ( 9.6 is great highly recommend)
Full metal (where it counts)

Wobbly stock (Fixed with electrical tape)
Stiff delta ring (Loosens up after a bit of play)
Super glued bolt on orange flash hider (makes it a pain to get off)
Wobbly magazine (can be fixed with electrical tape)

Overall the cons are no where near bad enough to persuade any one to not buy this. The price is great it comes from a great company, that is known for great quality products.
by Heidi L. on 06/23/2016
"First off, this gun is simply amazing... My friends are scared to death when they see me with this thing! It has a full metal body(not including the stock, hand guard, and pistol grip) its pretty heavy but im use to it since i run around with all the time. It has an insane rate of fire with a 9.6v butterfly battery! i use an Intelect 8.4v and still has great rate of fire for an 8.4(not stock). all in all, i would recomend this gun to others as a good field weapon but it can also be used as CQB but would not really recomened it for its size and weight.