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G&P Full Metal Advanced M4 Carbine AEG w/ Crane Stock (Model: Foliage Green)

178 Customer Reviews

by Anthony P. on 06/23/2016
"This gun is a fantastic, well-priced, durable gun. Let's start off with the build quality. The entire gun (save the stock, hand-guard, and carry handle) is made of high quality, metal. There is literally NO wobble in the gun at all, not even in the stock. The mock gas tube keeps the hand-guards nice and firm with no movement whatsoever. The delta ring is very stiff and will need some time to break in.
Build Quality: 5/5
Next, we'll focus on the external details. The Colt trades are astounding. Perfect quality, and nicely engraved. The trademarks are all authentic, and have the 5.56mm markings on both the body and the barrel.
Externals: 5/5
Finally, the internals. The entire gearbox is full metal, and is as reliable as all other King Arms products (very reliable). The hop up system is also full metal, and it feeds flawlessly with Tokyo Marui magazines as well as Echo 1 magazines (Dogs of War). The only suggestion I would make is upgrading the bucking, because mine has already torn, but that may just be a fluke, and a small fix at that.
Internals: 4.5/5
Overall this gun is a high quality, durable, and affordable gun that will turn heads both on and off the field.
by Tyler S. on 06/23/2016
"Finally, a full metal m4 for less than $250 that has an awesome preformance! I got this a month ago and so far she is doin pretty good. It chronoed at a very consistent 367-368 with a .20g. The ROF is nice with a 10.8v and the battery compartment can hold the mini 10.8v too. The accuracy is nice too. Mine did have one problem though. The semi shoots in bursts or on full auto, but no big deal because I don't use semi enough to care. Overall a very high quaility M4 from King Arms.

nice fps - 368
good ROF
light but very well buit full metal construction
bolt catch and logo are hot!
good price
comes with an all smokey grey, easy to remove metal flash hider

stock wobble (comon with most m4's that I've seen)
semi does bursts or full auto
by Michael S. on 06/23/2016
"This rifle is the BEST one that I have ever had. Full metal and powerful. I used this rifle just this last weekend, August 13th, and I was popping people off left and right with their G&G's and such that they have had for over a year with MANY upgrades. I have no after market mods to this rifle and I was using .25's and then traded out the flash hider to this one
products_id=29860 and it was great. Only suggestion for this would be to have a sling. It's about the same weight as the real steel so the realism is great. Oh buy the way when I had gotten this rifle it was for $200 so it was a GREAT BUY! I have found no flaws with it at all.
by Thomas D. on 06/23/2016
"When i first saw the evike review on this i was skeptic .
i have owned ics m4s, g&g m4's and even shot / borrowed classic army, a&k, jg and kwa m4's/

BY FAR this is the best m4 out there and i believe it gives the kwa a run for its money.

for 200 bucks you get a gun with 370 fps, functioning bolt, metal body and a great out of box accuracy

870 rps out of box with a $8 7.4 lipo that fits the handguard.
functioning bolt
370 fps is a nice balance
consistent and extremely accurate
full metal for 200 dollars

Cons: hard to disassemble for the first time
by James O. on 06/23/2016
"Great gun. Not only does it handle well, but it looks and feels superb. At $200 (deal) you can't beat it. If your on the edge for getting this gun, go for it. You will get your money's worth.

* Looks/feels awesome (this is not an over-exaggeration)
* Acceptable accuracy
* Full metal

* Opening/closing the hand guard can be a pain

If anyone is wondering, It's shooting 330 fps with .25's (stock internals). Great gun, great buy.
by Spencer B. on 06/23/2016
"I got this gun one week ago and this gun is a prime example of what airsoft is,,,realistic war pretty much and this is really REALISTIC......everything is awesome....shoots like a beast........if ur looking for a good indoor/outdoor gun or just an airsoft gun in general get this flaw whatsoeva.....get it....enought said. :)
by Daniel J. on 06/23/2016
"Love it, enough said.

True scale to the real AR15 carbine with working bolt on the receiver.
Decent weight.
Detachable carrying handle.
Good gearbox with smooth firing, easy to work on
Good grouping and power right out of the box (390 FPS)


Conclusion: A rifle with superb quality, performance and finish. I would recommend it.
by Thomas D. on 06/23/2016
"I have only had this gun for 3 days now but this is an amazing gun.

