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Matrix Full Metal 400 round "Flash Mag" for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG - Black

21 Customer Reviews

by Rexman N. on 04/29/2018
"feeds flawless, zero problems, AWESOME MAG!
by Andrew W. on 03/10/2018
"A fantastic hi cap mag! It's metal, black, and pulling the string gives positive feed back..if that makes any sense. I'll be buying more.
by Andrew M. on 03/05/2018
"This mag works flawlessly! You only need to wind the mag one and you're done. I never had to wind this thing in the field. Just don't let noobs use them or they'll break it lol. 5/5
by Emily R. on 06/04/2017
"This flash mag is a very good at feeding and you only have to pull the string a couple times to fully wind the mag.

-Good build quality
-Good feeding
-No winding wheel
-High capacity


by Alan H. on 03/11/2017
"It's a highcap that's 100% better quality and you do not even need to wind it. Feels study in your hands and it can probably take a beating if you speed load/mag flip it out a few times.
by Nicholas B. on 04/14/2015
"Amazing flash mag, works fine with my Kwa Cqr Mod 2. It says 400 round but the package mine came in said 360 round and it was by seals not matrix. Anyways, amazing flash mag you guys should buy!
by Matthew C. on 06/04/2014
"Best mag ever!

I bought one for my GR16 and loved it so much that I bought another. I haven't had one mis feed, and to prep it to shoot it takes less than 5 seconds.
by Andy B. on 06/04/2014
"I got two of these mags and it has been the best decision i've made. When I used these things at my local field, everyone thought they were really sick. I was able to take out a lot of enemies who were too busy winding up their mags to do anything. I highly recommend this to everyone.
by Sandy R. on 06/04/2014
"These magazines are amazing!!!
I bought several and I have no complaint from them!!!
Greetings from Mexico!!!
by Jason Y. on 06/04/2014
"Love this mag great mag it really reloads faster than any other mag. I have a [email protected] saw and i ditched my box mag for 3 of these. I cannot find much flaws besides that the bottom can be tricky to open and that it makes a loud noise so dont try going stealth with these.

Really fast
Full Metal

Makes a loud noise
somtimes tricky to open
by Joe G. on 06/04/2014
"Just used for the first time yesterday. Priming it takes a little getting used to. Especially if your refilling in between rounds. Basically, two long pulls and your mag is ready to rock. If you pull too much, you'll get misfeeds. Even with these drawbacks (probably my fault) its a thousands times better than the spin wheel hi caps. The price is great. Buying another pair today.
by James M. on 06/04/2014
"I just bought this magazine with my D-boy Scar Tan vers and this Flash mag is just like the lonex mag! it's more cheaper, but pulling the string compared from the lonex and matrix is a little different. I know because my lonex mag just broke...bought 2 of these and they work like a charm.
If you're tiring of winding your mag, then it's time FOR YOU to get a flash mag!
by Mitchell A. on 02/01/2013
"So far I've only been able to test these mags in 3 out of 4 of my AEGs.

Magpul PTS Masada - Tight fit / no mag wobble / works great

VFC Defender - magwell too small, unfortunately these don't fit in my VFC. Not sure if all VFC's M4 series have the same magwell, but be cautious if you're only AEGs are VFC.

KWA M4S - Extremely tight fit, have to turn the AEG upside in order to get the mag out. Would not be beneficial for quick reloads or in a fire fight.

Classic Army LWRC Blowback - At the shop, won't be able to test until after I get it back.

These mags only fit in 1 out of 3 of my AEGs tested.
by Steven R. on 06/10/2012
"bought one of these because I find they work better than the lonex sometimes, be careful as the bottom ripcord end WILL break eventually, easily solved by tying the wire around a zip tie or something to that effect, EXCELLENT mag, can't tell you how many compliments I get for having these!
by Mark P. on 02/28/2012
"I had seen a guy use these before I bought 3 of them, they are AWESOME!!!!!! One pull of the cord and I can empty the entire mag without winding. This is a must have for the serious hicap mag airsofter.