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Echo1 M4 ST6 Full Size Airsoft AEG Rifle

17 Customer Reviews

by rory c. on 08/21/2015
"To keep this short and to the point. Yes Yes Yes YES, and YES. This gun is absolutely amazing. For having about a 10' inner barrel this gun(after Hop-up adjustments) is great. After playing for awhile the spring settles at around 390 FPS. This gun is very true to its word, it performs, its short, and honestly is worth every penny. Airsoft is one of the few hobbies that is a Pay for Quality type in terms of weaponry but this gun in my opinion is worth so much more than 200$. Yes the battery is a stock battery and you'll probably want a new one and the charger you should instantly throw away for the safety of the already crappy battery it comes with but the gun is amazing its sturdy, its short, shoots hard, RIS system the lower and upper reciever are made of a relatively dense polymer and the stock will only wobble when you have it extended to the 6th position. I have used this gun for 50+ minute games rolling in the dirt, walking through rivers, and crawling and have cleaned it twice and it works like the first day i got it. Also it sounds like a well made gun. You may not know what it means to hear a well made gun for the newer players but this gun...this gun is the sound that you will refer to for the rest of your life as a well made gun. I honestly hope you(the person reading this) purchases this gun because you will love this gun. there is no question in my mind at all. :) happy shopping
by Daniel B. on 08/11/2015
"Ok. I wanted a gun that had an m4 platform, but didn't look like the standard m4/m16. Let me say this. It is the best preforming gun i have ever used. I play both mislim and cqb, and this gun is compact for cqb, but has range for mislim. With no internal upgrades whatsoever, my gun choreographed around 395 fps on average with matrix .20 precision bbs. It is fully metal, exept for the pistol grip and a couple other minor parts, however, if you are looking for lightweight and you don't want a realistic feel, then id recommend a m4 with a palmer body. I personally put an acog on mine, but then it broke, so I'm back to the old regular iron sights. As far as attachments go, i have a the fore grip that comes with it (which you just twist on), used to have an acog on it, a flashlight, and ordered a mock suppresser/silenser yesterday. This gun is everything i ever wanted plus more! Killer deal for only 195$, (package includes gun, one 300 rnd standard high cap magazine, a fore grip, a battery, a charger, however no manual) it operates just as any other m4/m16 on the market would though, standard m4 mags if you wanted to switch from an old m4 or pdw ect. If you are looking for a sling for this gun, you will need a 1 point sling. Without minor adjustment, a 2 point sling is not compatible. The one sling point that it does have is by the end of the barrel under the iron sights. For all the new airsofters.... DO NOT use cheap walmart bbs in this airsoft gun. representatives and staff recommends the matrix presssicion brands for a reason. They are worth the extra couple dollars. This gun rarely jams with the .20 gram matrix bbs. Personally I've never had a jam with it, however it is possible. The rof (rate of fire) is pretty intense considering its an assault rifle, not a smg (sub machine gun) Echo 1 is one of my favorite manufacturers. They will help me with everything if i have any problems at all. The trademarks on the gun are very unique, the skull frog and the skull. It has a full metal ris throughout the entire gun so you can mount anything anywhere. It comes with a 9.6v butterfly battery and charger, and the battery goes in the crane stock, distributing the weight quite nicely. It is a 1 piece adjustable hop up available to you through the dust cover. It has the quality of a 350$ gun. I am glad i chsose to buy this weapon and can't wait to play a lot with it. I would highly recommend this to anyone beginner, intermediate or even pro airsofter. aka sweet box it comes with
by angie v. on 07/12/2015
"I bought this gun last month and I will say it is a very solid good gun. Ive been playing airsoft for about a year now however, i have shot guns my entire life and Im very experienced around firearms. This is without a doubt the most solid gun you could buy for under $200. It is very nice out of the box (accurate, very powerful, fast fire rate) but i did upgrade it. I put a new hopup system in it along with a new bucking and flat hop. I also put a new long 496mm 6.03mm stainless Matrix barrel in it with a mock suppressor to cover it. With all these upgrades in it, Id say its equivalent to a $350-$400 gun. Even though i only spent about $250.
However, even though its a GOD upgraded, it is still very good out of the box and still competes with the high end guns.

Well worth the money!

