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WE AK PMC Spec. Op Full Metal Airsoft Gas Blowback GBB Rifle

6 Customer Reviews

by taylor w. on 04/09/2018
"good gun all around. there are some nice aftermarket parts for the gun, you really need mods (like the short travel kit) to actually use on the field. I have put about 30-40 mags through it and no real problems yet. a good thing to think about with this gun is to file the metal mag (personal preference) it comes out of the box super sharp and I find just about every time I use the mag I get cut on it one way or another, the plastic body ones are much nicer to handle. the mag catches on this gun are really weird, they are hard to accurately find and click in and when you put it in wrong, about 50% of the time some gas spurts out and kinda spooks you. but past that, there are ways to get around that stuff, whether you grind, file stuff or replace parts it will be a nice gun if treated and lubed nicely. I just wish some of the cons listed were thought about a little more carefully, especially the sharp edges, they are everywhere. since I have had the gun I have put a folding wire-stock, Wooden fore-grip, suppressor, short travel kit, better hop-up bushing, and some glow-on sights
id do a solid 9/10 for it as no gun is made 100% prefect.

-Things that one should do to better the usability of the gun:
- we, or ra-tech short stroke kit
- better hop-up bushing for shure
- the nozzle return spring is pretty weak, I would get a stronger one like a 150%
-and if you care for accuracy, a nicer tight-bore barrel
-full blow-back realism - also Con
-good build quality altogether
-fairly nice build parts altogether

-full blow-back wastes a lot of gas, you defiantly need to get a short travel kit for it, it sits about 450 rpm without and about 650 with it and a substantial decrease in gas usage
-metal mag is super sharp
- reloading magazines are a hassle
-lots of other sharp edges wen servicing the gun(mag well, folded over part of receiver next to bolt travel area, and probably some more)
by Frank L. on 06/27/2014
"The WE-Tech AK PMC is truly an amazing gun. Externally, the receiver and barrel are not cheap metal. The handguard and pistol grip are put on and rock solid. I own an AEG AK-47, and sometimes when I carry the gun solely by the pistol grip, it tends to flex. This gun does not have that issue. The magazine wobbles, but it has shown to not be an issue at all. Internally, it's kind of cheap. The horror stories exist, but so do solutions to fix said problems without opting in for RA-Tech or Hephaestus parts. Gun shoots HOT. Will require an NPAS Valve if you're going to field this gun regularly. My gun was chrono'd at a whopping 520 FPS with .20's. An alternative to the NPAS is to use a half charged magazine, filled with Duster Gas. Dropped to 387 FPS.

For an AK, being one of the more common firearms, news spreads like wildfire at a field when someone catches wind of a WE-Tech AK GBBR on the field.

- Amazing kick. Hard to control full-auto fire, even at a whopping 400 RPM
- Weight is probably the closest you'll get to the real steel version.
- Rock solid construction
- Shoots HOT
- Parts easily accessible.

- Weak Internals (Fixes available everywhere!)
- Shoots HOT
- Average 400 Rounds per Minute.
- Gun's Hop-Up is janky. (May be due to .20's)
by Daniel P. on 03/27/2014
"Pros: really cool high kick. Guuns looks really good overall. It just feels awesome in your hands.

Cons: weak internals (the hammer just broke today; I barely put 1000 rounds in it.

It is an absolute must to buy the upgraded internals after a while. The extra $100 would be worth it down the road.
by Paul H. on 04/08/2012
"Great gun with the mods installed. The GBBR is totally solid all around and feels great. Plus, the receiver and most of the externals are not just metal, but steel so they'll age very nicely the more you play. And lastly, it has a full travel bolt which is great for all you realists out there.

The only draw backs to this GBBR are the durability of the internals and the rate of fire. Sadly, this sucker suffers from some very serious cool down and a fairly slow rate of fire on propane/green gas. Evike claims that it can use Red Gas, but I didn't see it as being an option from the manufacturer. There are 2 after market upgrades out there to increase the rate of fire, so it would be wise to pick one of them up to keep your ROF up. Also, aftermarket steel internals are necessary if you plan on gaming this gun on the regular as there are many horror stories of the stock internals shredding themselves pretty quick.

All in all a great GBBR for the price and will manufacturer's support, EVIKE is the place to buy it.

- Steel receiver
- Great price
- Compatibility with WE AKS-74U mags
- Potential for external upgrades to give is a classic AK look

- Weak internals
- Slow rate of fire out of the box
by Nicolas L. on 01/26/2017
"Runs very well, have used it for both regular field days and milsim events around the state. BUT if you are thinking about this airsoft gun I highly recommend buying the steel hammer for it. the stock hammer will break on you within a couple thousand BBs. Also, do not rely on the sling point on the buffer tube with 1-point sling, atleast for mine, the sling point is not very strong and cannot take much stress. The QD sling mount will not break, just pop off and you could drop your airsoft gun.

-Shoots well and consistent
-Made well and looks amazing
-Stock hop up and barrel work well

-Hammer is weak and will break
-QD sling point on stock is weak and not reliable
by James A. on 08/22/2016
"Very fun to shoot. However, the internals are terrible. My firing pin broke after 500 shots because it's made with extremely low quality metal (this happens to everyone so don't think you'll get lucky). The metal is so low quality that when I went to replace the firing pin, I stripped a screw in the trigger box and I couldn't open it to replace the part. This gun is beautiful and very fun to use, but it's just a pain for $330
Do not make the mistake I made. DO NOT buy this garbage
Other problems-
Front sight wasn't centered
Metal chips very easy: the inside of my gun is covered in chippings
Screws are screwed in way too tight