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G&P Full Metal Advanced M4 Carbine AEG w/ Crane Stock (Model: Foliage Green)

118 Customer Reviews

by Nancy M. on 08/23/2016
"great gun, wiring problems sometimes but overall great gun.

great fps: 420 with .20
great rof: ~20 rps with 11.1v
great weight


does anyone know what the full auto word is and what it means?
by Jeffrey R. on 05/12/2016
"I was hesitant at first when I ordered the gun. Not much info is provided in the description other then "full metal, fully upgradeable internals." After receiving the weapon, I can confirm this has everything that the high end CA guns have, except for the MOSFET. That includes 9mm ball bearing bushings, quick change spring, low resistance wiring, bore-up cylinder, and high torque motor. I have yet to figure out if it includes a tightbore barrel, but it's still an amazing deal at $130. Everything works as it should and the shimming from the factory is definitely better then other companies.
by Greggory B. on 05/12/2016
"This gun is amazing just had it upgraded to use lipo 11. batteries and 400fps

great externals
good stock fps
heavy feels like real thing
full metal

not lipo ready
not 400 fps
does not have ris or wiring to back
front site does not come off
conclusion good when stock great with mods i highly recomend this and if you put some money into it will perform polarstars and ptws
by James P. on 05/12/2016
"this gun is amazing! i've had this gun for over a year now and the only problems i had with this were problems with the battery but i put a new one in and it worked like it was brand. ive opened it up several times and have been able to out it back together without a problem. i put a scope on this adjusted the hop up loaded .23g matrix bbs and wow... i shot the front of a mail box with this from 100ft away accurately. on mine i had to twist the barrel a little to shoot straight but after that amazing.
good range
good rate of fire
comes with a green magazine
by Nick C. on 05/12/2016
"Good gun. Shoots bout 320 out of the box then the more you use it goes down to about 300. Upgrade definite. I put a tm piston and prommy m120 spring and it shoots around 380. Definitly get a 9.6, at least 2000 mah nun chuck bat if you want the performance.
by Trent S. on 05/12/2016
"This was my 3rd aeg. i love it. Mine came with a metal spring guide. it chronod it at 338 fps. the trademarks look really nice. I pulled it out of the box plugged it in and went outside i only had about 200 rounds. Allmost all of them hit target from 100 feet away. The size, i thought it would be a little bigger. It is a little hard at first to put the battery in. once you know how it's easy. The meterial the foregrip and stock are made of are really nice. The lever to drop the dust cover [which doesn't open the dust cover its magnetic] has a strong spring holding it in, when you pull it out it wiggles quite a bit.
by Kyle C. on 05/12/2016
"I LOVE THIS GUN!!! I have had it for 4 years and the only thing ive ever had to replace was some wiring because i played in a weeks worth of pouring down rain. This gun is amazing. I have so many upgrades now that its completely different but the stock gun in itself was great, good accuracy and rof and wonderful build make this a definate buy.
by Vinson L. on 05/12/2016
"as seem almost everywhere, this gun is great!

- Good price
- Metal Body
- Metal Carrying Handle
- Metal bushings
- Armalite Laser Engraved