Pros: everything

Cons: maybe the plastic parts but still super strong. (not a problem)
by Jacob B. on 05/28/2015
"I was a little nervous getting this gun because I was on a tight budget for an air soft gun. But I was shocked at the quality of this gun. It performs amazing and I doubt it will break ever. It has a good fps standing at around 400 with .25 gram BBS. I also love the range on it, even though it is meant for CQB. The stock is very sturdy and the included rail covers and grip make it all that much better. I would recommend this to any beginner air softer of a pro on a tight budget like I was. 5/5
by Travis C. on 01/04/2015
"I had this gun for over three years now and has yet to break, has no internal upgrades this gun is built like a tank
by peter l. on 11/01/2014
"I got this gun for 2 weeks now and it shoots hard! Fully auto is super fast!

and the gun is really sturdy, everything on the gun is great! No complaint at all on this gun.
by Brayden W. on 04/21/2014
"Very Great gun. Got it the other day. I lost a plug on the Crane Stock that hides the battery.

Hits hard!
Comes with a Verticle Grip.
High FPS

Makes people bleed, pro or con, either one.
Crane Stock plug came out. Dont know if you can buy those or not
by Linda W. on 06/09/2013
"This is an amazing gun it is really powerfull and acurate with 25. grams with 20. grams it flings them up because it has to much power. its a really sturdy gun and a goodlooking gun but the grip it comes with is crap but it comes with it so you can attache it for looks but overall a really good gun.

i really need to know if this thing is lipo ready because im wanting to get one for it im shure it is but i dont want to tear the internals up if it isnt so if i could get an answere on that. that would be nice
by Michael H. on 03/19/2013
"This gun is well worth the $200 the rails are excellent and the internals are even better.

Great FPS
Comes with rail covers
Comes with vertical grip
Great ROF

Battery it comes with is CRAP
by Brenden T. on 03/17/2013
"This is a great gun! It shoots just under 400 fps and hits hard! right out of the package its accurate and reliable. everything about this gun is just great. A MUST BUY!
by Cameron A. on 11/30/2012
"this gun is great. i really like the gun. ive had it for about 2 months.

abs plastic
9.6 battery
comes with cool box
trademarks (trademarks include frog skeleton and acomplishments)
crane stock
380-400 fps (mine shoots 395)
tactical rail comes with rail covers

there are none
by sean h. on 01/12/2012
"this gun is GREAT it is all polymer and shoots really fast and has a high rate of fire. the only problem is, is getting the battery in it is supposed to go in a certain way and there is two ways you can do it but there is one real way to do it. The gun comes with a 9.6 battery, rails, a grip, and charger. most guns come with an 8.4 battery but echo 1 is great. Also the sights and hop up are perfect echo 1 set it up and the gun is really accurate.There is no problems whatsoever and the packaging is amazing i just love this gun and am going to have a great time with it overall 5 stars its awesome.
by Chris L. on 02/25/2016
"This gun is amazing for starters because of the easy hop-up, solid build, and is a common gun so you can find plenty of reviews.
Amazing FPS
Good looking
Metal Rail system
RPS is pretty good.
Shoots pretty "hot" with 1.5 joules and a nearing 400 FPS
by Jonathan B. on 12/10/2013
"First off, I love this gun, it actually shoots around 370 fps for me (with .20's) and not the 400 fps it says but that doesn't really bother me. The fore grip is pretty crappy but I just slapped on an AFG (angled fore grip) which actually had a really tight fit and was pretty hard to get on.

Metal gearbox
Comes with 4 rail covers
370 fps (good or bad)
Everything seems metal except for the ABS receiver

One of the things that clip on to the buffer tube to put the battery in place was very stiff and it broke off when I tried to but the battery in (still works fine and keeps everything in place)

Overall, I would recommend this gun to any airsofter looking for a good quality M4
by Andrew C. on 05/19/2012
"The Echo 1 ST6 is an exceptional AEG. The gearbox is fantastic and made entirely of metal. It is extremely accurate with .25 gram pellets and has an amazing rate of fire (clocked in at 15-16 rps). The body is entirely ABS plastic, save the rails and outer barrel. My only complaint is that of build quality. The RIS/RAS on mine was extremely wobbly and I had to replace the D-ring on it. The stock is very comfortable and the Seal Team 6 trades are awesome. I would recommend a full metal receiver and a 6.03 steel inner barrel. 4/5 only because of the weak rails. Would like to see better from Echo.

Nice Stock
High Quality Gearbox
Incredible Accuracy
Weak Furniture