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KWA M93R NS2 Full Metal Airsoft GBB Limited Edition Bundle + Metal Folding Stock + 2 Mags

15 Customer Reviews

by Marcos O. on 06/10/2013
"Can't say enough about this gun! Great for indoor games. In this case you can go "FULL RETARD!" Five out of 5! It is a must for the whole family. Many hours of enjoyment.

Great ROF!
A real nicely built gun.

Hi-Caps does not hold enough BB's
The fact you don't have one.
by Kalen K. on 02/24/2013
"Overall this gun is fantastic. You will never find another gun will 3 round burst, full auto, and semi auto. I got this not long ago and it's a dream

350 fps
Folding stock
3 firing modes
Hop up
Extended magazine
Ns2 gas system
Metal alloy slide
Extended barrel
Sick trademarks
Nice iron sights
Very hard and quick blowback
900 rpm
Nothing at all

This gun is worth every nickel and if you have 220 dollars please get it. This IS the nicest pistol out there and is more than kwa quality
by Brandon S. on 01/11/2013
"This is absolutely the best gun I have ever purchased, the ns2 system regulates gas in it extreamely well

Great FPS/ROF; green gas, .20s: 320-350fps/18-22rps depending on gas
Perfect indoor cqb Weapon and great outdoor sidearm
3 firing modes; single, 3round burst, and a notch between the two is full auto
Package is great with the two mags.
The stock really helps stability and the look.
ROF is awesome enough to compete with any rifle/submachinegun
The mag locks when the spring is pulled down allowing easy loading

Cons: if you forget if the mag is locked you end up wasting gas
A 50rd mag should be purchased
Don't use propane with this gun or any NS2 gun

Such an amazing gun, foregrip+stock+Extended mag make
This gun look amazing
by Mary Katherine T. on 12/27/2012
"All I have to say is WOW! This gun exceeded expectations, I got it for Christmas and it shoots so incredibly well, I love the 3 different firing modes of this gun, I use propane because that's all I can get where I live and it works fine, just so long that you don't mind the smell.

3 firing modes
heavy duty construction
spare mag and stock with limited edition
super nice mags
there is one thing about this gun though, the O rings on the gas valve that are on the mags tend to come out really easily, and I've already lost 1, so if you get this gun make sure to keep an eye on those O rings they will come out.

all in all a great gun
by David F. on 12/27/2012
"GREAT gun! What else would you expect from KWA?? All of my buddies from the field want to shoot it, I am amazed by the performance of this gun. It chrono'd at around 360 on semi, 320 on 3 round burst, and about 260 on full auto. The RPS was right around 22 a second. GREAT gun!
by Nick D. on 07/25/2012
"I bought this gun for two purposes, to be a powerful sidearm in outdoor fields, and to be a trusty SMG for indoor play, and I'll tell you, it suits both jobs perfectly! When put in semi auto, it handles like an M92F, and you can really feel the kick when wielded with one hand. One problem though, and that is that when you are low on gas, semi auto will occasionally shoot bursts. You can ignore this, though. When you use all accessories (stock, fore grip) this gun turns into an SMG. In three round burst, it is very effective indoors, the ROF is so fast it feels like semi auto. External wise, the trades are extraordinary, not in white paint like the other M93R. These are REAL Beretta and 9mm parabellum trademarks.

-Great trades
-Great for indoors and outdoors, FPS is perfect for a pistol
-Great ROF (900/min 15/sec)
-Package comes with accessories that can change the gun completely. The gun with the short mag, grip flipped up grip, and stock is barely reckognizeable to the stock, grip and extended mag.
-Great range
-Compact, with a lot of firepower. Great for scouts and recon.

-Full auto: when the selector is between semi and burst. I find this unrealistic, and is unpractical with the ROF. Also throws off semi auto sometimes.
-Can burn through ammo very fast.

Please note: If you plan to use this, I would buy the 50 rd. extended mag, that's what I did. Ammo can last a bit longer.
I rate it: 4.5/5 Great gun!
by michael d. on 07/20/2012
"This weapon is beatiful.
-I chronoed this at 350 fps with green gas
-gas efficient

-the only con is that u cant give kwa a bad rep for no reason

This gun exceeded my expectations of a pistol. Its got a stock, foregrip, huge magazines, semi-auto, 3 round burst and full-auto. Wat more could u ask of a pistol? NOTHING!
by Matt S. on 07/11/2012

by Li X. on 07/04/2012
"Just received my second KWA airsoft pistol-M93R Limited Edition from Evike. Last time, chose KWA USP Match because of its ambidextrous magazine release and ambidextrous slide catch release and so on, itís pretty good.

Just a couple of weeks ago, came across this KWA Limited Edition M93R and very interested in some features which are different from its regular version:
1, full metal frame, NOT Composite Polymer
2, good trademark and NOT white paint
3, including metal KWA folding stock
4, including two magazines: 24rd Standard and 32rd Extended

After shooting some round both in semi auto and 3 round burst, I have to say itís almost perfect!
1, really full metal, except the outer barrel and grip
2, good looking and much better than the white paint version, not only the trademark, but the engraving effect
3, very smooth recoil and very good shooting performance
4, semi-auto and 3-round burst

1, trademark engraving is small and shallow a bit
2, ďfull autoĒ shooting may easily cause semi auto and 3-round burst function breakdown, take care of full-auto shooting!(this so called full auto function does not mention in its operation's manual at all)

In a word, really pretty good!