I have an old model of an M15A4 awhile back and it has never failed ME!
by Roger H. on 04/27/2016
"This rifle is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is worth every cent you pay for it because you will get even more in return. Lets start off with it is accurate as heck. This rifle really shines in outdoor field which I play at, it is part assault rifle/part DMR (It will for sure shoot to hot for indoor courses right out of the box so stick to outdoor fields). Second off, it is super easy to upgrade! I got a carry handle rail for my aim point M4 COMP, and a real m4 quad rail hand guard which has 3 rail panels and a Long M203 Grenade Launcher. Third off, it likes a lot of the mid cap mags on the market. For me it loves G&P, G&G, and a lot of other mid caps. So if you are on a field and run out of ammo you can get handed a mag and not worry if it is compatible or not. Fourth off, it feels super realistically close to the weight of a real M4. (Which might be a pro for some like me or a con for others). Fifth off, it comes with a deans battery so you will get a lot more time with your rifle on a full charge. And finally, it comes with a full metal flash hider out of the box which is a plus for me (It saves time and money looking for a new one).
Over all this rifle is one to add to your collection! If you are thinking of getting this do not hesitate!!! Just grab one!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regret it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jeannette S. on 04/08/2016
"This gun is great I waited a year to review this baby all I can say is $400 well spent the gun is full metal looks and feels real the barrel even has the 5.56 round engraved on it only problems I had was that the piston mest up but I was running a high power spring with a high torque motor so not the guns fault but after putting it back to stock to be able to play in my local field the performance was even better I guess fps isnt everything I did replace the inner barrel for a 6.01 thighbore barrel now my groupings are smaller and the range increased I do run 11.1v Firefox stick lipo always have fits good in my stock tube so the stock can always be replaced
Overall gun works great never let me down I did replace the rail system for a tactical rail system adds great looks to the gun and now I can attach my flashlights and magpul grip

This gun is great feels real when side by side to my real ar15 they look and feel identical thats the reason I got this gun in the first place
by John B. on 04/08/2016
"I'm "Voodoo" from Team Delta 1-7 and here to say i have had this rifle for almost 3 years now! It is a wonderful AEG! I have upgraded mine however and loving it even more, you will to if your an m-4 enthusiast like me!
by Ronald F. on 04/08/2016
-nice fps 390 / 410(with m110 original spring) but if you put a m120 you can get 425 fps :)
-Nice ROF
-nice body and parts,marks,everything, very solid. looks pretty good.
-Really Nice gearbox ( except plastic piston (n))
- case and anditional mag.
-Crane stok type :)

-cheap and bad hop up.
-no accurate, i dont know if my gun comes defective, or the iron sight are crooked, i dont know buts i bought a red dot to fix it :).
-battery and sling are not included.

8/10 is a relly nice gun , looks amazing , the best of this gun for me is the body.


PD: sorry for my english, im lerning
by Andrew S. on 04/08/2016
"I've had this gun now for half a year and extremely impressed on its performance. When i first got it, the feel and look of everything thing alone was nicely finished and I couldn't wait to shoot it. When i start playing airsoft games this gun gave me the power and range i needed to hit my targets that are out there at far distance. After getting a 4X zoom scope and and a 6.01 tight bore, it really made this a great gun for outdoors even better. Even though the piston stripped on me, it was easy to fix, it was after at least 50 long games, and also i used a 9.6v constantly. So after all that im not disappointed. Here are the pro's and con's.........

FPS (410)
accuracy and range (150 ft range)
Full Metal construction
Working bolt ketch

Wobble in the stock but easy fix
Gun came with dust cover non functioning but doesn't matter

Overall great gun and will get the job done for you! Dont let the price and little con's I mentioned stop you from making a great purchase you will not regret.
by Sean M. on 04/08/2016
"This gun is amazing, the internal and external of the gun is very very good. Iv'e done a lot of airsoft wars and it has never failed once.The FPS is amazing and ROF is to. I prefer this gun to advanced airsofters.
by Michael C. on 04/08/2016
"Okay, to start off... this gun is THE MOST AMAZING gun ever, of course you have to buy a butterfly/nun-chuck battery separate (I strongly recommend a 9.6V) everything about this gun is almost perfect! It comes in a nicely made carrying case, two magazines (300 High Cap and 120[?] mid cap), and best of all the gun is full metal (with a few polymer parts [stock and foregrip]). Of course finding an RIS system is a pain in the gahzoots, this gun by itself is a beautifully crafted piece of art. It has a nice rate of fire (20+ bps [depending on the battery]) very comfortable to fire, and has a very realistic look and feel. This is a must have for every M4 loving airsoft person.

Great Feel
Heavy (6.3 lbs)
Has a Crane Stock ^_^
Fast ROF
Comes with two mags

Battery sold separate
RIS is sorta difficult to find (one that will fit and some of the common sites are out of stock)

But those minor flaws really don't matter.

Your money WILL NOT be wasted! I personally guarantee it!