I have owned classic army , g&g (pro and combat), ics and jg m4's.
This king arms is by far the ebst m4 ive ever held

To wrap up the stats i get 14.5 rounds per second with a 7.4 lipo and deans.
With this rate of fire i get 345 fps with .25 gram bbs,

On top of this i hate using iron sight but with the iron sights on this gun i hit a chair at 165 feet
5 tmes in a row with out even touching the hopup

On top of this the guns externals are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no wobble in the handguard and best externals ive seen in a m4 to date.

Yeah the internals are not kwa but this gun is awesome out of the box and internals feel and sound like they will last

perfect fps right under 400
rate of fire
full metal
balanced weight
external are awesome
functioning bolt catch
no wobble anywhere
accuracy is awesome ( i dont think ill ever buy a tight bore for it)

handguard is on very tight but that also makes it not wobble so it is a love hate thing

that is the only con i can think of with the gun except your usual le stock wobble

GET THIS GUN NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Kimberley S. on 06/23/2016
full metal body
two sights
great ROF
great trade marks
locking system for hop up
not cheap Styrofoam
9/10 for skirmish

mine sometimes goes on full auto when on semi
not tht big of a deal
by Matthew H. on 06/23/2016
"First Review! This is a great gun, I would easily reccomend it to anyone looking for an M4.

Good Metal/Nylon Fiber.
Functional Bolt Catch.
Free Backup Sight.
Awesome Looks.
Reasonably Priced.

Cons: Small Handguard (You need a butterfly type.)
Bolt Cover Opens Extremely Easily.
No Orange Flashhider.
No Free Battery (To be expected though for higher-end guns.)
The Disasembly Isn't That Easy For Me (It might just be me though.)

Overall, I consider the flaws to be very minor and do not take anything away from the quality and realism of this gun. Wonderfull starter M4, if not a little difficult to take apart.

i hope my review didn't suck. 10/5
by Jeffrey R. on 05/12/2016
"I was hesitant at first when I ordered the gun. Not much info is provided in the description other then "full metal, fully upgradeable internals." After receiving the weapon, I can confirm this has everything that the high end CA guns have, except for the MOSFET. That includes 9mm ball bearing bushings, quick change spring, low resistance wiring, bore-up cylinder, and high torque motor. I have yet to figure out if it includes a tightbore barrel, but it's still an amazing deal at $130. Everything works as it should and the shimming from the factory is definitely better then other companies.
by Greggory B. on 05/12/2016
"This gun is amazing just had it upgraded to use lipo 11. batteries and 400fps

great externals
good stock fps
heavy feels like real thing
full metal

not lipo ready
not 400 fps
does not have ris or wiring to back
front site does not come off
conclusion good when stock great with mods i highly recomend this and if you put some money into it will perform polarstars and ptws
by James P. on 05/12/2016
"this gun is amazing! i've had this gun for over a year now and the only problems i had with this were problems with the battery but i put a new one in and it worked like it was brand. ive opened it up several times and have been able to out it back together without a problem. i put a scope on this adjusted the hop up loaded .23g matrix bbs and wow... i shot the front of a mail box with this from 100ft away accurately. on mine i had to twist the barrel a little to shoot straight but after that amazing.
good range
good rate of fire
comes with a green magazine
by Nick C. on 05/12/2016
"Good gun. Shoots bout 320 out of the box then the more you use it goes down to about 300. Upgrade definite. I put a tm piston and prommy m120 spring and it shoots around 380. Definitly get a 9.6, at least 2000 mah nun chuck bat if you want the performance.
by Trent S. on 05/12/2016
"This was my 3rd aeg. i love it. Mine came with a metal spring guide. it chronod it at 338 fps. the trademarks look really nice. I pulled it out of the box plugged it in and went outside i only had about 200 rounds. Allmost all of them hit target from 100 feet away. The size, i thought it would be a little bigger. It is a little hard at first to put the battery in. once you know how it's easy. The meterial the foregrip and stock are made of are really nice. The lever to drop the dust cover [which doesn't open the dust cover its magnetic] has a strong spring holding it in, when you pull it out it wiggles quite a bit.