4.5 of 5 stars for KWA M93R Limited Ediiton, 5 of 5 stars for Evike!
by Noah K. on 06/20/2012
"I LOVE THIS GUN. This is my third high quality airsoft gun and by far the best. It shoot rediculously fast. I got the red madbull propane adapter with it and it shoots propane very well. If you are debating about this gun, stop debating and GET IT!!!! Also, if you have another $50 to spend, get the 50 round mag; youll want it later garenteed.
by brandon s. on 06/10/2012
"Long story short: Awesome gun. The thing I really love about this gun is that with the short mag and no stock, it's a great secondary. With the M93r mag or the Extended M9 mag that I purchased seperately and the stock, It's an awesome primary for CQB or Pistol and shotgun battles.

Secondary or primary
3 rnd burst (it's 2 rnd burst if you remove your finger from the trigger before the cycle completes)
comes w/ a stock and m93r mag
high ROF
2 mags per fill of propane
Bolt catch ALWAYS works, even after about 1500 rounds

my stock was covered in silicon Oil because it leaked
the stock has some wobble (if you put electrical tape in the small hole in the left grip it fixes this problem) the stock sometimes requires some jiggling to get off.

There are really no cons w/ the actual gun. Its very durable (the gun and mags) In fact, I dropped the m93r out of my gun on accident onto straight up concrete and it basically still has no leak. It only leaks out some gas right after you pull out the propane, then stops.
by maxime c. on 06/02/2012
"This gun is a lot of fun, feels extremely realistic, looks extremely realistic ( i know it's illegal but i could'nt help myself to scratch off the orange tip... ) gas blowback is awesome, gun is powerful ( my walls are made of concrete and often the bb's would break in half! ) i love it!
by Eric A. on 05/09/2012
"I LOVE THIS GUN! I am VERY pick with my guns and I gotta say, when you can't help but want to unload a few clips every time you get home that really says something about a good air soft gun (especially given the face that I have little to no BB's left and and keep telling myself not to waste them, BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!) People keep complaining about the stock saying it's hard to work or that it's weak..... not true, unless your a 3 year old that can't figure out a simple mechanism or your hulk that can't control his/her own strength. Bottom line I deem this package 100% AWESOME!
by Ji Su L. on 02/03/2012
"The gun came in a typical KWA box but inside the box was the extra hicap magazine and the KSC metal folding stock made of very good quality.

The gun is heavy, just like a real Beretta and the finish and build is incredible. The gun feels very solid and the cold steel build feels great in your hands. The magazines feed great and have no problems at all. I have shot over couple hundred rounds after owning it for a week or so and no problems at all.

The cool thing about this M93R is that it has burst fire. It shoots 3 bb's when in burst fire. Then when the selector is in the middle it shoots full automatic and of course semi-automatic as well when set to selector is set to semi.

The stock is sturdy and easy to put on and take off. The only down side is that you can't actually fully fold it when it is attached to the gun. But that's no big deal.

Recoil is great, shoots hard and it is LOUD. Intimidating. I love how it shoots.

Get this great package if your into unique pieces. This gun would be great for CQB even as a primary if you have the 50 round hi cap magazine and other extra magazines with the use of burst fire mode.

Get this gun, you won't regret it.
by Luke E. on 01/28/2012
"This is possibly the best sidearm/machine pistol you can buy, and if you're thinking of it then click buy, NOW.

Here's the low-down:

-_ Magnesium metal slide (I asked KWA this and that is their reply)
-_ mostly metal construction, good quality
-_ lower receiver and outer barrel are well made high impact polymer
-_ HEAVY - weighs about 1.5 - 2 kilos (with mag) - about 2.5 pounds!!!
-_ Chrono'd at 320FPS using .25g BBs!!! (360 with .2's)
-_ Good, easily adjustable hop-up, and visible sights
-_ over 850 rounds per minute, around 15 rounds a second CYCLES FAST AND SNAPPY!!!!
-_ NOISY AS HELL AND LARGE RECOIL FOR A GBB - absolutely awesome to play with!
-_ I used this as a primary for CQB and it not only has the 'rape factor' but also is SO intimidating. Also, in some CQB, only semi auto and tri-burst is allowed... hello M93r ;D
-_ Semi - accurate to about 100 feet (man-sized target) Burst, about 60,70 and full just sprays EVERYWHERE

Finally, what seals the deal is KWA's NS2 system. At room temp you'll be getting 2-3 mags outta one gas fill... 'so what' you say... well, where I live in England, the weather is pretty poor, so GBB's are rare... however, i've used this in skirmishes at -3 degrees (25 Fahrenheit!) with no jams at all, even after an entire magazine of full auto. Now you don't get THAT every day.

I bought mine from a UK site because I think your orange ring is painted on, and i couldn't be bothered to paint over it.

oh, and buy like 2-3 extra mags. you'll want them. ;)