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Special Edition M1892 Lever Action Airsoft Gas Sniper Rifle by A&K (480~530 FPS!)

9 Customer Reviews

by Luke J. on 02/18/2015
"Love the gun so far! However, there are some minor issues.

The lever is metal, so yay. But the lever is wobbly as well. Not so much as too be much of an issue, but nonetheless, it's wobbly.

The speedloader. Oh joy. Maybe mine was an isolated case, but getting that thing into the side of the gun is a challenge in itself. However, shaving some plastic off the sides fixes that pretty quickly.

So far these are the only issues I've found. I still love the rifle!
by Todd P. on 10/05/2014
"I just received the rifle today and it is truly magnificent! The overall quality of the build is flawless. The action is smooth and crisp. It holds a ton of gas. The fps is scary. My chrono readings ranged from 557fps(1st shot) to 490fps(25th shot) using .20gram bbs and green gas. The rifle is extremely accurate and the sights are top grade. The only negative about the gun is the light finish on the all wood stock. The wood itself is beautiful considering its from China. I purchased a Birchwood-Casey refinishing kit and I'm in the process of giving it a more authentic look. Other than that, the rifle is one of the most realistic and well built airsoft guns on the market. So if you want to own a piece of American history, look no further!
by Steven W. on 09/20/2012
"This gun is freakin' sweet. Just bought it a few weeks ago and I've put around 150 rounds through it (.25g BBs). Here are some specs/pros and cons:
430ish fps with .25's
Full Metal (except imitation wood)
Brass Buttplate
Around 5lbs

Full metal This guns internals will never break
FPS ROCKS shoots dead accurate for around 200ft
lever crank is SEXY
holds 25bbs
1 gas fill up will be good for around 3 mag fulls
it will DESTROY anything else in a semi-auto game
can be used as a sniper (no scope)

Reloading in a game takes a bit longer than with other guns (comes with a loading stick if u keep it filled in ur pocket then all u have to do is jam it in the port and shove the bbs down with the ramrod)

This gun is a 10/10 plus goes great with my revolver for wild west games
by Jake L. on 02/12/2012
"Thia gun is amazing there is absolutely no wobble on this thing as long as all the screws are tight. This is a great weapon to use a a sniper but no scope can be mounted unless you have someone whi can make a custom cnc rail for it with a scope this things is the perfect mix of modern and vintage weaponry.
No wobble as long as screws are tight
insane fps mines max is about 580 w/green gas!
Holds an insane amount of green gas about half a a can!
Very realistic sound while loading a round
screws can come undone easily that holds the stock in place(not a big deal just screw it back in every once in a while)
Only has 25 round internal magazine and can be a pain to reload in the field until you get it down.
Needs atleast a .40 gram bb i used .36s and they still would curve
Takes a whe to adjust the hop you liking (could just be me)
Overall this is a wonderful gun to own for under 200 dollars I believe it will be skirmishable it will take a while to get used to also it can fit in a shotgun scabbard! If you have the money and want a gun everybody will ask you to shoot or look at and be jealous of you then get it!
by James R. on 03/06/2016
"Bought this a few weeks ago, solid gun few negatives though,
-Stock is hollow so the gun is front heavy, can be fixed because the brass plate at the back can be removed and a few weights can be inserted.
-Lever is a bit wobbly
-Very powerful gun, shoots around 390-430FPS with .40's
-with one full reload of gas you can fire two loads of bb's (50 rounds)

Probably one of the coolest guns I've ever seen or used on the field, very good gun, very reliable.
by Jefferson R. on 01/17/2016
"Awesome gun! And a ton of fun to use. My only issue is the one I received had a bent internal barrel so it fires to the right consistently.
1. Great FPS
2. Good Range
3. Looks amazing
4. Holds a ton of gas

1. Bent Barrel (Probably just mine)
2. Feels kinda wobbly
3. Hard to use at a distance due to a lack of a scope

Definitely want to get this one!
by Jay V. on 09/20/2012
"I picked this gun up because I couldn't find the Bravo version. After seeing a few reviews, I was fairly nervous about the quality; I heard that it had a bit of wobble, and one or two reviewers said that theirs leaked. After receiving my Matrix 1892, I can put those worries to rest. My gun is rock solid, and has no leaks whatsoever. I am absolutely in love with this weapon for what it is, and that's a good, old-fashioned, fun time!

Lever action (!)
Gas powered
Plastic stock and handguard look like the real deal
Solid construction from solid metal
24 rounds, great for a sniper

Reloading is not going to be easy, if at all possible
Lever action has a stiff spring to move the loader, will hurt backs of fingers with extensive use
Plastic has visible seams
Saddle ring can be loud against the side of the receiver

To be honest, the cons are mostly nitpicks; I would suggest picking one of these up today!
by Michael M. on 03/01/2016
"I bought this rifle a couple of months ago and overall it is ok, but only for a collector or maybe occasional use, it is NOT a main battle rifle. First, it holds barely any ammo, second rate of fire is only higher than a bolt action and you will get smoked by any AEG. If you just want to collect, buy it, if not save your money and buy a cyma AK for less money
by Max F. on 02/09/2016
"It took about 7 days to ship which was pretty good considering where I live. When i opened the box it looked amazing until i shot it. I put .20's in it and it shot around 340 with a full tank of green gas. It was very disappointing to find it shooting this fps after i saw the reviews and watched the video. I started to shoot it more to see if it was a glitch. Let alone another problem occurred. I pulled the lever down twice by accident and a bb got jammed way in the bottom of the gun. Why they put an opening for a bb to get down there I don't know. I do know is that it took about an hour to take apart the thing and lodge the bb out with a screw driver. Not going to say it was the worst purchase i've ever made, but it is defiantly up there. IT is however a full scale replica of the real one and the lever action is just beast.

-Its freaking lever action
-Full metal except for imitation wood

-Front sights wobble
-If lever is pulled twice a bb will get lodged in bottom of the gun
-340 - 400 fps
-uses a lot of green gas when fired
-lever wobbles a bit but is fixable
-wood is fake and pretty much hollow inside

You may want to reconsider buying this gun.