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AIM CNC X-Large Bolt Handle for A&K SVD Airsoft Sniper Rifles

8 Customer Reviews

by Karan B. on 03/14/2013
"Gun: A&K SVD Stealth Black
This bolt handle is a perfect fit on the A&K SVD! Installation took 3 minutes or less. Just unscrew 4 screws and put it onto the bolt. No disassembly was required which is great! It made pulling the bolt 10x easier and you don't need a glove to pull the bolt anymore. This is a must have!
Easy to install
Made out of strong aluminum
by Albert Y. on 11/16/2012
"This is a great add-on for any spring A&K SVD user. They don't tell you the size, but I feel that it doubles the length of space that you can hold for cocking the gun. Instead of two fingers I can get three fingers on the handle--results vary depending on your finger size. It attaches over the original handle and gives you more space to hold all around. It's more black than gray as in the picture, but that's okay since I'm using the all-black version of the A&K SVD.

Installation is easy and does not require any disassembly of the gun. Obviously this handle add-on sticks out longer than the original does, so keep that in mind for storing the gun after installing it. I recommend it.

The finish is nice and smooth, so I recommend you still wear gloves for better grip.
by Lucas B. on 08/31/2012
"Let me start by saying this bolt handle will change how you play with your SVD. It makes it about 1000x easier to pull the bolt back. Where as the original bolt only allows you to charge the bolt with 2 fingers, this bolt allows you to put 4 fingers on the bolt. It is very easy to install, with only needing to screw in 3 phillips head screws.

- Easy to install
- Fits snugly
- Makes it very easy to charge the bolt
- Fits in with the look of the gun
- Easy to install
- Allows you to charge the bolt with 4 finger rather than 2
- Cheap for the amount of good it does

- Absolutely none

In all, buy this bolt
by Tomas P. on 01/23/2012
"Good product. A MUST for Dragonov ownwes

Fits on my Matrix Dragonov SVD II.

Much easier pull. My 10 yr old could not cock it before but now can do it with 2 hands.
(he is really skinny) My 12 year old can do it now where before he had trouble.

It fits over the original one then has 4 screws that keep it firm and secure.


- Good Construction
- No wobble (solid Install)
- Does not interfere with the hand guard
- Looks like part of the gun


- None

Final Rating 10/10
by Patrick G. on 10/14/2014
"Mine did not fit, the bolt was too large and so the top piece (The actual extender) and the bottom piece (In which the screws go through) could not meet evenly on all sides. I could only fin in 3 of the screws because of this, and I ended up losing all three of them out on the battlefield. To solve this, I used my one remaining screw, put it in, then glued the two parts together, glued black tape around it, then wrapped more tape around it, the last layer of which I also taped.

Luckily, both before and after this adjustment, the bolt worked perfectly, and made it much easier to pull back. However, after pulling the bolt back 100 or so times after first getting the gun, the extended handle is not nearly as necessary, because the spring loosens up and it's very easy to pull back without the handle.
by Brian L. on 10/10/2014
"I will give this product a 4 only because the screws on the handle are cheap so i just wrapped black electrical tape around the handle and it works perfectly. Makes the gun 10 times easier to cock since i use 4 fingers now instead of 2
by chris d. on 11/28/2013
"I bought this to use on the A&K SVD springer. Product is well finished and definitely makes pulling the bolt easier.

However, my handle would not fit on the gun's bolt--it was too tight. I had to use a Dremel with a stone to take off some material on the handle.

Also, my handle kit was missing a screw--the package only had three. I had a spare screw lying around, but still...BTW--product pictures indicate five screws, my piece had four tiny phillips head screws.

I would recommend this product, but be prepared to make slight modifications.
by Max K. on 10/30/2015
"There is nothing wrong with how this product is made, it fits the a&k svd perfectly. it's a shiny high quality metal and attaches the bolt just like it should...


It looks super horrible. You can't see in the picture, but the bolt makes the gun look stupid. The bolt seems like a big toy and defiantly stands out as being huge. It's about 2 and a 1/4 inches long and is just under half an inch tall and 3/4" wide. It's very awkward looking. The bolt is EXTREMELY shiny and dark black and does NOT match the gun AT ALL. It's awful. The gun is like a matte black and then BAM super shiny metal, so shiny it looks like cheap plastic. It's amazing how far it sticks out, it looks extremely weird and stupid. DONT RUIN A SEXY SVD WITH THIS THING.

it doesn't even make the gun easier to pull the bolt back. To me it's just as easy either way. Honors the pull is the same with and without.