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Matrix Limited Edition Custom Alien Pulse Rifle Airsoft AEG

18 Customer Reviews

by Richard B. on 05/03/2012
"I love the look of this piece and for the money I think it is well worth it. I am really never going to use this as an airsoft gun. I bought it was a wall hanger and will probably shoot a couple cans and that will be that.

There are only a couple of things annoying about this. First off, mine has the problem where the shotgun shell is exposed when the pump handle is all the way forward. I contacted tech support, they told me that they really didn't have enough other people with this problem to troubleshoot it and I should look into getting another one as an exchange. I personally know 3 people who had this problem and I see another review above mine where they did as well.

The one I got was fine as far as rattling and loose parts go.

I also can't stress enough how much this needs a manual!Coming from someone who has zero airsoft experience, I can say figuring out what everything was supposed to do and even getting it to fire took a good amount of time.

I give this a 4/5 just on price alone.
by Dan H. on 03/20/2012
"The M41A1 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifle

I was very excited to see this box sitting on my pouch when I arrived home, so I quickly tore into it to see my new Matrix Aliens Pulse Rifle. I was really very pleased with my initial look. The plastic cosmetic sheath is a really nice dark earthen green. Not a bright obnoxious olive drab like older DIY kits came with. The rifle has a really nice heft, owing mostly to the solid M1A1 Thompson used as a base for this gun. Picking up the rifle I noticed that the pistol grip has a bit of a wobble which is concerning, a little bit of epoxy though should solve that problem.

The metal heat sink around the primary barrel also shifts a bit too, producing a rather annoying clank. Again, epoxy glue to the rescue. Checking out the racking feature on the cosmetic under/over grenade launcher I was disappointed to find the dust cover had been installed too far back. So that when in a closed position I can still see the red shot gun shell underneath. The entire under/over shot gun is also made of a light plastic, and easily feels like it would be the first part of this gun to break.

Battery installation is easy and straight forward, as described in the video. I put a 9 volt battery into the spot that should control the LED ammo counter; however, to very disappointment the LED counter did not turn on. Now, it could be that the 9 volts I tried out were close to dead or completely dead. So I'll be going out to buy some fresh batteries ASAP.

The magazine well is easy to access and fairly easy to switch out magazines once you get the hang of it. And the stock is a really nice bent aluminum, it feels solid in all three positions and coupled with the angled mag well makes this rifle surprisingly ergonomic to handle. Over all I bought this gun as a collector’s piece, though I may field it once or twice. And as a collector's piece goes it's really nice, and is a unique addition to any collection. I recommend the M41A1 Pulse Rifle to any true Aliens and Airsoft fan.

-Heavy Solid Construction with lots of metal parts.
-Beautiful finish and color choices.
-Shoots nicely right out of the box.
-Fantastic representation of the Aliens Pulse Rifle.
-Novelty LED Ammunition Counter.
-Shipped securely and nicely.

-Under/Over Cosmetic grenade launcher feels fragile.
-Novelty shotgun charging installed incorrectly.
-Pistol grip wobbles.
-Barrel heat sink wobbles.
-LED Counter did not work. (May be user error.)
-No manual/Trouble shooting instructions.
-A $360.00 Gun shouldn't have this many little QC issues.

Overall I'm giving this gun a 4/5 due to its wonderful collectible status. If this were a standard airsoft gun, I would have to give it a 3/5.
by David G. on 03/16/2012
"Aliens Come Alive!

The only thing I hated at first is it came with no manual, so I had to find out the switches and safety on my own, which aren't labeled!


- shoots nice and straight like, with about 150 effective feet w .20 bbs
- ALIENS ammo counter
- realistic weight
- great price

- No Manual
- No aiming sights

NEUTRAL: The mag has to be kept in a compartment, with the counter battery, but no biggie.

All in all, I give this gun a 9.25/10, since it had no manual.
It even comes with a free 8.4 v battery!